HVAC Schools in Delaware (Top Programs Listed)

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HVAC Schools in Delaware

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning are modern life commodities that people everywhere need installed or repaired at some point in their life.

It’s usually a licensed HVAC technician doing this job, and if you want to become one because there will always be a demand for this professional, we have a guide we hope might help you.

Overview and Salary

As a matter of fact, in Delaware, the demand for HVAC technicians will increase by 14% by 2024.

Additionally, the average salary in Delaware for this professional is $48,980 per year, and it can go as high as $55,501 per year.

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The average salary in the United States in this field is lower at $46,648 per year, while the highest one reaches just $52,858 per year.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
LocationAvg. Annual Salary
New Castle$49,726

Licensing Requirements

In Delaware, technicians can pursue 2 types of licenses for Master HVACR:

  • restricted to a specialization
  • unrestricted

All these professionals will need a certification if they want to work without supervision, including apprentices and journeymen.

Master HVACR

The Master HVACR license allows you to design, install, construct, maintain, service, repair, or modify the following equipment:

  • gas piping,
  • A/C,
  • refrigeration,
  • ventilation,
  • other cooling or heating systems

Master HVACR Restricted

With the Master HVACR Restricted license, you can still offer the same types of services as above.

The difference comes from the type of equipment you’re allowed to work on.

You can only perform work on one of the following:

  • Heating – Forced Air Systems, Ventilation, and Gas Piping; OR
  • Heating – Hydronic Systems and Gas Piping; OR
  • Commercial Hood Systems; OR
  • Refrigeration; OR
  • Air Conditioning; OR
  • Gas Piping.

You will need the first license if you want to work with more than one type of  equipment.


You can’t become a master HVACR technician without meeting the next requirements:

  • A journeyman’s certificate (can be from any other state)
  • Complete a qualifying training program and have 2 years of experience OR 7 years of experience and a board-issued equivalency test
  • Have EPA Section 608 Certification (this is a national certification that carries over into any state)
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Pay the $121 processing fee to the Board
  • Score over 70% on exams

If you’re interested in finding a qualifying training program, have a look at the list of schools below.

School NameAddress
Delaware Technical and Community College/Stanton-Wilmington Campus400 Stanton-Christiana Road, Newark, DE 19713
Delaware Technical Community CollegeRoute 18, Seashore Highway PO Box 610Georgetown, Delaware 19947
New Castle Vocational Technical School District1417 Newport Rd., Wilmington, DE 19804
Paul M. Hodgson Vocational Technical School2575 Glasgow Avenue, Newark, DE 19702
Polytech Adult EdPO Box 102, Woodside, DE 19980

HVAC Contractor License

HVAC contractors are allowed to bid on jobs and even take on larger projects.

This license also allows its holders to work on all aspects in the HVAC field.

Those who hold this license can also start their own business in the field.


  • HVACR licensing
  • Complete, sign and notarize the application form
  • Processing fee paid to the state

The applications can be obtained from the state board and you can reach the board at  (302) 744-4504.

Examination Process

There are a few steps to follow in order to take the appropriate exams.


You first complete and submit  the registration form and fee to Prometric testing service.

Remember that the exams are held at testing sites in Dover/Harrington and Newark, just 3 times a year.

You will need to score at least 70% to pass.

After passing, submit a copy of exam results to the Board for your license.

HVAC Contractor License Exam

Exams for this license are organized on the first Saturday in the months of February, May, August and November, and you will need a minimum score of 75% to pass.

If you fail two exams in a row with less than 50% correct, you have to wait a full calendar year before taking the exam again.

Extra Considerations

It will take some time and training to become a master HVAC technician, but the job outlook is good in Delaware.

You’ll be a valuable asset for any company if you get licensed to work without being supervised, even with a restricted license.

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