Welding Schools in Utah (Top Programs Listed)

Welding Schools in Utah

In case you are thinking of becoming a welder in Utah, you should know that there are lots of welding training programs in the state.

You can find the list of the best welding schools in Utah in this article.

Moreover, there is a bunch of useful facts and tips that help you to understand better this career.

How to Become a Welder in Utah

In case, you are thinking about becoming a welder in Utah, you need to learn some important aspects.

There are some crucial steps you need to take to achieve your goal:

  1. Learn some basics about the welding process. In order to understand the job better, watch some videos and read articles about welding. Also, if you have some friends and relatives working in the sphere, it will be a good idea to ask some questions.
  2. Reveal and evaluate your personal strengths. To work as a welder, you need to be strong and healthy. Also, there are some personal characteristics that are absolutely important. You should have excellent spatial orientation skills and manual dexterity. Moreover, you should be able to work independently and even have some artistic skills. If you don’t have at least most part of these features than welding can be not the best career for you. Nevertheless, if you have a determination then it can be not an issue.
  3. Choose the best training program. As soon as you’ve made a decision to become a welder, you need to look for the best program that suits your preferences. In this article, you can get info about the best welding certification schools in the state.
  4. Get your certification. To become a welder, you need not only to complete your training but as well pass the test in order to get your certification. Consider the fact that it should be taken at an accredited welding testing facility.
  5. Maintain your certification. After getting your certification, you should maintain it constantly. In order to do it, you need to fill out certain paperwork twice a year.
  6. Look for better career options as soon as you get enough experience. To make it easier, you need to get a higher degree which means that you should continue your education. For example, you can become a Senior Certified Welding Inspector.

How Much Time It Is Necessary to Complete Welding Training in Utah?

It’s clear that any student wants to know how much time they need to train before starting their career.

In fact, there is no certain answer to the question as the duration varies depending on program specifications.

Nevertheless, you should know that your welding training won’t take more than 2 years.

Top 16 Welding Certification Schools in Utah

In this section, there is a list of the best welding certification schools in Utah.

In this table, you can find not only the names of facilities but their contact info as well.

SchoolLocationContact InformationPhone Number
Clearfield High School931 South 1000 East, Clearfield, UT 84015 United StatesBruce Decker(801) 402-8242
Clearfield Job Corps Center20 West 1700 South, Clearfield, UT 84016 United StatesNick Price(801) 774-4000
Davis Applied Technology College550 East 300 South, Kaysville, UT 84037 United StatesNick Price(801) 546-2441
Dixie Technical College610 S. Tech Ridge Drive St. George, UT 84770 United StatesJordan Rushton(435) 674-8400
Jordan Academy For Technology And Careers - South12723 South Park Ave Riverton, UT 84065 United StatesNicole Johnson(801) 412-1300
Maple Mountain High School51 N. 2550 E., Spanish Fork, UT 84660 United StatesJared Massic(801) 794-6740
Mountain View High School665 W Center St, Orem, UT 84057 United StatesGordon Reynolds(801) 227-8764
Mountainland Applied Technology College1410 West Business Park Drive (1250 So), Orem, UT 84058 United StatesGordon Reynolds(801) 753-4213
Ogden-Weber Applied Technology Center559 E Atc Lane, Ogden, UT 84404 United StatesCollette Mercer(801) 627-8300
Payson High School1050 S Main St, Payson, UT 84651 United StatesNyle Russell(801) 465-6025
Salt Lake Community College4600 South Redwood Road, Salt Lake City, UT 84123 United StatesSteve Ford(801) 957-5088
Southwest Applied Technology College510 West 800 South, Cedar City, UT 84720 United StatesJim Riley(435) 586-2899
Spanish Fork High School99 N 300 W, Spanish Fork, UT 84660 United StatesShaun Black(801) 798-4060
Uintah Basin Applied Technology College450 North 2000 West, Vernal, UT 84028 United StatesJeff Tanigichi(435) 722-4523
Wasatch High School930 South 500 East, Heber City, UT 84032 United StatesMalcom Rose(435) 654-0640
Weber Basin Job Corps7400 South Cornia Drive, Ogden, UT 84405 United States(801) 774-4000

Keep in mind that the information in the table may change so we recommend you to doublecheck it. 

Welding Accreditation in Utah

You should know that each school from the list:

  1. was approved by the American Welding Society’s SENSE Accreditation Program.
  2. provides such essential classes as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (stick), or Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG).

Popular Degree Programs

Reasons for Becoming a Welder in Utah

Welding has an incredible outlook all over the USA and Utah is no exception.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of jobs for welders will grow by 6% until 2026.

Average Welder’s Salary in Utah

Working as a welder in Utah you can earn a good salary.

A median salary of a welder throughout the country is about $39 390 a year or $18.94 an hour.

At the same time, welders in Utah earn a median salary of $44 760 per year or $21.52 per hour.

Speaking of the top 10% of welders, in Utah they earn about $72 580 while throughout the country – $62 100 annually.

Similar Career Options In Utah

If you don’t feel like becoming a welder but still, looking for some similar careers, there are some options for you.

These options may as well interest you:

  • Boilermaker;
  • Plumber, Pipefitter, and Steamfitter;
  • Solderers and brazers;
  • Sheet Metal Worker.

Welding Safety Tips

Welding is a dangerous job and there are lots of safety rules that welders should follow.

There are some of them:

  1. Read all the instructions properly. There are a number of important warnings in equipment manuals and reading them, you can guarantee your safety and prevent a number of accidents.
  2. Buy high-quality welding gear. It’s important to use the best auto-darkening welding helmet, gloves, glasses, jacket, and shoes. Also, don’t forget to protect your skin from heat properly.
  3. Be mindful of the environment. It means that you should keep the area clean, tidy, and well-ventilated.


As you see, welding is a challenging but at the same time absolutely rewarding career.

Moreover, you don’t need something extraordinary to become a welder.

Just take your time to learn about available programs and choose the one you like.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a laser welder work?

Laser welders, which use a laser beam to form welds, are quite adaptable machines.

They can weld thin materials at high welding speeds.

In thicker materials, they can create deep, narrow welds between square-edged parts.

The two different modes that laser welders operate in are keyhole welding and conduction limited welding.

The mode depends on the power density striking the workpiece.

What is Haz cracking?

A heat-affected zone (HAZ) crack is another term for under-bead crack, which forms near the fusion line.

It is known to occur on both high alloy and low alloy steel.

There can be many causes of cracking, from contamination to rapid cooling.

In almost every case, however, cracking is the result of internal stresses exceeding the base metal, the weld, or both.

Should I set up my own shop as a welder?

Starting and running your own welding shop entails a great deal of responsibility.

But if you think you have the business acumen and welding skills to make it, you might just be putting yourself on the path to business success.

To succeed, you must have a strong business plan, a good financial foundation, solid management skills, and an empathetic customer-centric approach.

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