7 Best CNA Classes in Bakersfield, CA (Top Programs Listed)

CNA Classes in Bakersfield, CA

Chic, quiet and very beautiful, Bakersfield is one of the best cities to live and work in California.

In terms of economic development, the city is considered one of the most stable and secure.

The schools here are great and you will definitely be able to start a great career in the medical field.

1 UEI College

UEI College offers great opportunities for skills development and career enhancement. The College believes in positive social change through education and personal contribution to society. Moreover, the programs are specifically designed to prepare students for future employment.

The vocational medical assistant program is part of the Healthcare division at UEI College. The program lasts ten months and prepares students for several roles, including Clinical Assistant, Optometric Assistant, Chiropractic Assistant, etc.

AddressAddress: 3737 Rosedale Highway Bakersfield, CA 93308

2 Unitek College

Unitek College is a private, fully accredited educational institution that follows the latest national and international educational principles.

It offers educational training in healthcare and nursing areas, using evidence-based techniques. Unitek College has seven campuses across California in different cities, including San Jose, Fremont, Sacramento, etc.

The medical assisting program at Unitek College lasts nine months. It is a hybrid online program, that educates students through online lectures, laboratory exercises, and supervised externship hours.

AddressAddress: 333 Palmer Dr. Suite 200 Bakersfield, CA 93309

3 San Joaquin Valley College

San Joaquin Valley College offers programs that focus on the skills set desired by employers. Moreover, the school has qualified instructors that provide real-job experience in their lessons. Additionally, online classes are also an option for those who want to study from the comfort of their home.

Online certificates for vocational nursing programs can be granted in nine to 18 months. For example, one of the best vocational programs is the medical assistant program – a short and comprehensive course.

AddressAddress: 201 New Stine Road Bakersfield, CA 93309

4 Daymar College

Daymar College a professional learning institution that hires competent and experienced educators. The student’s success is promoted through an innovative approach to learning and modern laboratories and classrooms.

Moreover, students also have great options for financial aid. The College has campuses all across the state and country.

The medical assistant program is focused on both academic and practical skills. In a short time, you will get all the needed knowledge to become one of the best in this fast-developing field.

AddressAddress: Nashville, TN 37214 615-361-7555

5 Santa Barbara Business College

Santa Barbara Business College offers career planning assistance for interested learners across the state. The College has career-oriented programs that are a combination of theoretical instructions and practical training.

You will need only 12 months to complete the vocational program for medical assistants. Once you finish the course, you are ready to start working at entry-level positions in the healthcare sector.

AddressAddress: 5300 California Avenue Bakersfield, CA 93309

6 California Community College System

California Community College System is a professional hub for several schools that educates students in various industry areas. The System is well-organized to promote different student opportunities and celebrate students’ commitment and success.

One of the most useful and perspective vocational programs is the electrical technician course. The program will help you develop all the required skills and knowledge for the role.

AddressAddress: 1801 Panorama Dr Bakersfield, CA 93305

7 California State University

California State University has the highest rankings in student mobility and values. The University is dedicated to providing the best education while motivating and inspiring students to work on self-growth and further possibilities.

The healthcare administration program is one of the best vocational programs in the healthcare sector in the state. An integrative course with plenty of practical exposure and well-spoken lectures will help you to get an entry-level job in a medical facility.

AddressAddress: 9001 Stockdale Hwy Bakersfield, CA 93311

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 UEI College
#2 Unitek College
#3 San Joaquin Valley College
#4 Daymar College
#5 Santa Barbara Business College
#6 California Community College System
#7 California State University

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