7 Best Auto Mechanic Schools in Philadelphia, PA

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Auto Mechanic Schools in Philadelphia, PA

Becoming an auto mechanic does not require a license to work in most states, but you will be a better candidate if you have one.

Although it does not require a formal education, most employers prefer a candidate who has completed some post-secondary automotive programs.

You will also gain insights beyond the basics as you acquire valuable skills in customer service and broaden your understanding of various vehicles, even those not within your primary focus.

This knowledge proves beneficial for potential future projects, enhancing your overall expertise.

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Popular Programs

If you’re in Philadelphia, PA, check out these schools offering auto mechanic programs.

1 Lincoln Tech - Philadelphia

Lincoln Tech in Philadelphia has been a cornerstone in automotive training excellence for 60 years.

The school is guided by experienced ASE-certified instructors, providing comprehensive classroom instructions and hands-on shop training.

It offers two automotive programs – Automotive Service Management and Automotive Service Technology: it allows students to choose their preferred specialization.

It also offers specialized training programs with its partnerships with manufacturers such as BMW, Tesla, Audie, and Republic Services.

The Philadelphia campus is fully equipped with auto bays, automotive lifts, cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, and rive-in classrooms.

It also offers grants, scholarships, and financial aid options with career services specialists aiding in post-graduation employment opportunities.

About The Auto Mechanic Program

Lincoln Tech’s Auto Mechanic Program offers Automotive Service Technology and Automotive Service Management.

The Automotive Service Technology program spans 1,200 hours of comprehensive instructions with flexible day, afternoon, and evening schedules.

It focuses on building excellent repair skills and a profound understanding of automotive technical knowledge.

Graduates will be competent entry-level mechanics meeting the industry demands.

The Automotive Service Management program spans 1,920 hours of instruction with day and afternoon classes.

It aims to create professional experts in facilitating communication between mechanics and consumers.

The program equips students with skills in understanding customer concerns, and diagnosis issues, estimating repair costs, and managing the repair processes.

Graduates receive an Associate degree in Automotive Service Management.

AddressAddress: 9191 Torresdale Avenue Philadelphia, PA 19136

2 Philadelphia Technician Training Institute

Philadelphia Technician Training Institute (PTTI) is a cornerstone of educational excellence in Philadelphia equipping students with skills to thrive in their chosen careers.

It was founded 15 years ago with the belief that education will lead to tangible job prospects and lifelong direction through its technology-driven learning.

The school’s origin is rooted in the philosophy of Drexel University and evolved into a dynamic institution with faculty members coming from prestigious universities and colleges.

Its curriculum emphasizes hands-on training and reflects industry relevance, preparing students for the intricate demands of the 21st century.

PTTI offers seven independent programs in various industries, from Automotive Repair and Manufacturing & Automation to Welding Technology and more.

It also contributes to STEM-related career growth, especially for underrepresented groups, aligning with Pennsylvania’s STEM Initiative.

About The Auto Mechanic Program

PTTI offers an Automotive Repair Technician Program spanning 26 weeks with $18,200 tuition fees including, registration and insurance fees.

It provides hands-on experience, providing students with practical knowledge within 700 hours of training.

The program covers various topics, from shop safety and brake systems to suspension, electrical troubleshooting, and more.

Students will delve into the intricacies of operating automotive repair equipment, ensuring a safe and efficient working environment.

Here are the curriculum guidelines:

  • Shop Safety, Measurement, And Math
  • Brake Systems And Master Cylinders
  • Suspension & Alignments Fundamentals
  • PA Emission And Safety Inspection
  • Electrical & Systems Troubleshooting
  • Exhaust, Tires, And Tire Systems

The program also has a Career Services department to guide students and prepare them for the professional world.

Professional development classes cover resume building, interview coaching, career identification, and financial management, empowering you to become a competitive job applicant.

AddressAddress: 1901 West Girard Ave Philadelphia, PA 19130

3 Community College of Philadelphia

Community College of Philadelphia is a dynamic and inclusive public institution empowering students’ academic journey since 1965.

It is the largest public higher education institution in Philadelphia serving over 685,000 residents providing 100 diverse associate degree and certificate programs.

The school’s commitment to academic excellence is reflected in its small size classes and dedicated faculty enriching a supportive and personalized atmosphere.

It offers day, evening, and weekend classes with online hybrid courses ensuring flexibility for diverse students’ needs.

It also offers scholarships,  transfer agreements, and partnerships to facilitate paths in bachelor’s degree programs.

About The Auto Mechanic Program

Community College of Philadelphia offers various degrees and certificate programs in Automotive Technology.

Students can choose the programs that suit their career goals.

Here are some of the programs offered:

Toyota T-TEN Automotive Technology Degree

  • Gain advanced Toyota repair skills.
  • Work at a Toyota dealership while learning.

Automotive Technology Degree

  • Hands-on training for a mechanic, safety inspector, or shop
  • supervisor role.
  • Certification by ASE Education Foundation.

Medium/Heavy Truck Technology Degree

  • Hands-on experience in medium and heavy truck technologies.
  • Developed in collaboration with industry leaders.

Automotive Service I Proficiency Certificate

  • Quick career entry with core skills.
  • Partnerships for training and job placement.

Automotive Service II Proficiency Certificate

  • Expand skills for career growth.
  • Partnerships for advanced training.

Advanced Automotive Repair Professional Proficiency Certificate

  • Enhance skills for a higher pay scale.
  • Networking opportunities.

Electric Vehicles and Hybrids Micro Proficiency Certificate

  • Gain skills for the evolving transportation industry.
  • Strengthen Automotive Technologies degree.

Carbon-Based Fuels Micro Proficiency Certificate

  • Adapt to a changing industry moving away from fossil fuels.
  • Develop skills for new and alternative fuels.

AddressAddress: 1700 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130

4 Pennco Tech

Pennco Tech Trade School was established in 1973 with a commitment to provide career-focused education.

It is a tri-state region’s premier institution with two campuses in Bristol, PA, and Blackwood, NJ.

It offers hands-on experience in Automotive Technology, Collision Repair, Diesel Technology, Electrician, HVAC&R, Welding, Plumbing & Heating, and Medical Assistant, preparing students for immediate employment.

Pennco Tech’s mission is to encourage curiosity, creativity, and innovation aiming for educational excellence.

It has a small class size and dedicated faculty to empower students to become leaders in their fields.

The school prioritizes personal attention, enriching partnerships with the business community, and responding actively to evolving needs.

Today, its reputation extends beyond the Tri-State area, making it a preeminent technical trade school.

About The Auto Mechanic Program

Pennco Tech offers three different Automotive programs, allowing students to choose what’s best for their career plans.

Here are the programs and their durations:

  • Automotive Technology – 52 weeks (part-time and full-time options on both campuses)
  • Collision Repair School – 26 weeks (part-time and full-time options on both campuses)
  • Diesel Technology – 52 weeks (full-time, Blackwood, NJ campus)

These affordable programs offer hands-on training led by experienced instructors, ensuring a strong foundation for your chosen field.

It focuses on modern repair techniques and new technologies, including electric vehicles.

Students will gain practice skills daily and learn about electronics and digital technology crucial to the automotive industry.

Upon completing the program, students will earn associate degrees or certificates, depending on their chosen program.

AddressAddress: 3815 Otter St, Bristol, PA 19007

5 Delaware County Community College

Delaware County Community College (DCCC) is a public community college within Chester and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania, established in 1967.

It is committed to bringing unparalleled educational opportunities with a robust support system to realize students’ full potential.

It offers 80 plus degrees (53) and certificate (43) programs across seven locations, delivering various educational options for multiple career paths and aspirations.

DCCC operates under an open admission policy, recognizing and accepting life experiences as credits.

It also offers non-credit enrichment, job training, and certification courses through its Continuing Education program.

Students can benefit from dual admission agreements with universities with seamless transfers after completing associate degrees.

About The Auto Mechanic Program

DCCC offers two Automotive Technology certificates, the Automotive Technology I & II Certificate of Competency (AUT).

The Automotive Technology I program equips students with the foundational skills required for entry-level positions in the automotive technician field.

Here are some of the skills students will acquire in Automotive Technology I:

  • Identify tool and equipment nomenclature.
  • Adhere to tool safety regulations.
  • Utilize electronic and service manuals.
  • Install bearings, pistons, piston rings, crankshaft, and more.

The Automotive Technology II advances students beyond entry-level positions in the automotive service industry.

Here are some of the skills students will acquire in Automotive Technology II:

  • Define OBD (On-Board Diagnostics).
  • Test input sensors and actuator sensors.
  • Identify EGR (Exhaust, Gas, and Recirculation) Systems.
  • Solve case studies of vehicle engine parts and malfunctions.
  • Utilize AC and DC test instruments.
  • Install and repair radios, speaker systems, and more.

Upon completion, students will earn a Certificate of Competency, depending on their chosen program.

AddressAddress: 901 S. Media Line Rd, Media, PA 19063

6 Automotive Training Center

Automotive Training Center (ATC) is a post-secondary automotive training center with campuses in Exton and Warminster, PA.

It has been a driving force in shaping successful careers in the automotive, collision, diesel, hi-performance, and marine industries.

ATC has been instrumental in transforming hardworking students into industry leaders since 1917.

The school’s commitment is to deliver hands-on training and a career-focused curriculum, providing students with skills and knowledge sought by employers in these dynamic fields.

ATC believes in learning by doing: its fully equipped labs mirror real-world automotive, collision, diesel, hi-performance, and marine industry environments.

Students spend 50% of their time in hands-on training, gaining practical experience and classroom education.

ATC is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), signifying excellence and adherence to high standards of educational quality.

About The Auto Mechanic Program

ATC offers five diverse fields of study in Auto Mechanics, providing a fast track to success for those passionate about cars, boats, and engines.

Students will gain knowledge and insights from seasoned professionals certified by reputable organizations such as the ASE, I-CAR, MOPAR CAP, and more.

It ensures students receive a top-notch education from industry experts.

Here are the programs ATC offers:

  • Automotive Technology (Day and Evening Programs)
  • Automotive and Diesel Technology
  • Automotive and Hi-Performance Technology
  • Collision Reconditioning Technology
  • Marine Service Technology
  • PENNDOT Certification Programs

Fifty percent of the student’s time is dedicated to hands-on training in a modern shop setting equipped with tools, equipment, and technology used by today’s automotive shops and service centers.

The practical experience will solidify understanding and cultivate a real-world skill set.

AddressAddress: 900 Johnsville Blvd, Warminster, PA 18974

7 Universal Technical Institute - Philadelphia

Universal Technical Institute (UTI) Exton opened its doors in 2004 with a 178,000 sq. ft. campus with cutting-edge facilities.

Its facilities include a Roush Yates Power & Performance lab and a diesel lab with a full line of trucks and equipment.

The school offers four core training programs in Automotive Technology, Diesel Technology, Welding Technology, and Robotics & Automation.

It blends classroom instruction and hands-on experience, preparing students for entry-level careers in their chosen fields.

It also offers specialized training programs with Manufacturer-Specific Advanced Training (MSAT) programs that provide technical knowledge valued by leading manufacturers such as BMW, Cummins, Ford, and Lincoln.

UTI Exton emphasizes hands-on learning, ensuring students gain practical experience with industry-standard equipment.

About The Auto Mechanic Program

UTI’s Automotive Technology program spans 51 weeks with 690 hours of instruction.

It focuses on hands-on learning, covering various topics, from the basics of simple engine systems to the complexities of power and performance machines.

Here are the topics included in the program:

  • Automotive Engines Service and Repair
  • Professional Automotive Service Writing
  • Vehicle Brake Systems
  • Vehicle Steering and Suspension Service and Repair
  • Vehicle Electronic Systems and Technology
  • Automotive Climate Control Systems and Repair
  • Automotive Power/Performance Tuning and Emissions Repair
  • Hybrid Vehicle Systems

Upon completing the program, graduates will earn professional certifications after passing the ASE exam.

It provides a valuable advantage in the competitive automotive industry.

To qualify for the program, students must be 18 or older and have a high school diploma or state-approved high school equivalency.

AddressAddress: 750 Pennsylvania Drive Exton, PA 19341

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Popular Programs

Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Lincoln Tech - Philadelphia
#2 Philadelphia Technician Training Institute
#3 Community College of Philadelphia
#4 Pennco Tech
#5 Delaware County Community College
#6 Automotive Training Center
#7 Universal Technical Institute - Philadelphia

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