3 Best Welding Schools in San Diego, CA

Welding Schools in San Diego, CA

If you are into repairing or building things by hand, welding might suit you!

However, it needs thorough experience, practice, and the right skills to be effective in the welding industry.

But fear not; numerous schools and training centers offer welding programs.

Welding is one of the trades skills that offers lucrative income without requiring a degree, high school diploma, and training certificates, and your skills are enough!

If you are in San Diego, CA, here is the list of schools and training you should check out.

1 Center for Employment Training - CET San Diego

Anthony Soto and Russell Tershy established the Center for Employment Training in 1967.

It provides job-ready training for seasonal farmers for a better life and stable work.

Over the years, it was recognized as the most effective job training center.

MDRC (Manpower Demonstration Research Corporation) shows students trained by them tops in JOBSTART.

It also became a national model and was awarded by President George Bush for funds to replicate its job training program nationwide in 1990.

Their mission has set the standard high by educating and providing students with marketable skills to help economic and community development.

About The Welding Program

CET offers various courses and training, including Welding Fabrication.

The program runs for 8-9 months with essential welding toolkits, training supplies, books, and uniforms without additional charges.

The program covers the following: GTAW Process, SMAW Process, Oxy-Fuel Process, and GMAW & FCAW Process.

You will also learn basic computers, shop and welding safety, blueprint reading and interpretation, and customer service.

Aside from the learnings, you will also be guided for job interviews and creating an appealing resume.

AddressAddress: 4153 Market St c, San Diego, CA 92102, United States

2 San Diego Continuing Education (SDCE)

San Diego College of Continuing Education (SDCCE) is one of the (SDCCD) San Diego Community College District divisions.

It was founded in 1914 with principles of inclusion and social justice.

It helps immigrants, underserved populations, and refugees to meet their educational needs.

For over 100 years, it has offered free training and classes across 50 states and 159 foreign countries, with more than 70 career programs students can choose from.

Their main goal is to give an innovative quality education and career training accessible and equitable for students.

It is among the first community colleges in California to meet the standards for continuing education institutions.

It earns an independent accreditation from the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

About The Welding Program

SDCCE offers a wide range of courses and training, including Welding.

The program runs for 600 hours or 24 weeks with a certificate upon completion from SDCE and the American Welding Society (AWS).

The program scope of learning includes Arc Welding, Gas Metal, Flux Cored, Shielded Metal, Pipe, and Gas Tungsten welding.

You will also learn the overall practices of welding practices, basic math, and communications.

AddressAddress: 4343 Ocean View Boulevard San Diego, CA 92113-1915

3 Workshops for Warriors

Workshops for Warriors (WFW) is a non-profit school with a state license, fully audited and board-governed.

It is a private institution approved by the (BPPE) Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education to operate.

They operate under the compliance of state standards in CEC and 5, CCR.

However, no accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education accredits it.

Their program is not licensed in California or other states, which may lead to non-eligibility for federal financial aid.

About The Program

Workshops for Warriors have three welding programs: Welding 1, intermediate Welding 2, and advanced Welding 3.

Each course will allow you to earn the credentials required for a welder.

The three programs will be completed for 640 hours or 16 weeks with certification upon completion.

It follows the American Welding Society (AWS) AWS A2.4. Standard.

The welding course learning includes Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW), Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Shielded Metal Arc Welding Basic (SMAWB), and Gas Tungsten Arc Welding /Plate/Pipe.

You will also learn Torque Wrenches, Advanced Welding, and Introduction to Fabrication.

Upon completion, Starrett precision measuring instruments (PMI) will also provide you with additional training and certification based on the National Coalition of Certification Centers (NC 3) curriculum.

AddressAddress: 2970 Main Street San Diego, CA 92113

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Center for Employment Training - CET San Diego
#2 San Diego Continuing Education (SDCE)
#3 Workshops for Warriors

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