14 Best CNA Classes in Indianapolis, IN (Top Programs Listed)

CNA Classes in Indianapolis, IN

Indianapolis is definitely one of the best places to be in the state of Indiana.

Dynamic, fun and in full growth, this city is the best place to do business in the whole state.

The schools and dorms here are excellent and you will definitely have a blast.

1 Fortis

Fortis is well-known for its high professional standards and is for a reason, one of the most famous educational institutions in the states.

Whether you are interested in vocational or theoretical programs, Fortis is a safe choice. Well-trained teachers with a modern approach to education and a friendly attitude will help you to successfully complete the program.
Additionally, you can apply for financial aid under certain conditions.

The training for aspiring medical assistants is intensive, interactive, and doesn’t last too long. The program includes theoretical instructions and practical training and covers everything you need to start working in this industry.

AddressAddress: 9001 N. Wesleyan Rd Indianapolis, IN 46268

2 Daymar College

If you are looking for a dynamic, high-quality, and charming place to start your education, you can choose Daymar College.

It is known for its modern facilities and vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, the teachers are committed to their work and ready to help you with your tasks.

The medical assistant training at Daymar College is highly professional and comprehensive. The program includes theoretical instructions and gives you an opportunity to experience laboratory practice.

Therefore, you will be fully prepared to start an entry-level job at medical facilities.

AddressAddress: Nashville, TN 37214 615-361-7555

3 National American University

National American University has been known for its great payment plans and low tuition. The University gives its contribution to the community by offering quality and accessible education through useful programs and courses.

The Medical Assistant training program is comprehensive job-training. Medical assistants are highly valued members of all healthcare teams in different medical facilities, and the program will fully prepare you for the role.

AddressAddress: 3600 Woodview Trace Suite 200 Indianapolis, IN 46268

4 MedTech College

Medtech College offers affordable programs for a variety of healthcare professions. There are plenty of options for financial aid and scholarships available for a diverse student population.

The Medical Assistant training program is a quality training, designed to cultivate students’ talents and help students to learn how to perform a variety of administrative and clinical tasks.

AddressAddress: 6612 E 75th St Suite 300 Indianapolis, IN 46250

5 International Business College

International Business College has been educating students for 50 years so far. The College offers programs that can be completed in ten to 18 months in a supportive and motivational atmosphere.

Moreover, the school offers financial aid under certain terms.

The Medical Assistant program is a practical training that includes theoretical lessons. It will fully prepare you for a future career in the medical sector.

AddressAddress: 7205 Shadeland Station Indianapolis, IN 46256

6 Butler University

Butler University offers student-centered education on urban campuses and through well-structured programs. The Univerity has six colleges in various fields, including Business, Education, Health Science, Pharmacy, Liberal Arts, and Science and Arts. It is known for its cooperative teachers and a fun and vibrant atmosphere.

The Medical Assistant training program is comprehensive and interactive. It offers practical training that will prepare you to perform basic care and fulfill the administrative duties of entry-level medical assistants.

AddressAddress: 4600 Sunset Ave Indianapolis, IN 46208

7 Indiana University

Indiana University provides comprehensive students experience – quality education in a fun and vivid atmosphere. The University offers great programs for high-demand careers and is focused on successful professional outcomes of its students.

The radiologic technology training program is one of the programs with an excellent perspective. The program has a convenient structure and has a mixture of theoretical lessons and practical training.

AddressAddress: 425 University Blvd Indianapolis, IN 46202

8 University of Indianapolis

The University of Indianapolis is found in 1902 and has a dynamic history of providing education to diverse student groups. The University is a large and inclusive learning organization that offers numerous academic programs in various fields. Moreover, the school has carefully selected team of professors, that are the expert in their fields of interest.

The lab technician training program can be completed in 12 months. The schedule is flexible, and you can take day or evening lessons. Therefore, the program is adjusted to adult learners as well.

AddressAddress: 1400 E Hanna Ave Indianapolis, IN 46227

9 Marian University

Marian University is dedicated to providing education to future leaders and skilled workforce. The University values Catholic education and has almost a century long tradition in educating students through undergraduate, graduate, and multi-level degree programs.

The lab technician training program is intensive and innovative. It covers theory and provides students hands-on experience in well-equipped laboratories.

AddressAddress: 3200 Cold Spring Rd Indianapolis, IN 46222

10 University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is a great place to start your education and choose a career. The facility is modern, well-equipped and teachers are professional and friendly. Classes are based on the latest national standards and focus on all important elements of each profession.

The school is dedicated to providing the best possible education for If you are interested in online courses, the National College of Natural Medicine can be an excellent choice for you. Moreover, the school also has comfortable dorms and extraordinary classrooms for students who choose in-person education.

Vocational programs are designed to meet the needs of different students looking to start their jobs as soon as possible. Also, you can apply for financial aid.

AddressAddress: 7999 Knue Rd Indianapolis, IN 46250

11 DeVry University

DeVry University has a great online education system and provides plenty of options for remote education.

The programs allow the students to expand their skills with evidence-based learning and research. Moreover, the University is fully accredited.

The lab technician training program is great and based on experimental learning. Therefore, it will be easier to master all the skills and knowledge you need to start working as a lab technician.

AddressAddress: 9100 Keystone Crossing Indianapolis, IN 46240

12 Martin University

Martin University is a professional learning institution with a high reputation in state and beyond. The campus is modern and comfortable. The labs and classes are all equipped at the highest standards.

The medical social work training program is one of the best in the vocational programs list, and it takes a short time. The friendly teachers will fully prepare you for entry-level jobs in this medical field.

AddressAddress: 2171 Avondale Place Indianapolis, IN 46218

13 J Everett Light Career Center

J Everett Light Career Center is a successful learning organization with up to 96% graduation rate. The Center offers 22 diverse programs for students with different educational backgrounds.

The LPN program is intensive and integrative. The program focuses on theoretical aspects of the nursing profession and provides you hands-on laboratory exercises. The program fully prepares you for entry-level jobs in the medical sector.

AddressAddress: 1901 E 86 St Indianapolis, IN 46240

14 Chamberlain College of Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing has a 130-year long tradition in educating nurses and support staff. The College has developed as leading schools for the education of the healthcare workforce.

The RN training program is intensive and well-structured. The program covers fundamental nursing theory and gives the opportunity to the students to have hands-on practical experience.

AddressAddress: 9100 Keystone Crossing Indianapolis, IN 46240

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Fortis
#2 Daymar College
#3 National American University
#4 MedTech College
#5 International Business College
#6 Butler University
#7 Indiana University
#8 University of Indianapolis
#9 Marian University
#10 University of Phoenix
#11 DeVry University
#12 Martin University
#13 J Everett Light Career Center
#14 Chamberlain College of Nursing

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