3 Best Welding Schools in San Jose, CA

Welding Schools in San Jose, CA

Are you looking for a job with a lucrative income that doesn’t need a bachelor’s degree? Try welding now!

This technical job only requires a high school diploma or GED to get accepted to training schools.

It doesn’t need to be learned for many years; welding training only takes a few weeks or not more than two years for advanced welding.

Welder students have more hands-on experience to develop the right skills needed in the welding industry.

If you’re in San Jose, CA, and are interested in welding, here’s a list of schools we created for you near your location.

1 Center for Employment Training - CET San Jose

Anthony Soto and Russell Tershy established the Center for Employment Training in 1971.

Congressional records have recognized CET as the most effective non-profit job training center in the United States over the years.

President George Bush recognized CET as a national model and funded the replication of its training programs.

President Bill Clinton’s Administration also praised its track record in helping the most disadvantaged find jobs.

About The Program

CET offers various programs, including Welding Fabrication.

The program is hands-on, mainly on welding processes, to help students acquire the right skills needed for a welder.

You will be familiar with various equipment and tools, such as welding machines, cutters, and grinders.

The program scope of learning includes the following: FCAW, SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, and Oxy-Fuel processes.

After graduation, CET assures you that they’ll help you find jobs in the welding field.

They will also guide you on how to make a resume, job preparations, and interviews.

AddressAddress: 701 Vine St, San Jose, CA 95110, United States

2 San Jose City College

San José City College was formerly a San José Junior College; it was renamed by the San José Unified School District in 1958.

The school celebrated its 100 years in 2021, symbolizing hope for students by providing educational career pathways to generations in California.

It has built its legacy in academic and institutional excellence, adapting changes to help transform Silicon Valley.

About The Welding Program

SJCC offers various courses, including Welding.

The welding program is under the Ironworker Apprenticeship (IRON) with three welding courses: Welding I, II, and III.

Welding 1 will focus on the structure of ferrous metals and heat reaction.

Students will learn the equipment and the utilized material in Oxy-acetylene welding, shielded metal-arc, and gas shielded-arc.

Welding II is an expansion of welding I and application while welding III will focus on advancing the skills learned from I and II.

AddressAddress: 2100 Moorpark Avenue, San José, CA 95128

3 Silicon Valley Career Technical Education

Silicon Valley Career Technical Education is a STEAM high school program that offers 25 courses.

The 21 courses are UC “a-g” approved, which means they prepare students for their college and future careers.

The program is free for grades 10, 11, and 12 who are qualified.

SVCTE’s mission is to support student success in college and future careers by offering programs mentored by industry professionals.

About The Welding Program

The welding program in SVCTE is under the technical course of Metals Technology.

It is available to second-year students for advanced metals technology learning.

The program scope of education includes Gas tungsten arc welding (TIG), Gas metal arc welding (MIG), Flux-cored arc welding, Shielded metal welding (STICK), oxyacetylene welding, brazing, and cutting.

You will also learn blueprint reading, job layout, tools and equipment, general fabrication techniques, safety, and government regulations.

After completion, you will earn the following certificates: Course completion, FCAW D1.1 3G & 4, SMAW D1.1 3G & 4G, GMAW D1.1 3G & 4G, GTAW AWS 5.1 Steel and GTAW AWS 5.1 Aluminum.

AddressAddress: 760 Hillsdale Ave San Jose, CA 95136

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Center for Employment Training - CET San Jose
#2 San Jose City College
#3 Silicon Valley Career Technical Education

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