Welding Schools in Alabama (Top Programs Listed)

Welding Schools in Alabama

In case you want to start your welding training and become a real professional, it’s time to look for the best schools.

This article offers you the list of TOP-23 welding schools in Alabama.

Also, you’ll be able to find some useful tips and information that you should know before starting your career.

Roles and Duties Welder in Alabama Should Perform

Welder – it’s a hard profession as a welder works with metal.

This specialist connects metal pieces together using various tools to melt and fuse them.

There is a bunch of various welding processes such as Stick or MIG.

It may sound rather simple but the truth is that it requires a number of skills a welder should have.

4 Main Duties a Welder Should Perform

  1. Before starting a new project, a professional welder should learn carefully all the recommendations and specifics to perform the project well.
  2. Also, a welder should have great knowledge of various materials in order to determine its specifics and choose the best welding methods. It’s absolutely important as there are more than 100 of existing methods. In the list of methods, there are gas tungsten arc welding, shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, and others.
  3. Moreover, a welder should be able to determine not only the method but the proper equipment and machinery as well. For example, such processes as chipping and cleaning of completed welds need some specific tools.
  4. Finally, a welder should be able to preserve an appropriate condition of the equipment so it can be used for all necessary purposes.

Reasons for Becoming a Welder in Alabama

A welder is a profession that is really important and rewarding.

Moreover, it’s the type of profession you can be proud of and see the results of your work even after many years.

The structure made by you will be around for a long period of time.

If you like working with your hands, you’ll like this job as welders work on fresh air making various constructions with their own hands.

Welders create really impressive things made of metal such as hulls for buildings, bridges and so on.

Also, consider the fact, that there is a great demand for welders.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that the demand for welders will grow by 6% by 2024.

You’ll be an absolutely amazing and professional welder if have such skills as:

  • Manual dexterity
  • Detail oriented
  • Physical stamina and strength
  • Technical skills
  • Spatial-orientation skills

Welder’s Salary in Alabama

An average salary of a welder in Alabama is about $39 170 per year which is $18,83 per hour.

It’s a little bit less than a general average salary which is $39 390 per year ($18.94 per hour).

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016, the top 10% of median pay national welders earn about $62,100 annually.

The same category of welders in Alabama earns about  $55,170 per year.

Job Options for Certified Welders in Alabama

Certified welders can find a job in various industries including:

  • Construction of buildings and bridges;
  • Manufacturing;
  • Gas & oil field power plants and refineries;
  • Aerospace applications;
  • Shipbuilding;
  • Auto & motorcycle fabrication and repair.

Best Welding Certification Schools in Alabama

If you’re looking for the best welding schools in Alabama we gladly offer you our help.

We’ve made a research and prepared a list of the Top 23 schools approved by the American Welding Society’s SENSE Accreditation Program.

Each school in the list provide a highly effective program that provides you with all the necessary skills.

All programs contain such classes as Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (TIG), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick), Gas Metal Arc Welding (MIG) and others.

Most schools require just a high-school diploma or GED while only some of them ask for the 10th grade to be completed.

It means that there are no specific requirements for those who want to enroll in welding training.

Consider the fact that if you want to become a certified welder you need to have a high-school diploma, technical and on-the-job training.

Top 23 Welding Schools in Alabama

SchoolLocationContact InformationPhone Number
Alabama Pipe Welders Academy715 Saint Emanuel
St, Mobile, AL
Bevill State Community College (Fayette Campus)2651 Temple Avenue, Fayette, AL 35555, United StatesEverett Reynolds(205) 648-3271
Bevill State Community College (Hamilton Campus)P.O. Drawer 9, Hamilton, AL 35570, United StatesMike Reed(205) 648-3271
Bevill State Community College (Sumiton Campus)P.O. Box 800, Sumiton, AL 35148, United StatesEric Fuller(205) 648-3271
Birmingham Ironworkers Training Program Trust2828 4th Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233, United StatesJohn E. Clement(205) 251-3372
Cleburne County Area Vocational School11200 HWY 46, Heflin, AL 36264, United StatesBill Ayers(256) 748-2961
Dallas County Area Vocational School1306 Roosevelt Ave, Selma, AL 36701, United StatesSam Gladden(334) 872-8031
Gadsden State Community CollegeP.O. Box 227, Gadsden, AL 35902, United StatesJohn Wilcox(256) 549-8653
Gadsden State Community College – East Broad1001 George Wallace Dr, Gadsden, AL 35903, United StatesJohn Wilcox(256) 549-8200
Gardendale High School800 Main Street,Room 402, Gardendale, AL 35071, United StatesTim Turner(205) 379-3600
Jefferson County Board of EducationPinson Valley High School, 6895 HWY 75, Pinson, AL 35126, United StatesDan McGettyan(205) 681-2640
Lawson State Community CollegeP.O. Box #308, Bessemer, AL 35021, United StatesRoy Ledford(205) 428-6391
Lurleen B. Wallace Community CollegeP.O. Box 910, Opp, AL 36467, United StatesJackie Woods(334) 881-2273
Metalworking TechnologyMinor High School,2285 Minor Pkwy, Adamsville, AL 35005, United StatesVan A Phillips(205) 379-4750
North Baldwin Center For Technology505 West Hurricane Road, Bay Minette, AL 36507, United StatesJames B Lawson(251) 937-6751
Parker High School900 4TH ST N, Birmingham, AL 35204, United StatesFred Braswell(205) 231-2370
Phenix City Board of Education2400 Dobbs Dr, Phoenix City, AL 36867, United StatesGeorge A Martin(334) 298-3626
Shades Valley Technical Academy (Dabs)5191 Pine Whispers Dr, Birmingham, AL 35210, United StatesWilliam B McGrady(205) 379-3300
Southern Union State Community College1701 Lafayette Parkway Opelika, AL 36801 United StatesDr. Darin Baldwin(334)-745-6437
Tuscaloosa Center for Technology1300 37 St East,Tuscaloosa, AL 35405, United StatesShelly McGee(205) 759-3648
Univeral Technical Institue10695 W Pierce St, Avondale, AL 85323 United StatesKrista Dykes(623) 245-4734
Walker County Center of Technology1100 Viking Dr, Jasper, AL 35501, United StatesDebra Ellis(205) 387-0561
Wenonah High School2916 Wilson Road, Birmingham, AL 35211, United StatesGeorge Dumas(205) 231-1675

Consider that there may be some changes in the list of requirements and programs provided by the schools above. Before making a choice, take your time and contact them to get more details.

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Some Safety Tips for Welders

Welding can be a really dangerous job and it’s important to know how to guarantee your safety.

Here are some useful safety tips for future welders:

  1. Read the instructions and recommendations carefully. Each tool has its manual with all the specifications and warnings preserving which you can guarantee your safety.
  2. Buy only high-quality equipment. The additional equipment such as helmet, gloves, glasses, jacket, and shoes is on the list as well. Also, don’t forget to protect your skin from the heat.
  3. Be mindful of the environment. It means that you should keep the space around you clean and tidy.


We hope this article was not only useful but convincing as well and you get interested in becoming a welder.

The decision of becoming a welder is really important so we’ve made our best to provide you with all necessary information and wish you good luck in your future career.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to become a welder?

The amount of time it takes to earn your credentials and become a welder depends on your training program and the type of certification you are pursuing.

There are several types of welder training, but, generally, hands-on training takes 7 months to 2 years, depending on the program you choose.

Do welders make good money?

According to Salary.com, welders make an average annual salary of $42,932 (as of December 2021), with a range of $38,273 and $49,331.

This is considered decent pay by many people’s standards, although welding is not usually seen as the most lucrative occupation.

Experienced welders can earn as much as $35.45 per hour, which translates to a $73,736 annual salary for a 40-hour workweek.

How do I start a welding career?

There are four main steps to becoming a welder.

The first step is to earn a high school diploma or GED equivalent.

The next step is to complete a welding training program.

Once you have completed training, you can earn your necessary certifications and start earning money as a professional welder.

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