32 Best CNA Classes in Providence, RI (Top Programs Listed)

CNA Classes in Providence, RI

Providence is one of the oldest and most beautiful cities in the whole state.

The city has one of the most developed economies in the area and it continues to expand.

The schools here are excellent and they will offer the best CNA classes in Providence and the state.

1 Lincoln Tech

Lincoln Tech has numerous program areas and some great vocational training available for students with diverse educational backgrounds. Online courses are also available for students interested in remote learning.

The school is dedicated to providing the best education and follow the latest standards in education. Additionally, there are excellent options for funding and other options for financial aid.

The medical assistant vocational program is intensive and comprehensive training. The duration and the curriculum are specifically tailored to allow the students to find the jobs as soon as they complete the training.

AddressAddress: 622 George Washington Hwy Lincoln, RI 02865

2 Daymar College

Daymar College is one of the largest and fastest-growing schools in the USA. It has campuses in various states and has and offers a unique blend of education, fun, and practice. The Providence campus is modern and comfortable, and the students are offered great student services and financial aid options.

The training for medical assistants is high-quality and created to address the needs of modern students looking for employment in the healthcare sector. With great theoretical classes and practical training, Daymar graduates are highly respected in all medical facilities across the state.

AddressAddress: online courses available

3 Motoring Technical Training Institute

Motoring Technical Training Institute is one of the best schools in Providence. It offers a diverse program and high-quality education.

The medical assistant program prepares students to earn RMA and RPT certifications in a short time. It is an intensive program that can be completed in seven months. There is also an option for evening classes, and in that case, the program can be completed in 15 months.

Students who complete the programs have an excellent foundation for growth options and are highly welcomed in many medical facilities across the state.

AddressAddress: 1241 Fall River Avenue Seekonk, MA 02771

4 Bryant University

Bryant University provides an exceptional education in several fields including business and healthcare. The physician assistant program offers patient-focused education in a collaborative environment.

The university staff is professional and friendly, and there are several options for financial aid. Students who complete medical training are prepared to succeed in any healthcare environment and have great growth options.

AddressAddress: 1150 Douglas Pike Smithfield, RI 02917

5 New England Institute of Technology

New England Institute of Technology allows you to turn your passion into a career. During your education, you will meet friendly and professional teachers, that are ready to guide you through theory and practice, to help you develop all the necessary skills for your desired role.

The medical assisting and administration program allows you to gather knowledge in the rapidly growing healthcare sector. Students who complete the program can fulfill al duties and provide patient care at entry-level positions in any medical facility.

AddressAddress: One New England Tech Boulevard East Greenwich, RI 02818

6 Massachusetts Community Colleges

Massachusetts Community Colleges feature interesting and perspective program for students who want to get the best possible knowledge in optimal time. The laboratories are well-equipped and staff, including teachers, are carefully chosen to help pass the knowledge and lead the student on their way to dream careers.

Modern campus and financial aid options are also reasons why many students choose Massachusetts Community Colleges as their school.

The medical training available at Massachusetts Community Colleges is a comprehensive, provides a great theoretical foundation, and allows the students to gain practical experience.

AddressAddress: 777 Elsbree St Fall River, MA 02720

7 Southeastern Technical Institute

If you are looking for a school with a fun and dynamic atmosphere in Rhode Island, you can choose Southeastern Technical Institute. With the lively atmosphere and high-quality education, Southeastern Technical Institute is one of the most popular schools in the state.

The medical assistant program is focused on preparing students to fulfill all the tasks and duties of medical assistants in all healthcare facilities. With good theoretical classes and practical exposure, students are ready to start their jobs as soon as they complete the program.

AddressAddress: 250 Foundry St South Easton, MA 02375

8 Connecticut State Colleges and Universities

Connecticut State Colleges and Universities are one of the best schools in the state. There are several nursing programs available for the students, including a four-semester nursing program.

The program is available at six community colleges and graduates are granted with Associate in Science degree in Nursing upon completion.

It is a 65-credit program, and students who complete it are eligible to take national certification exams and earn their licensure through Department of Public Health.

AddressAddress: 742 Upper Maple St Danielson, CT 06239

9 Community College of Rhode Island

Community College of Rhode Island has an excellent nursing program for students with different educational backgrounds. Practical nurse programs and associate degree program in Nursing and fully accredited and designed to meet the educational needs of aspiring nurses and medical assistants.

Also, there is a medical billing program, which is a very intensive program. It includes theory aspects and laboratory exercises and allows the students to earn practical experience that will help them find employment easier.

AddressAddress: 400 East Ave Warwick, RI 02886

10 Rhode Island College

Rhode Island College is one of the top schools in the state for many reasons. It offers modern programs, comfortable dorms, well-educated and friendly staff and follows all national standards in education.

The school is dedicated to providing the best education in several areas. For example, the radiologic technology program fully prepares students for this perspective career. The program is adjusted to this rapidly-growing healthcare sector.

AddressAddress: 600 Mount Pleasant Ave Providence, RI 02908

11 Laboure College

Laboure College is a modern school that has options for traditional courses, 100% online, and hybrid courses that are a combination of in-person classes on online education.

Whichever option you choose, the school will meet your expectation, as programs have carefully created a curriculum designed to cover all important elements of each profession.

The radiologic technology program at Laboure College is great training, a combination of theoretical instructions and practical exposure. There is financial aid available for students in need, as well.

AddressAddress: 303 Adams Street Milton, MA 02186

12 Regis College

Regis is Catholic University with approximately 3.000 graduates, undergraduates, and doctoral students. It is a private, non-profit, and co-educational learning facility with an exceptional reputation.

The school offers plenty of vocational and theoretical programs that meet the latest national educational standards.

For example, you can choose the radiologic technology training program, and enroll in professional and high-quality education.

The program will prepare you for the role in a short time and make you a desirable candidate for many healthcare facilities in the state.

AddressAddress: 235 Wellesley St Weston, MA 02493

13 University of Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island offers high-quality programs and innovative internships to its students. Focused on providing the best possible education in many areas, the University is a student-focused and modern learning facility.

Students who complete any of the vocational programs offered at the University of Rhode Island are ready to start their jobs and fulfill the industry standards.

If you choose the lab technician training program, you can expect to learn more about theoretical aspects and get your hands-on practical experience needed for employment.

AddressAddress: Green Hall Kingston, RI 02881

14 Salve Regina University

Salve Regina University has a modern, 80-acre student campus in a charming setting. Moreover, the University has been found in 1934 and has an impeccable reputation of educating students in a friendly and professional manner.

More than 2.700 students enroll in fully accredited programs and the University nurtures progress and academic development.

The lab technician program is designed to meet the needs of this fast-growing field. Students who complete the program at Salve Regina University are respected across the state.

AddressAddress: 100 Ochre Point Avenue Newport, RI 02840

15 University of Massachusetts

The University of Massachusetts offers excellent and affordable education to students with diverse educational backgrounds. The University has been rated the number one public university in England with more than 320.000 alumni with successful careers in Massachusetts.

If you are interested in starting a career in a fast-growing, medical-allied field you can enroll in the lab technician training program. The program is intense and covers both theoretical and practical aspects of the profession.

AddressAddress: 285 Old Westport Rd North Dartmouth, MA 02747

16 Quincy College

Quincy is one of the best schools in the state with great teachers and modern facilities. The school offers access to plenty of classes and courses with different specialties.

The training for lab technicians focus on modern standards and provides an excellent theoretical foundation for future technicians. Additionally, the school offers several options for financial aid and prepares students to start their careers promptly.

AddressAddress: 1250 Hancock Street Quincy, MA 02169

17 Providence College

Providence College has the highest reputation due to professional teachers, well-designed courses and programs, and a dynamic and motivating atmosphere. The programs are designed to meet the market and industry needs and educate students in all aspects.

Students who choose the healthcare administration program will develop all necessary skills and gain knowledge that will help them to kick their careers in the medical field. The program doesn’t need much time to complete, and will fully prepare you for the role.

AddressAddress: 1 Cunningham Square Providence, RI 02918

18 Roger Williams University

Roger Williams University successfully fulfills its mission for many years – strengthens society through teaching and learning. The school focuses on intellectual exchange, critical thinking, progress, and academic accomplishment in many areas.

There is an excellent healthcare administration program. Further, the program is short, yet intensive and comprehensive, and helps the students to gain knowledge and develop the necessary skills for the role.

AddressAddress: One Old Ferry Road Bristol, RI 02809

19 Stonehill College

Stonehill College is known across the state for its exceptional vocational programs. The school offers financial aid and modern facilities. Among other reasons, students choose this school for its reputation, fun and empowering atmosphere, and excellent student services.

The available healthcare administration program is a high-quality program tailored to meet the needs of modern students and prepare them for the role. All important elements of the profession are perfectly blended to help students fulfill all duties and tasks of the role.

AddressAddress: 320 Washington Street Easton, MA 02357

20 Framingham State University

Framingham State University has the roots in the 19th century. Since then, it has developed a perfect model of education, student activities, and campus life. Additionally, students have the option to study online and apply for financial aid.

There are numerous vocational programs, and one of the most wanted is the healthcare administration program. It is a professional and modern program that covers important aspects of the administration sector in all healthcare organizations. Students who complete the program are ready to start the entry-level jobs in any medical facility.

AddressAddress: 100 State Street Framingham, MA 01701

21 Mount Ida College

Mount Ida College is well-known for its fun dynamic atmosphere and professional manners. The College has diverse programs for students looking to start a career in a short time. The modern campus, comfortable facilities, friendly and professional staff are some of the reasons why Mount Ida College has a great reputation among students.

For example, the veterinary assistant course is prospective and rewarding. The course deals with important elements of the veterinary profession and helps the students to be the very best in their jobs.

AddressAddress: 777 Dedham Street Newton, MA 02459

22 Becker College

Becker College is one of the top-rated schools in the state. The school offers excellent vocational and theoretical programs, that are aligned to the latest market needs in the various areas.

Vocational programs are designed to teach the students all they need to know to perform their jobs promptly and confidently.

Students who enroll in the veterinary program can expect short and interactive education. Both theory and practice are covered to help you develop the skills to start entry-level jobs.

AddressAddress: 61 Sever St Worcester, MA 01609

23 Brown University

Brown University is one of the largest and fastest-growing educational organizations in Providence. It is known for its exceptional teachers and interesting curriculums.

The programs are diverse and the students have options for financial aid as well.

Medical training at Brown University is one of the most useful and perspective programs. The duration of the program isn’t long, and you can develop all the necessary skills and knowledge to become an exceptional worker in your chosen field.

AddressAddress: One Prospect Street Providence, RI 02912

24 Pine Manor College

Pine Manor College has a caring and empowering atmosphere with plenty of campuses in different locations. The campus in Chestnut Hill has cozy dorms and modern classrooms with well-equipped laboratories.

The medical social work training program includes all important elements of the profession. You will need around a year to complete the program and start your interesting career.

AddressAddress: 400 Heath St Chestnut Hill, MA 02467

25 Dean College

Dean College is on the list of top US Regional Colleges, for its high-quality programs, excellent curriculums, great organization, and student services.
90% of all Dean students live on the campus and create a fun and dynamic atmosphere. Currently, there are around 1.200 students enrolled in available programs at Dean College.

For example, there is a convenient public health training program for students interested in fast-paced programs. It consists of two parts – theory and practice and is designed to help the students start their careers as soon as possible.

AddressAddress: 99 Main Street Franklin, MA 02038

26 Curry College

Curry College offers a unique combination of fun and professionalism and has a selection of best vocational programs in the state. Those who are interested in theoretical education can also find what they need at Curry College.

The campus is functional and modern, and students can also apply for financial aid. Among vocational programs, the health aide course is the best. It covers all technical and theoretical details needed for the role.

After you complete the program, you can apply for entry-level jobs in medical facilities across the state.

AddressAddress: 1071 Blue Hill Ave Milton, MA 02186

27 Tri County Regional Vocational Technical High School

Tri-County Regional Vocational Technical High School is established in 1977 and dedicated to providing the best comprehensive technical and theoretical education. The school also has useful partnerships with numerous employers, that work together with the school to educate students in the best possible way.

Moreover, the school ensures continued growth and plenty of opportunities for further development and education.

If you, for example, choose the LPN program at Tri-Country Regional Vocational Technical High School, expect short and intense programs. It will prepare you to start an entry-level job in the industry as soon as you complete your education.

AddressAddress: 147 Pond St Franklin, MA 02038

28 Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District

Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District is also a great place to start your educational pathway. The campus is student-based and has comfortable dorms with cozy rooms and useful student’ services.

Among vocational programs at Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District, the LPN program is very popular. It has friendly and professional teachers, dedicated to prepare you for the role and teach you how to provide the best patient-centered care.

AddressAddress: 65 Pleasant St Upton, MA 01568

29 Diman Regional Technical Institute

Diman Regional Technical Institute is a modern learning facility with numerous students’ services and activities. The Fall River campus has friendly and welcoming staff with all you need for comfy student life.

Classes and laboratories are designed to address the needs of modern students and fast-growing industries. The school follows the latest national standards and has high student satisfaction ratings.

The LPN training program available at Diman Regional Technical Institute is one of the best LPN programs available in the state. It is short and comprehensive, designed to help you start working immediately upon completion.

AddressAddress: 251 Stonehaven Rd Fall River, MA 02723

30 Blue Hills Regional Technical School

The best teachers are gathered at Blue Hills Regional Technical School to help the students complete their programs and start their careers.

A comfortable campus with a fresh and lively atmosphere is one of the reasons why people choose Blue Hills Regional Technical Schools as their primary educational institution.

The LPN program prepares the students for the role and helps them start their careers in the medical field on the right track.

AddressAddress: 800 Randolph St Canton, MA 02021

31 St Joseph School of Nursing

The St. Joseph School of Nursing is one of the best professional learning organizations in the whole state. It features highly useful and perspective programs and well-educated teachers. School facilities are comfortable and the students are prepared to answer the latest trends in the job market in many areas.

The available RN program is comprehensive and prepares future nurses to start their careers on the right track. The program is intense and covers all major aspects of the nursing field.

AddressAddress: 200 High Service Avenue North Providence, RI 02904

32 Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

Signature Healthcare has an excellent reputation for educating all kinds of healthcare professionals. The learning facility also has online courses available for students interested in remote education.

Additionally, there are highly useful student services that can help you complete your education promptly. Moreover, students can apply for several financial aid options.

There are several vocational programs, including the RN program. It is a high-quality program with a well-created curriculum that prepares future nurses for all challenges of the nursing profession.

AddressAddress: 680 Centre St Brockton, MA 02302

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Lincoln Tech
#2 Daymar College
#3 Motoring Technical Training Institute
#4 Bryant University
#5 New England Institute of Technology
#6 Massachusetts Community Colleges
#7 Southeastern Technical Institute
#8 Connecticut State Colleges and Universities
#9 Community College of Rhode Island
#10 Rhode Island College
#11 Laboure College
#12 Regis College
#13 University of Rhode Island
#14 Salve Regina University
#15 University of Massachusetts
#16 Quincy College
#17 Providence College
#18 Roger Williams University
#19 Stonehill College
#20 Framingham State University
#21 Mount Ida College
#22 Becker College
#23 Brown University
#24 Pine Manor College
#25 Dean College
#26 Curry College
#27 Tri County Regional Vocational Technical High School
#28 Blackstone Valley Vocational Regional School District
#29 Diman Regional Technical Institute
#30 Blue Hills Regional Technical School
#31 St Joseph School of Nursing
#32 Signature Healthcare Brockton Hospital School of Nursing

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