CNA Training in Idaho (Paid Classes Info)

CNA Training in Idaho

If you are looking to enter the field of healthcare in the state of Idaho, working as a nursing assistant is a great way to get started.

Many city colleges as well as technical schools are offering free or low cost CNA training.

This free training is made possible from a federal grant to the Workforce Development program.

This program is designed to help those with financial trouble have the opportunity to enter a career in the healthcare field.

To find out more information about this program you will need to contact the Idaho Department of Labor to find out where the free CNA programs are being offered in the state.

There are some approved colleges in Idaho for free training.

This way a person can start their medical career and they will not have to worry if they have the funds to be able to pay for the course.

This makes it possible for anyone to start a career in the medical field.

Once a person has their CNA certification they can work in a number of places including hospitals, nursing homes, and they can even work for a home health agency providing care to people in their homes.

WIA Approved Colleges Which May Help You With Free Cna Training

  • Idaho Care Givers Academy located at 820 North Linder in Meridian
  • Elmore Medical Center located at 896 N. 6th East in Mt. Home
  • Lake Pend Oreille School District in Sandpoint
  • Discovery Center of Salmon located at Shanafelt Street in Salmon

Guidelines for CNA Certification

In the state of Idaho all candidates that are looking to become a certified nursing assistance need to take an exam.

All students need to enroll in an approved course before they can take the state exam for certification.

These students need to understand all the requirements before they start the program.

If a student does not understand what is being asked for them, they need to check with the school to learn all about the program requirements.

Many programs want students to have a background check performed and they may have to undergo a physical or provide their medical records.

Some schools will cover the cost of textbooks and related materials while others may want the student to pay for these items out of pocket.

All programs must provide the students with all the information they need to work in different licenses health care centers.

These centers include nursing homes, hospice centers, hospitals, intermediate care facilities, and work with home health agencies.

This will allow a person to help others while getting experience in the medical field.

The nursing assistant program needs to include 120 hours of instruction.

This instruction includes classroom lecture, lab experience, and at least 40 hours of clinical experience in an approved setting.

Sixteen of these hours need to be with the direct care of patients.

The coursework must include information on interpersonal skills, communication skills, infection control, safety and emergency care, and allowing the residents to stay independent and respecting their various rights.

After completing training the student needs to take and pass the two part National Nursing Aide Assessment Program exam within one year of completing their training.

This is required to be placed on the Idaho Nurse Aide Registry.

A person that is moving to Idaho from another state cannot work in a care setting until they are placed on the Idaho Nurse Aide Registry.

The program in their state will be evaluated and they need to complete an out of state application to be eligible to be a CNA in Idaho.

Idaho Certified Nursing Assistant Salaries

*Salaries Updated for 2024.

LocationAvg. Salary
Boise, ID$30,132
Caldwell, ID$29,783
Coeur D Alene, ID$31,244
Idaho Falls, ID$28,894
Meridian, ID$30,100
Nampa, ID$29,815
Pocatello, ID$27,592
Twin Falls, ID$27,814

Training as a CNA in Idaho

If a student is looking to become a CNA in Idaho they need to complete a state training program and pass the exam.

The training programs are 120 hours and range from 8 weeks to a full semester.

The costs of the programs range between $500 and $900.

Some long term care facilities will provide training free of charge.

There scholarships, grants, student loans, and payment plants to help with this cost.

Some training centers will provide free training after the student completes specific requirements.

Below are some state approved training centers in Idaho:

College of Southern Idaho

Located on Falls Ave in Twin falls.

This program last for 8 weeks and includes 120 hours of instruction.

Eighty of these hours are classroom based and the other 40 are clinical hours.

The course will teach basic nursing skills, skills for personal care, mental health and social service information, and as well as patient rights and restorative practices.

The cost is $620 and will include course books and exam fees.

The student will need to purchase additional supplies to complete the course.

This school can be reached at 208-733-9554.

Lewis Clark State College

Located at 1920 3rd Avenue in Lewiston.

This school offers a 10 week course with 80 hours of classroom instruction and 40 hours in clinical rotation.

The cost is $535 plus the fees for books and course supplies.

The school can be reached at 208-792-5272.

North Idaho College

Located at West Garden Avenue in Coeur d’Alene.

This program last for 8 weeks and meets three days a week from 12:30 pm with a total of 30 classes.

The costs is $625 and additional books and supplies need to be purchased by the student.

The student must get have current TB test within the past 10 months and 1 MMR or Rubella Titer to get allowed into the program.

For additional information the school can be contacted at 208-769-3333.

Idaho State University

Located at South 8th Avenue in Pocatello.

This program is 129 hours of classroom instruction, training in CPR, and clinical work.

This program costs $585 and textbooks and equipment fees are included.

The student will need to purchase additional supplies and a uniform.

The school can be reached at 208-282-2475.

Region 2 Academy

Located in Lewiston.

This school offers 20 hours of skill practice and 40 hours of clinical experience in local health care facilities including nursing homes and a hospital.

When a person completes the course they can sit down to take the CNA exam.

They will then be able to work in a nursing home, long term care facility, and a hospital.

The program includes supplies such as a uniform, required liability insurance, background checks, and immunizations.

The school can be reached at 208-962-3901.

College of Western Idaho

Located at Caldwell Blvd, in Nampa.

This school offers 80 hours of classroom work as well as 40 hours of clinical instruction.

Once a student completes this training program they can take the State Nursing Exam in Idaho and become certified to work as a nursing assistant.

The course will cost $775.

There are additional fees that the student will need to pay including the cost of related medical supplies as well as a textbook, uniforms, and immunizations.

The school can be reached at 208-562-3253.

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