HVAC Schools in Detroit, MI

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HVAC Schools in Detroit, MI

As the biggest city in Michigan, Detroit provides many unique training opportunities, including university education and recreational courses.

For example, there are several HVAC schools in the town where you can learn the skills necessary to become a technician in this in-demand field.

In Detroit, most HVAC units are for heating in the winter, but as summers become hotter the demand is slowly rising as well.

Search HVACR Certified Technician Programs

Get information on HVACR Certified Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Wayne County Community College District

About the School

Wayne County Community College District provides classes on six different campuses spread throughout the Detroit region.

Their courses include multiple medical and technical fields, including an in-depth HVAC program that can help you begin your career.

Courses Offered

WCCCD provides an associate’s degree and certificate in HVAC training that includes a focused course with in-depth training.

The first semester comprises blueprint reading, an introduction to HVAC and hermetic systems, and English I and Intermediate Algebra courses.

After that, it provides commercial refrigeration, essential heating and heating controls, refrigeration controls, air conditioning I and II, advanced heating and heating controls, and forced air and hydroponic heating.

You also take codes and regulations and a few humanities courses.

It should take at least two years to complete this program, including five semesters of total work.

Costs are around $500 per semester, totaling $2,500 to $3,000, depending on multiple factors.

That should make this an affordable program option for most people interested in HVAC careers.

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AddressAddress: 801 West Fort Street Detroit, MI 48226

Macomb Community College - Center Campus

About the School

Macomb Community College provides multiple training programs for its students, particularly in more industrial-focused careers.

Its Climate Control Technology program will provide you with the skills necessary to begin a successful and engaging HVAC career.

Courses Offered

Students may earn an associate’s degree or certificate in Climate Control Technology, depending on their needs.

The associate’s degree includes 62 hours throughout multiple semesters and focuses heavily on things like duct layout, air conditioning fundamentals, and systems of heating and design.

Macomb Community College also requires varying elective courses, such as math and English, to expand your education.

You typically take one or two of these classes each semester, though the second focuses solely on your HVAC degree.

The program takes at least two years to complete.

Alternatively, you can earn an HVAC certificate with just 42 credit hours spread over four semesters.

Moreover, unlike the associate’s degree, you don’t need to take elective courses.

Instead, you focus solely on the courses that interest you to complete your degree more quickly.

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AddressAddress: 44575 Garfield Road Clinton Township, MI 48038

Oakland Community College - Auburn Hills Campus

About the School

Oakland Community College’s Auburn Hills Campus provides multiple HVAC training options.

These include associate degrees and numerous certificates.

Earning these degrees or certificates will provide in-depth training in refrigeration and heating technology.

Courses Offered

The in-depth associate’s degree program covers all levels of HVAC management and includes multiple courses.

These include sheet metal layout, HVAC controls, domestic and commercial refrigeration, heating technology, troubleshooting, various supportive classes, and at least one recommended elective.

You’ll take 52 credit hours in this course and pay $107 per credit hour if you live in Oakland County or $205 if you live outside the county.

You may also take one or more HVAC certificates in air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration technology.

These certificates let you focus on a specific training field that interests you the most.

Note that an associate’s degree will also cover all these levels and help you find a job in all of them.

However, certificates have much shorter training periods and cost less, which makes sense if you’re in a hurry to start your career.

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AddressAddress: 2900 Featherstone Road Auburn Hills, MI 48326

Henry Ford College

About the School

Henry Ford College is one of Detroit’s most trusted community colleges, providing multiple training courses.

While they used to give an associate’s in HVAC training, they now offer an HVAC Technician Certificate that should still prepare you for your career effortlessly.

Courses Offered

Though Henry Ford College no longer provides its associate’s degree in HVAC tech, its certificate training program is very in-depth.

It includes 36 course hours that train you for this career quickly and efficiently.

Rather than taking electives, you’ll focus only on your new job, ensuring that you can finish your training more quickly.

You’ll take courses like industrial safety awareness, introduction to energy technology, AC/DC electricity, heating technology, air conditioning technology, and commercial heating.

You’ll also learn about energy audit and certification as well as co-op in industrial technology.

Though you can earn this certificate in two years if you take the suggested course load, you can also take more classes each semester to finish more quickly.

Some people can complete this program in as little as a year by taking summer courses and loading up on credits.

Though temporarily more demanding, it can prepare you for your career more quickly.

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AddressAddress: 5101 Evergreen Road Dearborn, MI 48128

Northwestern Technological Institute

About the School

Northwestern Technological Institute, or NTI, is an accelerated learning program designed to get you prepared for a demanding career as quickly as possible.

Their HVAC certification program also includes help with job placement assistance and financial aid.

Courses Offered

NTI provides a 10 and one-half month HVAC training course that will get you out in the real world earning money quickly and effectively.

In addition, they provide four HVAC certifications, including auto air, TracPipe, universal, and R-410a certifications for those who need them.

During your courses, you’ll learn about air conditioning, heating, heat pumps, refrigeration, boilers, installation, and maintenance.

In addition, you’ll work hands-on with real HVAC equipment, giving you the experience that you need to transition to a career as soon as possible.

NTI also provides financial aid assistance and works with national organizations like FAFSA, AVECO, and Michigan Works.

They also offer job placement assistance after you finish your training.

This help ensures that you find a job that makes sense for you as quickly as possible.

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AddressAddress: 24800 Northwestern Highway Southfield, MI 48075

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