2 Best Welding Schools in Kansas City, MO

Welding Schools in Kansas City, MO

Are you interested in welding?

That’s great! A welding career does not necessarily require a degree to excel in this field

Gaining the necessary skills and knowledge in this industry is handy, as several schools and training centers offer welding courses.

If you are located in Kansas City, MO, here is the list we provided to guide you.

These trade schools offer welding certificates and associate degree programs that will be your ticket to entering the welding industry.

Read on to learn more about the welding programs they are offering!

1 MCC-Penn Valley | Advanced Technical Skills Institute

MCC-Penn Valley is a post-secondary institution committed to fostering academic and professional growth.

It offers various degree programs with diverse disciplines, from child development, health, and art to skilled trades and engineering technology.

It ensures that their students gain academic education and learn career planning and training services to prepare them for a brighter future.

Their ultimate mission is to empower and educate the next generations of professionals.

It is certified as an American Welding Society training facility.

By incorporating the AWS Level I and Level II curriculum in its classes, they adhere to the highest standards and enhance students’ readiness for AWS certification.

About The Welding Program

MCC-Penn Valley’s welding program has a comprehensive curriculum covering the following techniques: shielded metal arc, MIG, and TIG welding, and specialized skills in flame and plasma cutting.

Students will also learn hands-on techniques, blueprint interpretation, welding metallurgy, electrical fundamentals, and American Welding Society (AWS) electrode classifications.

Upon completion, you will earn the following certificates and degrees: Degree in Welding Technology & Management, GMAW/GTAW(AWS Modular Certification) and Welding Construction Course Description.

AddressAddress: 2944 Troost Ave, Kansas City, MO 64109, United States

2 Aviation Institute of Maintenance

Aviation Institute of Maintenance is a career college rooted in aviation and aircraft maintenance.

Their educational programs include maintenance technician programs, combination welding, and more.

Its mission is to extend beyond aviation by ensuring students acquire the essential skills and the right attitude for significant entry-level roles across various domains.

About The Welding Program

The AIM’s Combination Welding School is an eight-month program with 24 credits and a career exploration summary.

The Combination Welding Diploma Program provides practical training to hone your welding and flame-cutting skills, classroom lessons on welding theory, and more.

After completing the program, you’ll be ready to take the American Welding Society (AWS) 3G-4G Welding Certification test.

AddressAddress: 4100 Raytown Road Kansas City, MO 64129

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 MCC-Penn Valley | Advanced Technical Skills Institute
#2 Aviation Institute of Maintenance

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