4 Best Welding Schools in Providence, RI

Welding Schools in Providence, RI

To become a certified welder, you need the right skills and knowledge to meet the industry’s needs.

With that, Welding schools and training centers are significant in shaping your welding career.

Some schools are offering both Associate degrees and non-associate certifications, but enough to help you acquire an entry-level role in the welding field.

Through hands-on practice and theoretical knowledge, schools and training centers prepare you to venture into the welding industry.

Some even embark on entrepreneurial paths, establishing their welding ventures.

If you’re in Providence, RI, here’s a list of schools you might want to explore and kickstart your welding career.

1 Providence Career & Technical Academy

Providence Career & Technical Academy (PCTA) is located in the heart of New England.

It is one of the top technical schools in the region, presenting students with a dual opportunity.

To achieve a high-quality academic diploma and acquire industry-recognized certification in a technical field of their choice. 

PCTA offers a vibrant blend of traditional high school learning.

It also offers advanced specialized training in thirteen diverse career fields, including Welding.

Its mission is to create students who are ready, both academically and technically, for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow.

About The Welding Program

The Welding Program at PCTA covers practical skills and an in-depth understanding of scientific principles from electricity, metallurgy, chemistry, and physics. 

Its comprehensive program teaches students four crucial Arc Welding techniques, three thermal cutting processes, and various hand and power tool operations.

Additionally, students will gain expertise in designing welded structures.

It also ensures that they provide students with uniforms and safety gear for their protection.

PCTA collaborates with Electric Boat to ensure students gain practical exposure and insights into the real-world welding field.

Upon completing the program, students will be certified by the American Welding Society SENSE.

AddressAddress: 41 Fricker St, Providence, RI 02903

2 Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) - Liston Campus

The Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) stands as Rhode Island’s sole public community college and is New England’s largest community college.

In 1964, CCRI first name was Rhode Island Junior College (RIJC).

They renamed it to its current name in June 1980 in recognition of its broader mission and evolving role in shaping New England’s education.

Its main campus is in Warwick, but it has established additional academic structures across Rhode Island.

About The Welding Program

(CCRI) offers many programs, including Welding, under the Marine Trades & Manufacturing Career Training Program.

Rhode Island is known globally for its dense clustering of boating, composites, and manufacturing industries.

With this reputation, the Marine Trades & Manufacturing Career Training Program is designed to equip students for these dynamic sectors.

The comprehensive program is a four-week duration with hands-on training in diverse fields.

It introduces students to carpentry, welding, pipefitting, sheet metal work, painting, electrical tasks, marine systems, blueprint interpretation, safety protocols, and other fields.

The program is structured to cater to individuals keen on improving their skills for kickstarting their careers at entry-level roles within the marine, composites, and manufacturing sectors.

Once you complete the training, you can pursue an on-the-job opportunity where you’ll learn directly from professionals in local enterprises.

AddressAddress: 1 Hilton St, Providence, RI 02905,

3 The Steel Yard

The Steel Yard is an industrial for art enthusiasts and learners.

It is a non-profit industrial art center providing various programs, including blacksmithing, jewelry-making, and welding.

Steel Yard is more than a school; instead, it is a movement believing that art-making should be accessible.

It offers emerging and mid-level artists space for learners to explore, collaborate, and give full access to their art.

They are committed to uplifting the community.

About The Welding Course

Steel Yard welding job training initiative pays aspiring welders from Rhode Island to learn vital skills.

Its ultimate goal is to help them secure stable and well-paying jobs.

Steel Yard Welding program is unique as it opens on weekends; it’s a short training that usually costs $320-$350 with different instructors.

If you’re interested in enrolling, you must head to their website and add to your cart those courses you are interested in.

Some of their courses are for beginners; its two-day workshop invites students to learn about MIG welding, oxygen-acetylene torch, and master metal saws and grinders.

After the first training day, it ensures you will confidently heat, cut, join, bend, and polish metal.

Day two is all about channeling those skills into crafting a personal project you can take home.

This beginner-friendly session requires no prior experience and is a perfect welding introduction.

The school will provide all the necessary materials and tools.

AddressAddress: 27 Sims Ave, Providence, RI 02909

4 Skills for Rhode Island's Future

Skills for Rhode Island’s Future (SkillsRI) is a non-profit institution bridging the gap hindering economic progression.

Its mission is to bridge the gap between the unemployed and underemployed Islanders in Rhode with a systematic approach.

It prioritizes the Rhode Islanders’ upward mobility and a steadfast workforce enjoying their employment.

It’s not just about jobs; it’s about reigniting dreams, aspirations, and economic prosperity for all Rhode Islanders.

About The Welding Program

Rhode Island’s Future (SkillsRI) offers Welding under the Rhode Island Makers Training Program.

It has a 5-week welding training course free for eligible residents.

It has 40 hours of readiness boot camp and an in-depth 100-hour welding training.

The program covers the following:

  • Workplace safety protocols
  • Foundational welding theories
  • Tool usage and maintenance
  • Equipment handling
  • Fundamental mathematics
  • OSHA 10 guidelines
  • Practical application of learned skills

To be qualified, you must be 18 years old and above, a Rhode Island resident, under or unemployed, know basic math, can lift a minimum of 50 lbs, and have a high school diploma/GED.

Also, adhere to safety guidelines, have a strong work ethic, have good communication skills, am authorized to work in the US, and have consistent transportation means.

AddressAddress: 30 Exchange Terrace 1st floor, Providence, RI 02903

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Providence Career & Technical Academy
#2 Community College of Rhode Island (CCRI) - Liston Campus
#3 The Steel Yard
#4 Skills for Rhode Island's Future

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