HVAC Schools in McAllen, TX

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HVAC Schools in McAllen, TX

HVAC is a considerable business in Texas due to its extreme heat and occasional cold spells.

As a result, this career is in high demand and is a rewarding one for anyone who just wants to start a job quickly right out of high school.

McAllen, Texas, has four training facilities where you can learn the skills necessary for this in-depth and exciting career.

Search HVACR Certified Technician Programs

Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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South Texas College - Technology Campus

About the School

STC provides training facilities throughout the state, including in McAllen.

They currently offer two options for students interested in HVAC careers: a certificate or an associate’s degree.

Both have benefits that make them worth considering if you’re interested in this career path.

Courses Offered

If you’re interested in earning an HVAC certificate rather than an associate’s degree, you will take two semesters of courses for a total of 28 credit hours.

Classes include basic electricity, refrigeration, shop practices, gas and electrical heating, residential air conditioning, and a capstone project.

The more in-depth associate’s degree includes four semesters of classes with the same courses and electives like English 130 and introduction to speed communication.

However, you’ll also learn more about commercial heating and cooling, take several electives, and complete an internship.

Both programs provide excellent training for those interested in this career path.

However, the associate’s degree is a better all-around educational experience and will produce you with more courses.

If you want to start your degree more quickly, though, the certificate is a better choice.

For example, you’ll finish your certificate in half the time needed for the associate’s and can begin looking for jobs immediately.

Note that an associate’s degree might make you more suitable for more in-depth positions, such as management or starting a business.

Balance your needs carefully before starting your career.

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AddressAddress: 3700 West Military Highway McAllen, TX 78503

South Texas Vocational Technical Institute

About the School

STVT is a well-rounded vocational technical school that focuses on getting you trained quickly so that you can start your career when you want.

With multiple campuses, including in McAllen, you should have more than enough options if you’re interested in pursuing an HVAC career.

Courses Offered

During this training program, you’ll learn about both residential and commercial HVAC careers to prepare you better for their unique demands.

For instance, you’ll learn about exceptional air conditioning and heating options for office buildings, apartments, single-family homes, and retail centers.

You’ll focus on introductory courses, like electrical management, refrigeration management, and repair, as well as refrigeration theories and concepts.

Students receive well-rounded training that helps them prepare for this career quickly, often in as little as a year when getting a certificate instead of an associate’s.

While an associate’s degree will help you learn about more in-depth topics, like managing a business or even designing new HVAC equipment, a certificate can help you start a career more quickly.

Of course, it all depends on your needs and your interests.

For example, some people want to focus on a specific field within HVAC repair instead of the whole market.

For instance, this school lets you choose residential or commercial training certificates to focus more on that specific market.

That option is a good choice if you’re interested in more extensive and more complex commercial HVAC systems or if you’d instead focus on the more compact and easy-to-repair residential options.

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AddressAddress: 1800 South Main, Suite 500 McAllen, TX 78501

Texas State Technical College - Harlingen Campus

About the School

Texas State Technical College has multiple campuses throughout the state, including in Harlingen near McAllen.

It provides an in-depth training program that helps prepare you for the unique demands of HVAC tech, including electricity, refrigeration, and troubleshooting skills.

Courses Offered

TSTC provides multiple program options for people interested in this field.

Their associate’s degree includes online, in-person, hybrid, day, and night classes that include hands-on training classwork.

It can cost between $2,000 to about $13,000 to complete this program, depending on financial aid.

When you finish, you’ll not only get an associate degree but a certificate and skills award. It should take two years to complete this program if you go full-time.

Note that you can also earn certificates in HVAC tech, HVAC technician, and HVAC residential service technician skills if you like.

These certificates are a good option if you’re not ready for a full associate’s degree or simply want to start your career as soon as possible.

While the associate’s degree will provide a more in-depth course, you should learn all you need to know to start a career when getting a certificate.

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AddressAddress: 1902 North Loop 499 Harlingen, TX 78550

Southern Careers Institute

About the School

SCI is a career-training school with multiple campuses around the state, including in Harlingen near McAllen.

They provide hands-on education in numerous different courses, including HVAC.

This makes their training program a good option for people who want comprehensive training.

Courses Offered

SCI provides a degree in HVAC tech that includes both commercial and residential HVAC skills.

You’ll learn how to install and maintain equipment, as well as repair damaged items to keep them running smoothly.

Courses include interactive and hands-on training in a lab-based environment.

During your course, you’ll get support from the facility regularly, including financial aid assistance and help with your job placement.

Like many tech schools, SCI helps students identify potential careers when they complete training, which makes transitioning to real work much more accessible.

Though you’ll need to commute between McAllen and Harlingen, it’s not a long drive.

The school also provides some student support for commuters, including adjustable class options and even online lectures in some classes.

That should help you complete your training and education more effectively.

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AddressAddress: 1122 Morgan Boulevard Harlingen, TX 78550

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