3 Best Welding Schools in Charlotte, NC

Welding Schools in Charlotte, NC

To have a long and fruitful career in the welding industry, you have to have the skill set that employers are looking for.

As a welder, you should be meticulous.

You should have good eyesight and hand-eye coordination.

You should also be physically fit as you often need to stay in a standing position for long periods or carry heavy pieces of metal parts.

Moreover, you have to go through proper education and training.

Typically, you need at least a high school diploma or a GED to enroll in a welding program.

You can check if community colleges, trade schools, or vocational schools in your area offer welding courses or welding apprenticeship programs.

And, once you have completed your welding education and training, you can earn your certification and test for more so that you can land your first welding job.

If you are in Charlotte, NC, and want to know where you can study welding there, check out our list of welding schools in Charlotte, NC below.

1 Omitt Trade School

About the School

Omitt Trade School is an educational institution that provides courses and programs to help its students develop solid foundations for success in the workforce.

Founded in 2001, they aim to deliver true skilled training and opportunities to their community to support economic growth.

They are certified by and have partnered with the following organizations:

  • National Center for Construction Education and Research (NCCER)
  • North American Technician Excellence (NATE)
  • United States Green Building Council (USGBC)
  • National Safety Council
  • ESCO
  • Carolinas AGC
  • National Apartment Association (NAA)

They are committed to preparing their students with marketable employment skills for high earning potential.

Courses Offered

The Welding Training Program exists because welding is one of the most sought-after trade skills in the industry.

It aims to teach students essential knowledge of welding theory and applications that open plenty of entry-level job opportunities in welding and fabrication.

There is also a Trade Apprenticeship Program called Partner Social Responsibility Program in which students can undergo apprenticeship training with the school’s company and organization partners.

Through it, students can get hands-on experiences and develop their skills in real industry.

They can also use it to help them find job placements or full-time employment opportunities.

To become an apprentice, they have to complete a specific coursework or the required training hours.

AddressAddress: 101 W Sugar Creek Rd, Charlotte, NC 28213, United States

2 Aviation Institute of Maintenance

About the School

The Aviation Institute of Maintenance is a network of schools across the nation.

Since its founding in 1969, they have strived to build a tradition of excellence in providing education, training, and workforce development through its Aviation Maintenance Programs.

Their goals are to provide hands-on practice, industry-focused instructing, resources for success, and priority on career goals so that their students can keep up with the dynamic world of aviation or their chosen industry trades.

Because they always put their students first, they are ready to offer their full support, tools, and resources to help them reach their goals.

From their aviation-focused programs to their trade-focused courses, they ensure that their instruction and training methods promote personal enrichment and career growth.

They have multiple campuses across the country, including Philadelphia, PA, Orlando, FL, Indianapolis, IN, Houston, TX, Dallas, TX, Chicago, IL, Atlanta, GA, and Charlotte, NC.

Courses Offered

The Combination Welding Diploma Program is designed to teach and develop basic manipulative skills involved in welding and flame cutting.

It combines classroom instruction and hands-on training and covers welding theory, processes, equipment, safety, and more.

It takes 8 months to complete.

Upon successful completion, students can test for the American Welding Society (AWS) 3G-4G Welding Certifications.

Career opportunities include working as welders, welder-fitters, fabricators, maintenance welders, MIG welders, sub-arc operators, aluminum welders, and fabrication welders.

AddressAddress: 7421 E Independence Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28227, United States

3 Central Piedmont Community College

About the School

Central Piedmont Community College is the largest community college in the Charlotte metropolitan area and the second-largest in the North Carolina Community College System.

Founded in 1963, they welcome over 40,000 students every year and offer a wide range of degree, diploma, and certificate programs.

They strive to be “a champion of students, a catalyst for opportunity, and an exceptional provider of learning experiences” so that they can help their community grow and advance.

Their mission is to provide exceptional and world-class education and training in an engaging and supportive environment for student learning, success, and completion.

They are accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges and have eight campuses throughout Mecklenburg County.

Courses Offered

The Welding Technology Program is offered at the James Turner Institute of Welding Technology at Central Piedmont.

It is designed to teach the theoretical and practical principles of welding, develop proficiency in technical skills, and open opportunities for the use and application of all learned knowledge.

It offers several Associate in Applied Science degree programs, diploma programs, and certificate programs.

The Associate in Applied Science – Welding Technology Degree Programs available are as follows:

  • Welding Technology – Automation (A50420A)
  • Welding Technology – Construction Pipe and Heavy Maintenance Welding (A50420C)
  • Welding Technology – Entrepreneurial Welding Business & Technical Sales (A50420E)
  • Welding Technology – Fabrication and Manufacturing (A50420F)
  • Welding Technology = Construction Pipe-Fitting and Installation (A50420P)

Meanwhile, the Welding Technology Diploma Program description is:

  • It requires 46 total credits.
  • It covers SMAW (Stick) Plate/Pipe, GMAW (MIG) Plate/Pipe, GTAW (TIG) Plate/Pipe, Cutting Processes, Symbols and Specifications, Fabrication I, Basic PC literacy, and more.

Finally, the Welding Technology Certificate Programs offered are the following:

  • Welding Technology Certificate with a Specialization in Entry-Level Welding (C50420-C2)
  • Welding Technology Certificate with a Specialization in Advanced Level Welding (C50420-C5)
  • Welding Technology Certificate with a Specialization in Expert Level Welding (C50420-C6)
  • Welding Technology Certificate with a Specialization in Inert Gas Welding (C50420-C4)
  • Welding Technology Certificate with a Specialization in S.M.A.W. of Pipe Welding (C50420-C1)
  • Welding Technology Certificate with a Specialization in Orbital GTAW Welding (C50420-C9)
  • Welding Technology Certificate Specialization in G.M.A.W. of Pipe Welding (C50420-10)
  • Welding Technology Certificate Specialization in S.M.A.W. Structure Steel Welding (C50420-11)
  • Welding Technology Certificate Specialization in Steel Fabrication (C50420-12)
  • Welding Technology Certificate Specialization in Wrought Metals (C50420-14)
  • Welding Technology Certificate with a Specialization in Robotic Welding and Cutting (C50420–C8)
  • Welding Technology Certificate Specialization in Advanced Welding Automation for Manufacturing (C50420-13)
  • Welding Technology Certificate Specialization in Pipe-Fitting (C50420-31)
  • Welding Technology Certificate Specialization in Entry-Level Pipe-Fitting (C50420-30)
  • Welding Technology Certificate Specialization in Advanced Pipe-Fitting (C50420-32)

Upon successful completion, students can apply to entry-level positions in welding, metalworking, construction, manufacturing, fabrication, and other welding-related industries.

AddressAddress: 315 W Hebron St, Charlotte, NC 28273, United States

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Omitt Trade School
#2 Aviation Institute of Maintenance
#3 Central Piedmont Community College

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