HVAC Schools in Nebraska (Top Programs Listed)


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HVAC Schools in Nebraska

Working in the HVAC field in Nebraska can be lucrative if you like repairing things.

Furthermore, this state does not require a license, making it easier to have a long-time career.

Salary Prospect

An HVAC tech worker makes on average about $42,776 a year in Nebraska, while those at the top can earn around $48,471 annually.

The average salary in the United States in this field is $46,648 a year, but the range will reach $52,858 per year for those with more experience.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Grand Island$43,283
North Platte$41,966

Requirements for contractors

To become a contractor and run a business, you will have to be registered with the state.

For this, you need to provide a Workers’ Compensation Certificate of Insurance and keep updated with the latest requirements.


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However, even if you don’t need a license to be an HVAC tech, you can’t reach the contractor level without some initial training and experience.

Make sure to check out the schools below for the training aspect.

School NameAddress
Central Community College3134 West Hwy 34Grand Island, Nebraska 68802
Metropolitan Community College Area30 & Fort StreetOmaha, Nebraska 68111
Mid-Plains Community College1101 Halligan DriveNorth Platte, Nebraska 69101
Northeast Community College801 E BenjaminNorfolk, Nebraska 68702
Southeast Community College Area301south 68th Street PlaceLincoln, Nebraska 68510
Vatterott College11818 I StreetOmaha, Nebraska 68137

EPA Certification

By federal law, you need an EPA certification to manage refrigerants.

EPA Section 608 provides 3 types of certifications, so you can choose based on the appliances you work with.

This certification does not expire so you won’t need to renew it.

Make sure to check EPA Section 609 if you will work with air conditioning systems in vehicles.


Since in Nebraska you don’t need a license to work as an HVAC technician it’s probably time you start a new career in which you won’t be left without a job any time soon.

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