26 Best CNA Classes in Columbus, OH (Top Programs Listed)

CNA Classes in Columbus, OH

One of the most developed cities in the state, Columbus is definitely a great place to study.

The economy of this beautiful city is in full bloom and it will see a great increase.

If you plan to start a new career here, Columbus has everything you may need.

1 Fortis

Fortis is well-known for its high professional standards and is for a reason, one of the most famous educational institutions in the states.

Whether you are interested in vocational or theoretical programs, Fortis is a safe choice. Well-trained teachers with a modern approach to education and a friendly attitude will help you to successfully complete the program.
Additionally, you can apply for financial aid under certain conditions.

The training for aspiring medical assistants is intensive, interactive, and doesn’t last too long. The program includes theoretical instructions and practical training and covers everything you need to start working in this industry.

AddressAddress: 4151 Executive Pkwy Columbus, OH 43081

2 Daymar College

If you are looking for a dynamic, high-quality, and charming place to start your education, you can choose Daymar College.

It is known for its modern facilities and vibrant atmosphere. Moreover, the teachers are committed to their work and ready to help you with your tasks.

The medical assistant training at Daymar College is highly professional and comprehensive. The program includes theoretical instructions and gives you an opportunity to experience laboratory practice.

Therefore, you will be fully prepared to start an entry-level job at medical facilities.

AddressAddress: 2745 Winchester Pike Columbus, OH 43232

3 American Institute of Alternative Medicine

The American Institute of Alternative Medicine is dedicated to educating new generations with a holistic approach. The school nurtures vibrant lives and helps create a compassionate and competent community. Classes are small-size and every student receives individualized instructions.

The practical nursing program lasts nine months and has been accredited by ACCSC. The students are taught how to approach patients with care and perform basic nursing care.

AddressAddress: 6685 Doubletree Ave Columbus, OH 43229

4 National College

If you choose National College, you can expect the best possible education due to highly professional teachers. The College campus is comfortable with friendly staff.

Those who complete the programs at the National College are highly appreciated in all medical facilities across the state.

The vocational training program for medical assistants is specifically created to match the industry and students’ educational needs. It includes theory education and practical exposure.

AddressAddress: 5665 Forest Hills Blvd Columbus, OH 45420

5 Ohio Business College

Ohio Business College has amazing career education programs. Also, the school features small size classes with caring and highly-experienced instructors. What is great about this school are flexible schedules and plenty of quality programs.

One of those is the medical assistant training program. It is a practical training that includes some theoretical aspects and prepares students for beginners’ positions in various work settings.

AddressAddress: 4525 Trueman Blvd Columbu, OH 43026

6 Ohio State University

Ohio State University offers a supportive studying environment and a dynamic positive atmosphere. The University has simplified application and offers assistance during all steps. Moreover, there is a multitude of courses and programs for future students.

The medical assistant program is job-focused and based on the latest healthcare sector changes. The students learn how to utilize theoretical knowledge and perform all tasks of the role.

AddressAddress: 190 N. Oval Mall Columbus, OH 43210

7 Miami-Jacobs Career College

If you are looking for an online course, Miami-Jacobs Career College is an excellent choice. Those who choose traditional classroom education will also be satisfied with comfortable dorms.

Miami-Jacobs Career College includes many vocational programs that are designed to match the needs of all students. Additionally, students can apply for financial aid.

Moreover, the medical assistant training program at this school is high quality and covers everything a medical assistant needs to know. On the plus side, the program doesn’t last too much time to complete.

AddressAddress: 150 E. Gay St. Columbus, OH 43215

8 Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical Schools

Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical Schools focus on empowering adjust workforce through high-quality educational programs. The programs are designed to help adult learners launch their new careers from scratch.

The medical assistant training program at Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical Schools is concise. The program is highly interactive and covers all fundamental practical and theoretical elements of the profession.

AddressAddress: 4300 Amalgamated Pl Groveport, OH 43125

9 Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County

Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County is professional learning education. The fast-developing school has modern facilities and diverse programs for students with different educational backgrounds.

The medical assistant program is very accelerated to help you start a career in the medical field promptly. Practical aspects of the program will give you the necessary experience for future employment.

AddressAddress: 150 Price Rd Newark, OH 43055

10 Marion Technical College

Marion Technical College is one comprehensive learning facility in Ohio, that offers great educational possibilities for in-state and out-of-state students. The College hires friendly instructors with plenty of experience at performing duties they teach about.

The medical assistant program utilizes modern learning techniques and emphasizes practical skills. However, students also have theoretical instructions.

AddressAddress: 1467 Mount Vernon Ave Marion, OH 43302

11 Ohio University

Ohio University is quickly responding to changes in all industries. The University tailors its programs and organization to match the needs of modern students and potential employers. It has the various certificate and degree programs.

The program in medical assisting technology is properly accredited. Students who complete the program have excellent opportunities upon graduation in terms of job options and possibly higher education.

AddressAddress: 1570 Granville Pike Lancaster, OH 43130

12 Knox County Career Center

Knox County Career Center focuses on quality education through mutual collaboration and support. The Center has programs for high-demand careers and supportive services.

The vocational program in medical assisting is prospective and comprehensive. Luckily, the program is short, so you can launch your career in less than one year.

AddressAddress: 306 Martinsburg Rd Mount Vernon, OH 43050

13 Central Ohio Technical College

Central Ohio Technical College has high employment rates among its graduates. More than 92% of graduates get employed in the first six months after they complete the programs at Central Ohio Technical College.

One of the most prospective programs is the vocational radiologic technology program. It is designed to address the shortage of radiology technicians and help fill in the gaps with new generations of a competent workforce.

AddressAddress: 1179 University Drive Newark, OH 43055

14 Mount Vernon Nazarene University

Mount Vernon Nazarene University is a faith-based University with a holistic approach to education. The teachers are supportive and assistive, and the variety of programs covers industry demands.

The lab technician training program has an excellent student-teacher ration, and students receive personalized instructions. The program is comprehensive and interesting.

AddressAddress: 800 Martinsburg Rd Mount Vernon, OH 43050

15 DeVry University

DeVry University has a great online education system and provides plenty of options for remote education.

The programs allow the students to expand their skills with evidence-based learning and research. Moreover, the University is fully accredited.

The lab technician training program is great and based on experimental learning. Therefore, it will be easier to master all the skills and knowledge you need to start working as a lab technician.

AddressAddress: 1350 Alum Creek Dr. Columbus, OH 43209

16 Franklin University

Franklin University has a great state reputation thanks to highly successful graduates, who are part of the change-making workforce. The University strives to shape the future with a student-centered approach at diverse educational programs.

The medical technology training program is concise and engaging. The program prepares students for jobs in the medical field and future professional challenges.

AddressAddress: 201 S Grant Ave Columbus, OH 43215

17 Otterbein University

Otterbein University makes a stunning place to start a new career, even if you are an adult working learner. The University offers affordable and flexible programs, designed to help students overcome current and future professional challenges.

The Nursing department includes highly prospective nursing programs. Graduates from Otterbein University have a high success rate at passing the National Council Licensure Examination for nurses.

AddressAddress: 1 South Grove Street Westerville, OH 43081

18 Capital University

Capital University has a charming campus with beautiful dorms and modern classrooms and laboratories. The University keeps track of the latest trends in the labor market and adjusts its program to match the potential employer’s requirements.

The accelerated nursing program has intense character and two separate courses. The program lasts for more than a year, but it offers excellent job opportunities upon completion.

AddressAddress: 1 College and Main Columbus, OH 43209

19 Ohio Christian University

Ohio Christian University builds a vibrant and caring community of like-minded people dedicated to creating a compassionate society. The schools are known for their excellent options for financial aid and scholarship. Additionally, it has a 1:11 student-teacher ratio, which ensures the best education.

The healthcare administration program is vocational training, that covers clinical and administrative tasks. It qualifies students for entry-level jobs in various medical facilities.

AddressAddress: 1476 Lancaster Pike Circleville, OH 43113

20 Mount Carmel College of Nursing

Mount Carmel College of Nursing is a great school that offers convenient online educational programs, suitable for working students. The College has a long tradition, and it is a private, four-year educational institution. The urban campus has excellent student services and activities.

Online RN-BSN program is an undergraduate program designed for aspiring nurses. The program is comprehensive and flexible.

AddressAddress: 127 So. Davis Ave Columbus, OH 43222

21 Ohio Wesleyan University

Ohio Wesleyan University seeks to provide a transformational experience to every student who applies to its educational programs. The University promotes self-growth, academic excellence, research, and career-based programs.

The veterinary assistant program is an excellent vocational training that will prepare you for this high-demand role.

AddressAddress: 61 S Sandusky Street Delaware, OH 43015

22 Methodist Theological School in Ohio

Methodist Theological School in Ohio is a comprehensive educational institution with religious roots. The school has grown over the years and now is one of the schools with a high reputation. The campus is charming and adjusted to the needs of the modern student.

One of the best vocational programs available at Methodist Theological School is the medical social work course. A comprehensive program will prepare you for a future career in the medical field.

AddressAddress: 3081 Columbus Pike Delaware, OH 43015

23 Tri-Rivers JVSD

Tri-Rivers JVSD is dedicated to changing lives through quality education. The schools educate competent and compassionate generations of healthcare workers.

The health aide program is created to address the latest changes in the healthcare sector and to provide the necessary knowledge and practical training. The structure of the program follows the latest educational standards.

AddressAddress: 2222 Marion - Mt. Gilead Rd Marion, OH 43302

24 Hondros College

Hondros College offers convenient training for aspiring nurses. The College focuses on teaching students how to provide compassionate and competent care while offering plenty of opportunities for career advancement.

The school has an excellent LPN program. It is a job-focused vocational program, that combines nursing theory and practice.

AddressAddress: 4140 Executive Parkway Westerville, OH 43081

25 Chamberlain College of Nursing

Chamberlain College of Nursing has a 130-year long tradition in educating nurses and support staff. The College has developed as leading schools for the education of the healthcare workforce.

The RN training program is intensive and well-structured. The program covers fundamental nursing theory and gives the opportunity to the students to have hands-on practical experience.

AddressAddress: 1350 Alum Creek Dr. Columbus, OH 43209

26 Delaware Area Career Center

Delaware Area Career Center offers quality courses to high school students and enhances academic learning within the student population. The school also has options for adult learners and an excellent selection of education programs. Moreover, friendly staff is dedicated to helping the student achieve their professional goals.

The CNA program is a well-structured vocational program, that includes all major aspects of nursing professions. It provides a great deal of practical expertise and helps students master the practical skills required for future employment.

AddressAddress: 4565 Columbus Pike Delaware, OH 43015

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Fortis
#2 Daymar College
#3 American Institute of Alternative Medicine
#4 National College
#5 Ohio Business College
#6 Ohio State University
#7 Miami-Jacobs Career College
#8 Eastland-Fairfield Career and Technical Schools
#9 Career and Technology Education Centers of Licking County
#10 Marion Technical College
#11 Ohio University
#12 Knox County Career Center
#13 Central Ohio Technical College
#14 Mount Vernon Nazarene University
#15 DeVry University
#16 Franklin University
#17 Otterbein University
#18 Capital University
#19 Ohio Christian University
#20 Mount Carmel College of Nursing
#21 Ohio Wesleyan University
#22 Methodist Theological School in Ohio
#23 Tri-Rivers JVSD
#24 Hondros College
#25 Chamberlain College of Nursing
#26 Delaware Area Career Center

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