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Online Auto Mechanic Training

Why choose to attend an online auto mechanic training program?

An online auto mechanic training program provides students with invaluable educational opportunities they may not receive otherwise.

In order to accommodate students who are unable to travel or attend in-person classes, online auto mechanic training offers instrumental experience.

While the class is not hands-on, the coursework is instructive and applicable.

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Earn your accredited, affordable Auto Repair career diploma online with Penn Foster in as little as 4 months!

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What Courses Are in an Online Auto Mechanic Training Program?

An online auto mechanic training program provides instruction on automatic transmission and manual drive train, as well as brakes, electrical systems, engine repair, steering, suspension.

This includes an introductory level course for students to learn about what is expected in training and in the course program.

Students then proceed with automotive repair foundations, engine repair, and electronic systems and electrical components.

The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) part of the training is also instrumental for auto mechanics.

Students need to know about alternative forms of energy and fuel, as well as alternative vehicles like hybrid and battery-fuelled autos.

Students also learn about engine performance and how to maximize efficiency in fuel and performance.

This is instructive and paramount for helping customers in the future get the most life out of their car.

It can also set a student up for customer service success when it comes to accurately diagnosing car problems for vehicle owners.

These courses cover everything a student in auto mechanics training needs in order to successfully pass the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certification exams.

These are voluntary but may be required as a standard credential for getting a job as an auto mechanic.

An online training program may also include the ASE Certification exams as part of the complete package.

This certificate costs money to complete, so finding an online course that covers this fee could be beneficial.

Can You Earn an Auto Mechanic Training Certification Completely Online?

Yes, students can earn an auto mechanic training certification 100 percent online from several schools and institutions.

This provides students with more flexibility and freedom when choosing an online program.

There are certain areas of the training program where students may independently require more training, such as through physical books or in-person looking at a vehicle for reference.

However, these are only for study purposes and may not be available to all students.

The completely online auto mechanic training programs generally have everything that is needed for students to fully learn what is necessary online.

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How Long Does it Take to Earn an Auto Mechanic Training Certification Online?

Typically, the course for online auto mechanic training certification is 12 courses and 30 exams.

This includes everything that is necessary for an ASE certification as well.

Most programs cover this material within 50-course units or credit hours.

This typically takes one to two years to complete, depending on how fast the student learns and completes the exams successfully.

This is another reason why students prefer online learning; they are able to self-pace as needed in order to complete their training.

Speeding through the program does not naturally mean a student can be ready to work as an auto mechanic upon completion.

The training requires learning and building upon skills while using various tools and computer diagnostic programs.

Over the course of the program, ultimately, the student will learn everything that is needed to begin employment immediately.

How Much Does an Online Auto Mechanic Training Certification Cost?

The full cost of an online auto mechanic training program varies from free to approximately $1,000.

For example, the Penn Foster program is $799 to $964 depending on how students pay for the auto mechanic program tuition.

There is also the cost of getting certified, such as with the ASE Certification.

An ASE certificate test is about $50 per test and there is also a registration fee of $34, which may be a one-time cost.

For all of the ASE Certification tests, the total cost is approximately $300.

This includes study guides purchased along with the ASE Certification practice tests.

This does not include living expenses, which have to be accounted for, since these are part of the life of someone going to online auto mechanic training.

A full-time training program requires students to study and go to classes online for 30 to 40 hours per week.

This does not leave a lot of time for going to a job, which means students may become financially dependent on someone during the time they are training to be an auto mechanic.

This can increase the cost of an online auto mechanic program substantially, and the financial total depends on the individual student.

Types of Auto Mechanic Training Certifications

Becoming an auto mechanic does not require any specific certification.

However, there are many types of auto mechanic training certifications available to students entering into this field of work.

The ASE Certifications are the biggest certifications that a student can receive when becoming an auto mechanic.

While these are voluntary, anyone trying to get a job at a dealership or manufacturer will tell you—get your ASE Certifications before you even apply.

These are a prerequisite in most job settings for professional auto mechanics.

Getting ASE certified is a must to work for a company like BMW.

Next, you choose to work car repairs and maintenance or to work in automotive assembly.

Both of these positions require you to be certified as an auto mechanic.

From there, seek out specialized certificates, such as BMW STEP in BMW auto mechanic training.

All auto manufacturers have their own specialized training program for auto mechanics.

This is part of learning how to provide certified maintenance and repairs on these types of vehicles in dealerships and at shops.

If you want to work for NASCAR, then consider supplementing an online auto mechanic training program with the NASCAR technician training program.

NASCAR training is done in-house at the official NASCAR technical institute in North Carolina.

This is where students learn how to work on race cars and other fast-moving vehicles.

Unlike a traditional training program, NASCAR students are all geared up to work for NASCAR in some capacity.

Whether this is as an intern or as a full-time mechanic for a racing team, this is the ultimate reason why students choose to attend NASCAR technician training.

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Benefits of Online Auto Mechanic Training Programs

Time Savings

The primary benefit of attending online auto mechanic training is to save time.

Students do not have to drive to school or a facility for class each week.

Instead, training is conveniently done on the computer.

This means the student can attend lectures, watch videos, complete worksheets, and take exams whenever they are able to or at their convenience.

For students with a busy schedule at work or with family, this is a great way to get the training done in those odd hours when everyone is quiet.

More Affordable

The online aspect has the secondary benefit of making school more affordable.

Students in an online auto mechanic training program can save money on tuition and in-class matriculation fees.

There are generally no additional costs for traveling to an online training program unless the student is required to go to a computer learning lab for computer and internet access.

This makes it easier for students to learn from wherever they are without having to move to a school or city just to go to a training program.


Students are more able to learn at their own pace when completing an online program, as well, since they are self-guided in the modules.

This allows for more thorough studies for some students who benefit from extended training time.

If a student is unable to progress in an area, they can take as long as they need to take to research and learn about the topic.

This is important for truly learning about the subject of maintenance and repair for automobiles and automotive parts.

Drawbacks of Online Auto Mechanic Training Programs

Non-Traditional Training

Training independently is not the best choice for all learners and learning types, including those who need one-on-one live instruction.

As a result, some students may not progress as they would like in an online auto mechanic training program.

They may require more instructive in-person training that is not feasible with an online school.

Some students are less able to stay focused, which makes online training more difficult.

These students work better when there is a teacher and other students present as a way to hold themselves accountable to the rest of the group.

Lacks Hands-On Practice

Going to an online auto mechanic training program requires students to have access to an automobile that they can use for training purposes.

This is necessary for the body and parts identification, and to learn how to remove and install parts.

For students without a vehicle, this will make learning how to become an auto mechanic more difficult with solely an online course.

Supplementing the online training program may be required in order to find gainful employment as an auto mechanic.

May Lack Certification Tests

An online auto mechanic training program may not have all of the certification tests that a student wants or needs for employment.

This may require them to attend more online training and certification programs, which may take more time and money in the long term.

Students may struggle more with trying to determine which certificate exams and tests are necessary as a result, especially without the leadership and guidance of a school advisor, which is provided for students in traditional collegiate settings.

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Benefits and Drawbacks of Online Auto Mechanic Training Programs – Summary Table

Benefits of Online Auto Mechanic Training Programs Drawbacks of Online Auto Mechanic Training Programs
Time SavingsNon-Traditional Training
More AffordableLacks Hands-On Practice
Self-PacedMay Lack Certification Tests

4 Self-Study Tips for Auto Mechanic Training Online Students

Discounted Tools for Auto Mechanic Students

By attending an online auto mechanic training program, students also get major discounts on tools they need from popular brands like Snap-On.

This is important for helping students get their entry-level mechanic toolbox filled up, so they can begin training right away without spending a fortune.

Durable tools can be costly, and these student discounts allow for more economical tools.

Plus, once students graduate, they remain in the network with tool trucks that sell tools to auto mechanics.

About Additional Study Materials

You are not required to have additional study materials in most online auto mechanic training programs.

However, depending on the way you study, having separate books or study guides, including e-books, may benefit you.

There are guides and manuals that are required for learning about specific makes and models of autos, as well.

These are important to acquire if you want to work on a certain type of vehicle in the future and to pass advanced auto certification exams.

Staying Motivated With Online Training

One way to stay motivated with online auto mechanic training is by rewarding yourself when you achieve goals.

Pre-set rewards that you will give yourself when you reach your goals.

Make it meaningful and share the news with others to help you stay bound to your commitments.

Using a Planner as an Online Auto Mechanic Student

Track your daily progress as a student using an online planner, such as an Excel spreadsheet or Word document.

You can also use good old-fashioned paper and pencil if you would like, just as long as you write down a few bits of information daily.

Keep up with:

  • How long do you attend online classes every day?
  • How long do you study?
  • What do you study?

Your assignments and deadlines

Also, include a couple of notes each day about how things are going with your progress and how you feel like a student.

The planner will serve as a lifelong reminder of your time becoming an auto mechanic.

The information you keep will be even more special if you do this for the rest of your life as a career or hobby.

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Schools Offering Online Auto Mechanic Classes

School Name Address
Penn Foster 925 Oak Street Scranton, PA 18515
Ashworth College 5051 Peachtree Corners Circle, Suite 200 Norcross, Georgia 30092
Midlands Technical College P.O. Box 2408 Columbia, SC 29202
Featured Program

Earn your accredited, affordable Auto Repair career diploma online with Penn Foster in as little as 4 months!

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Finding a job as an auto mechanic is just as easy as going to school online to become a professional auto technician.

There are many programs for students interested in getting a certificate in auto mechanic or auto technician training.

Additionally, the cost of time and money is not too expensive, which makes this type of post-secondary training beneficial to students.

They are able to get a certificate as an auto mechanic within a year and for less than $1,000 in most cases.

This includes ASE Certification exams, which are vital to getting a job as an auto mechanic.


Frequently Asked Questions

Which states pay the most for auto mechanic jobs?

The US states paying the most money to auto mechanics have an annual mean wage of $48,530 to $64,640.

Top paying states in this range are the District of Columbia, California, Washington, Alaska, and Hawaii.

Where are the most jobs in concentration for auto mechanics?

The US states where the most auto mechanics are hired per concentrated population are California, Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, and Florida.

This includes the regions of the Eastern US where the most auto mechanics work in the nation.

What industries hire auto mechanics most frequently?

The top industries hiring auto mechanics in the US are automobile dealers; automotive repair and maintenance; tire stores; local governments; and gasoline stations.

How do I get access to a vehicle for training purposes?

Ask a neighbor or a family member if they will let you use their vehicle for studying.

Consider visiting a local car club and asking a car owner in the club for permission to use their vehicle for reviewing information.

Since you are not driving the car, this only involves identification and perhaps asking the owner for information.

Should I become an auto mechanic?

If you want to work in this field, you better learn the pros and cons of being an auto mechanic first before you make your decision.

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    The online training course that I took had a fantastic video tutorial. They made complex concepts easy to understand, and I could rewind and rewatch as needed.

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    I was skeptical about doing it online, but the interactive quizzes and live webinars kept me engaged and helped reinforce what I learned.

  3. Avatar for Kyson Nash Kyson Nash

    Online auto mechanic training allowed me to study at my own pace while still getting hands-on experience. It’s the perfect option for those with busy schedules.

  4. Avatar for Braxton Burt Braxton Burt

    I just completed an online auto mechanic training course, and it was incredibly comprehensive. I feel confident tackling a wide range of car repairs now.

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Earn your accredited, affordable Auto Repair career diploma online with Penn Foster in as little as 4 months!

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