47 Best CNA Classes in Riverside, CA (Top Programs Listed)

CNA Classes in Riverside, CA

Sunny, fun and welcoming, Riverside is one of the best places to be in California.

The city has a very developed economy and it offers new jobs every day.

The school system here is excellent and you will start a new career in no time.

1 UEI College

UEI College offers great opportunities for skills development and career enhancement. The College believes in positive social change through education and personal contribution to society. Moreover, the programs are specifically designed to prepare students for future employment.

The vocational medical assistant program is part of the Healthcare division at UEI College. The program lasts ten months and prepares students for several roles, including Clinical Assistant, Optometric Assistant, Chiropractic Assistant, etc.

AddressAddress: 1860 University Ave Riverside, CA 92507

2 San Joaquin Valley College

San Joaquin Valley College is a private junior college that has a great program for people looking to start a new career. The school values students’ success and implements innovative educational techniques with practical training.

The medical assistant training program is a certificate program and can be completed in nine to 18 months. During that time, you will have the opportunity to master theoretical aspects of the profession and have suitable practical training.

AddressAddress: 4580 Ontario Mills Parkway Ontario, CA 91764

3 Daymar College

Daymar College a professional learning institution that hires competent and experienced educators. The student’s success is promoted through an innovative approach to learning and modern laboratories and classrooms.

Moreover, students also have great options for financial aid. The College has campuses all across the state and country.

The medical assistant program is focused on both academic and practical skills. In a short time, you will get all the needed knowledge to become one of the best in this fast-developing field.

AddressAddress: Online Courses Available

4 InterCoast College

InterCoast College has more than 35 years of professional experience and has educated more than 20.000 students in various industries. The College offers a great program focused on skills development and growth of professional attitudes.

The medical assistant training program at InterCoast College is brief and comprehensive at the same time. In a short time, the program covers all aspects needed for entry-level positions in various healthcare settings.

AddressAddress: 1989 Atlanta Ave Riverside, CA 92507

5 California Community College System

California Community College System is a professional hub for several schools that educates students in various industry areas. The System is well-organized to promote different student opportunities and celebrate students’ commitment and success.

One of the most useful and perspective vocational programs is the electrical technician course. The program will help you develop all the required skills and knowledge for the role.

AddressAddress: 1499 N. State St. San Jacinto, CA 92583

6 Coast Career Institute

Coast Career Institute operates by promoting personal talents through suitable vocational programs for high-demand careers. The education at the Coast Career Institute is affordable and accessible to diverse people interested in advancing their job opportunities.

The vocational medical assistant program provides on-the-job training options that cover theory and practical tasks. Those who complete the program can work in various medical settings.

AddressAddress: 1250 E. Cooley Drive Colton, CA 92324

7 American College of Healthcare

The campus of the American College of Healthcare is charming and has a vivid atmosphere. The school is committed to educating new generations of the healthcare workforce, that can shape future health system.

The medical assistant training program in Riverside prepares students for various entry-level roles and offers great growth options. The program will help you to learn how to overcome current and future professional challenges in the healthcare sector.

AddressAddress: 11801 Pierce St. Riverside, CA 92505

8 Concorde Career College

Professional and dedicated, Concorde Career College is a large learning facility with campuses at several locations. It has well-educated teachers with student-centered approach. Students also have excellent options for financial aid.

The medical assistant training program is one of the most complex and interesting. It takes a short time to complete and you will acquire all the needed skills and theoretical knowledge to become one of the best in your field.

AddressAddress: 12951 Euclid Street Garden Grove, CA 92840

9 Loma Linda University

Loma Linda University is a Seventh-day Adventist educational organization committed to students’ progress and academic excellence. The Univerisity has more than 4.400 students on the California campus.

The school offers great vocational and degree programs in various fields including Nursing, Pharmacy, Behavioral Health, Dentistry, etc.

The medical assistant program is a great vocational training that offers great job opportunities upon completion. Students who complete it can work in various healthcare facilities – hospitals, physicians’ offices, outpatient clinics, home health agencies, etc.

AddressAddress: 11139 Anderson Street Loma Linda, CA 92350

10 Riverside County Office of Education

Riverside Country Office of Education is a professional learning institution that has great in-person and online courses for different roles. The school oversees students even after graduation to make sure they fulfill their dream careers and celebrates students’ success.

The medical assistant program has specifically designed classes that meet job requirements and prepares students for a rewarding career in the medical field.

AddressAddress: 9825 County Farm Road Riverside, CA 92503

11 North-West College

North-West College has diverse programs for various roles including Dental Assistant, Eyecare specialist, Massage Therapist, Pharmacy Technician, Medical Insurance Biller, and Coder, etc.

The College is one of the state leaders in the education of healthcare workers and utilizes its 50 years of experience to constantly improve the offer and raise educational techniques.

The medical assistant training program is a short and concise program that will be taught all you need to know to launch a career in the healthcare sector. The program incorporates practical training and theoretical instructions.

AddressAddress: 4550 La Sierra Ave Riverside, CA 92503

12 Summit College

Summit College has the mission to improve society through personal contribution focused on advancing knowledge and skills. The College ensures a caring and motivating learning atmosphere lead by high-quality instructors and supported by excellent student services.

The intense vocational program – medical assistant, is tailored to prepare you for the real job in a variety of healthcare settings. You will gain enough knowledge and develop a specific set of skills for several entry-level roles.

AddressAddress: 851 S. Cooley Dr Colton, CA 92324

13 American Career College

American Career College is the first choice for plenty of aspiring healthcare students. The school has excellent and well-equipped facilities with comfortable dorms. Addiotnaly, the school offers diverse programs designed to help students launch their careers quickly.

The Medical Assistant program is an extraordinary training that will qualify you for several entry-level positions. After you complete the program, you will be able to perform a variety of daily tasks in different medical facilities.

AddressAddress: 3130 East Sedona Court Ontario, CA 91764

14 Western University of Health Sciences

The Western University of Health Sciences promotes collaboration and teamwork among healthcare experts. It encourages students’ talents and incorporates innovative educational techniques to help students complete their programs and find employment sooner.

The Medical Assistant training program is professional and designed to meet market needs. It doesn’t last long, and it has a student-centered approach, nurturing individualized education.

AddressAddress: 309 E 2nd St Pomona, CA 91766

15 Pomona Unified School District Adult and Career Education

Pomona Unified School District Adult and Career Education is a professional learning facility specialized in adult education. The programs are created with students in mind and adjusted to current industry requirements.

Some of the best available vocational programs is medical assistant training. After you complete the training, you will be qualified to work at several entry-level positions in medical facilities.

AddressAddress: 1515 W Mission Blvd Pomona, CA 91766

16 Career Networks Institute

Career Network Institute is a modern education institution with modern facilities and well-trained instructors. The programs have convenient curriculums designed to cover all theoretical aspects and include practical exposure as well.

If you are looking for a vocational program in the healthcare sector, you won’t regret completing the medical assistant program. It will make you a valuable candidate to all potential employers in the state.

AddressAddress: 702 W Town and Country Rd Orange, CA 92868

17 South Coast College

South Coast College is one of the best institutions to start a career in healthcare. The College provides high-quality education in a positive and inspirational atmosphere.

The Medical Assistant training program at South Coast College lasts only nine months. Students are prepared to perform a variety of administrative and clinical tasks and to start their careers at entry-level positions in healthcare facilities. The program covers important aspects such as medical technology, clinical procedures, surgical assisting, and more.

AddressAddress: 2011 W. Chapman Avenue Orange, CA 92868

18 East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program

East San Gabriel Valley ensures high-quality education to a diverse student population. It follows national educational standards and helps the student to launch profitable careers in a short time. Additionally, students have great funding options.

The medical assistant training program is useful and well-structured. Moreover, it includes practical training and technical knowledge to prepare students for entry-level positions.

AddressAddress: 1501 W Del Norte St. West Covina, CA 91790

19 Career College of California

Career College of California is an excellent learning institution, dedicating to help people start and accomplish their professional goals. The College has convenient vocational programs that are created with both students and potential employers in mind.

The medical assistant program emphasizes theoretical and practical skills at the same time. The program is short and intense and helps you to find a job in the medical field.

AddressAddress: 201 E. 4th Street Santa Ana, CA 92701

20 Baldwin Park Adult & Community Education

Baldwin Park Adult & Community Education is an excellent place to start a new career. The school promotes vocational training programs and it is known for its well-equipped labs and amazing teachers

The medical assistant training program is intensive and includes all major topics required for entry-level positions, both clinical and administrative.

AddressAddress: 4640 Maine Ave Baldwin Park, CA 91706

21 Hacienda La Puente Adult Education

Hacienda La Puente Adult Education is a large and fast-growing educational institution, that educates over 15.000 students annually. It offers both entry-level and advanced programs. Overall, the school has high-quality programs that are your entry-ticket to a profitable career.

The medical assistant training is one of the vocational programs with the best perspective. It covers theory and practice and prepares the students for real-life job situations in different healthcare settings.

AddressAddress: 14101 E. Nelson Ave La Puente, CA 91746

22 Premiere Career College

Premiere Career College has a comprehensive educational system. The College offers flexible classes, financial aid support, one-on-one coaching, and more services, to help students gain knowledge and pass certification exams.

The vocational program for medical assistants is job-focused and of high quality. It takes a short time and includes effective theory classes and practical training.

AddressAddress: 12901 Ramona Blvd Irwindale, CA 91706

23 Modern Technology School

Modern Technology School has been educating healthcare workers since 1981. The school is passionate about education and hire well-experienced and trained instructors to help pass the knowledge and real-job experience.

One of the best vocational programs is the medical assistant course. The program has focused instructions in labs, and alongside small class sizes can help students accomplish more in less time.

AddressAddress: 16560 Harbor Blvd. Fountain Valley, CA 92708

24 California Career Institute

California Career Institute has a high reputation among high educational institutions. The programs are organized to answer the latest market and industry needs and offer plenty of growth opportunities. Moreover, students can also apply for financial aid options.

Short and interactive, the medical assistant training program is an excellent vocational program. If fully prepares you for entry-level positions in various healthcare settings.

AddressAddress: 12141 Brookhurst Street Garden Grove, CA 92840

25 San Bernardino Valley College

San Bernardino Valley College offers several educational pathways for students wanting to start a career in Science, Health, Wellness, Bussiness, Culture, Industry, etc. The instructors are implementing modern educational techniques and friendly, ready to help students during their education process.

One of the programs with great opportunities is the pharmacy technology training program. It builds a strong foundation for the future pharmacy workforce and develops practical skills in a short time.

AddressAddress: 701 South Mount Vernon Avenue San Bernardino, CA 92410

26 Mt San Antonio College

Mt. San Antonio College is home to plenty of students looking to improve their job opportunities and become part of fast-changing and growing industries.

The programs from the Health sector are carefully selected to educate new generations of much needed medical staff across the state.

The radiologic technology training program is brief and interactive. The training includes effective theory while helping students to utilize the knowledge and practical skills to answer the challenges of the role.

AddressAddress: 1100 N Grand Ave Walnut, CA 91789

27 DeVry University

DeVry University has a great online education system and provides plenty of options for remote education.

The programs allow the students to expand their skills with evidence-based learning and research. Moreover, the University is fully accredited.

The lab technician training program is great and based on experimental learning. Therefore, it will be easier to master all the skills and knowledge you need to start working as a lab technician.

AddressAddress: 901 Corporate Center Dr Pomona, CA 91768

28 University of Phoenix

The University of Pheonix is a great place to start your education and choose a career. The facility is modern, well-equipped and teachers are professional and friendly. Classes are based on the latest national standards and focus on all important elements of each profession.

The school is dedicated to providing the best possible education for If you are interested in online courses, the National College of Natural Medicine can be an excellent choice for you. Moreover, the school also has comfortable dorms and extraordinary classrooms for students who choose in-person education.

Vocational programs are designed to meet the needs of different students looking to start their jobs as soon as possible. Also, you can apply for financial aid.

AddressAddress: 3090 Bristol Street Costa Mesa, CA 92626

29 Center for Employment Training

Center for Employment Training has been created to help people develop wanted skills for meaningful careers. The Center is known for its high educational standards and modern facilities. Since 1967, the Center has been educating students for a career that is in high demand across the country.

The medical assistant program is structured to match the job requirements in various healthcare settings. Those who complete the course will be prepared to work on several entry-level positions in different medical facilities.

AddressAddress: 27941 Jefferson Avenue Temecula, CA 92590

30 Fremont College

Fremont College offers programs designed to boost real-world job skills and help you build your dream career from scratch. The graduates from Fremont College are successful professionals with highly marketable skills. The College offers programs in five areas, including Healthcare.

The healthcare administration training program is available as vocational training and lasts 30 weeks. T

AddressAddress: Online Courses Available

31 California Baptist University

California Baptist University is one of the best private Christian-oriented colleges in Southern California. It helps students to develop skills and gain knowledge that will help them fulfill their purpose. The school has great payment plans and a charming and welcoming campus.

Among the vocational programs, healthcare administration training has the best curriculum. In a short time, you will master the skills and acquire knowledge that will make you a valuable candidate for employers.

AddressAddress: 8432 Magnolia Ave Riverside, CA 92504

32 University of Redlands

The University of Redlands nurtures a safe and motivating learning environment to help the student accomplish their career goals. The University hires professional and friendly teachers, and offer vocational programs for prospective professions.

The healthcare administration training program is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to start a career in the healthcare sector. The program includes administration aspects and plenty of supporting elements.

AddressAddress: 1200 E. Colton Ave Redlands, CA 92373

33 California State University

California State University has the highest rankings in student mobility and values. The University is dedicated to providing the best education while motivating and inspiring students to work on self-growth and further possibilities.

The healthcare administration program is one of the best vocational programs in the healthcare sector in the state. An integrative course with plenty of practical exposure and well-spoken lectures will help you to get an entry-level job in a medical facility.

AddressAddress: 5500 University Pky San Bernardino, CA 92407

34 University of La Verne

The University of La Verne is a private and non-profit educational institution with a tradition longer than one century. The University focuses on academic excellence and helps students shape their future. Moreover, the programs follow national and industry standards, so the new graduates are fully prepared for their roles.

The healthcare administration training program is adjusted to adult learners and incorporate evidence-based educational techniques. It is a suitable option for adults who want to start a new career.

AddressAddress: 1950 Third St La Verne, CA 91750

35 California University of Management and Sciences

California University of Management and Sciences is a modern school that follows global trends in education and business. Graduates from this University are prepared to accomplish their career goals in a positive learning atmosphere. Besides, there are plenty of great programs available for students with different professional aspirations.

The healthcare administration training is an excellent program with well-educated teachers and useful curriculum. Students can also apply for financial aid.

AddressAddress: 721 N Euclid St Anaheim, CA 92801

36 Concordia University

Concordia University offers a dynamic campus life to its students and high-quality education. There are plenty of activities available for the students, including arts, culture, students’ job, recreation, etc.

There are options for in-person and remote education and useful student services including Academic advising, Success Centre, etc.

The training program in healthcare administration is very intensive and has great structure. It covers all required aspects of the profession to prepare you for the job in administration in the healthcare sector.

AddressAddress: 1530 Concordia West Irvine, CA 92612

37 University of California

The University of California is one of the largest educational institutions in the state. It has built a great reputation for its research projects and contribution to the national and international workforce.

With five medical centers, the University of California is a great place to start the healthcare administration program. It is job-focused and provides enough practical experience and knowledge to help anyone build a great career in the healthcare sector.

AddressAddress: 501 Aldrich Hall Irvine, CA 92697

38 Pacific College

Pacific College offers the opportunity for aspiring nurses to complete their education in a fun and professional learning atmosphere. The school has three campuses and offers transfer credits and different degree programs.

Students who complete the healthcare administration program can receive transfer credit and earn BSN. Additionally, the school provides opportunities for aspiring nurses to earn their certificate in vocational nursing (LVN).

AddressAddress: 3160 Red Hill Ave Costa Mesa, CA 92626

39 Stanbridge University

Stanbridge University has earned national and international recognition for its contribution to the education of great professionals in various industries. Standbridge University promotes critical-thinking, self-progress, and builds a powerful culture of mutual respect and collaboration.

The vocational program in physical therapy is choice number one for many students. The program focuses on real-job tasks and teaches students how to perform the job competently.

AddressAddress: 2041 Business Ctr Dr Ste 107 Irvine, CA 92612

40 Marshall B Ketchum University

Marshall B. Ketchum University is dedicated to providing the best possible education in the healthcare sector. The University includes an innovative, interpersonal approach to learning and implements evidence-based techniques that ensures better patient outcomes.

The medicine training program is short and engaging, created for those who want to become caring healthcare professionals. It fully prepares the students for a job in a dynamic healthcare setting.

AddressAddress: 2575 Yorba Linda Blvd Fullerton, CA 92831

41 Southern California University of Health Sciences

The Southern California University of Health Sciences provides outstanding clinical and lab courses for students with different educational backgrounds.

Some of the programs at this University are the Massage Therapy certificate course, Doctor of Chiropractic, and some accelerated science courses.

Vocational training for Massage Therapy, for example, lasts only seven months. Moreover, medicine training is brief and concise and covers all important aspects of the profession.

AddressAddress: 16200 East Amber Valley Drive Whittier, CA 90604

42 Chapman University

Chapman University has been educating students since 1861. The school has a great reputation and plenty of successful students and alumni. Moreover, the schools keep track of the latest industry and education trends, to shape better and more prospective courses.

The medical social work training program is a brief but thorough program, designed to put you on the job market very soon.

AddressAddress: One University Dr. Orange, CA 92866

43 Brandman University

Brandman University has been established as an educational resource for the local El Toro base but has grown into a large learning institution. The University offers various degree and certificate programs, tailored to match job requirements and prepare students for future professional challenges.

The medical social work program is taught by practicing Registered Nurses who are fully committed to passing knowledge to the students. The program combines online education and in-person training.

AddressAddress: 16355 Laguna Canyon Road Irvine, CA 92618

44 Claremont Graduate University

Claremont Graduate University is a research-focused institution that values core educational principles and academic excellence and honor. The programs are personalized and target specific areas of interest covering all important aspects of each profession. Moreover, the school nurtures practice as one of the best ways to learn new skills.

The public health program includes theoretical instructions and helps students to develop needed practical skills. It is an interactive program that offers great opportunities.

AddressAddress: 150 E Tenth St Claremont, CA 91711

45 Azusa Pacific University

Azusa Pacific University is a community of well-educated and like-minded people who are ready to improve society by impacting different fields. The University is Christ-centered and offers more than 200 programs of different degrees. Moreover, the programs are available in the online and on-campus form.

The health aide program is designed to prepare compassionate workers, with excellent practical skills and a solid theoretical foundation. You will have your hands-on best possible training in laboratories and clinical settings.

AddressAddress: 901 E Alosta Azusa, CA 91702

46 Beaumont Adult School

Beaumont Adult School is created to help adult students improve their education and advance their career options. The school is dedicated to providing the best knowledge in various areas, suited for adult and working learners.

The LPN program is great vocational training, that helps students master all skills and acquire the required knowledge for entry-level positions in medical facilities.

AddressAddress: 1575 Cherry Ave Beaumont, CA 92223

47 Citrus College

Citrus College is a famous community college that nurtures a student-centered approach and has excellent teachers and facilities. The College has a multitude of vocational and different degree programs, designed to help student launch their careers.

The LPN training program is comprehensive and covers theory and practice. The program is concise, and you will be prepared to take a job in a medical facility soon after program completion.

AddressAddress: 1000 W Foothill Blvd Glendora, CA 91741

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 UEI College
#2 San Joaquin Valley College
#3 Daymar College
#4 InterCoast College
#5 California Community College System
#6 Coast Career Institute
#7 American College of Healthcare
#8 Concorde Career College
#9 Loma Linda University
#10 Riverside County Office of Education
#11 North-West College
#12 Summit College
#13 American Career College
#14 Western University of Health Sciences
#15 Pomona Unified School District Adult and Career Education
#16 Career Networks Institute
#17 South Coast College
#18 East San Gabriel Valley Regional Occupational Program
#19 Career College of California
#20 Baldwin Park Adult & Community Education
#21 Hacienda La Puente Adult Education
#22 Premiere Career College
#23 Modern Technology School
#24 California Career Institute
#25 San Bernardino Valley College
#26 Mt San Antonio College
#27 DeVry University
#28 University of Phoenix
#29 Center for Employment Training
#30 Fremont College
#31 California Baptist University
#32 University of Redlands
#33 California State University
#34 University of La Verne
#35 California University of Management and Sciences
#36 Concordia University
#37 University of California
#38 Pacific College
#39 Stanbridge University
#40 Marshall B Ketchum University
#41 Southern California University of Health Sciences
#42 Chapman University
#43 Brandman University
#44 Claremont Graduate University
#45 Azusa Pacific University
#46 Beaumont Adult School
#47 Citrus College

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