16 Pros and Cons of Being an Auto Mechanic

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Pros and Cons of Being an Auto Mechanic

Auto mechanic jobs entail performing a vast assortment of services and repairs on customers’ vehicles.

You may enjoy that job if you are mechanically inclined and want to do your fair share in the service industry.

You also might like it if you have a natural desire to fix things.

The following are some of the pros and cons of being an auto mechanic for your review.

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Review them so that you can make a wise employment choice.

Pros of Being an Auto Mechanic

Excellent Pay Rates

Perhaps the most enticing part of becoming an auto mechanic is that it yields a high earning potential.

As an auto mechanic, you will have the ability to earn an annual salary of $36,000 to $48,000 a year.

Additionally, some jobs may offer medical benefits, life insurance, free training, and the like.

Thus, you will receive an above-average salary for doing a job you genuinely enjoy.

You could also earn more if you branch off on your own and become self-employed.

You Can Work in Various Environments

Versatility is another positive aspect of working as an auto mechanic.

You can work in various small independent auto shops, dealer locations, chain shops, and more.

You can even work from the comforts of your home or become a mobile auto mechanic.

Mobile mechanics drive to other people’s homes and offices and perform maintenance and repair tasks.

The potential is endless when you have the technical skills to fix cars.

Fast-Paced Workdays

Another positive aspect of being an auto mechanic is that your days will always go by quickly.

You will never have to twiddle your thumbs or watch the clock because each job will require your concentration and attention.

One job might take two hours of non-stop work to complete.

With jobs like that, your eight hours will advance faster than usual.

Therefore, an auto mechanic job might be right for you if you like your workdays to advance quickly.

The Potential to Work Outside

Not all automotive jobs allow you the opportunity to work outside, but some of them do.

On the other hand, you might pick up a job inside of a large building that offers heat, air conditioning, and maybe your favorite music as well.

Thus, you can take advantage of the gorgeous scenery and the environmental perks by grabbing a job as an automotive mechanic.

Job Stability

One more positive aspect of being an auto mechanic is that you will not have to worry about job shortages or dwindling needs.

Manufacturers are going to make automobiles for many years to come.

The current job outlook for this position is positive.

You can expect job opportunities to grow at least 9 percent over the next 10 years.

In other words, you can feel safe in your job in the automotive industry.

No College Education Needed

Another pro of working as an auto mechanic is that you do not have to have a college education to get in.

You only need to have a desire to learn and a love for automobiles.

You can get a job as an entry-level technician without any experience or training, and you can start your career journey from there.

The more experienced technicians will help bring you to a higher level so that you can grow.

Learn to Work on Your Own Car

One of the best benefits of working as an auto mechanic is that you will constantly learn new processes.

You will learn how to diagnose certain issues, and then you will learn effective processes for resolving them.

The more you learn about automotive repair, the more adept you will be at fixing problems on your own vehicle when they occur.

Eventually, you will find yourself working on your car and performing maintenance and repair tasks instead of contacting another person to do it for you.

Meet New People

As an auto mechanic, you will always get the opportunity to meet new people.

Every day, you will run into clients and prospective clients who have amazing personalities and interesting topics to discuss.

You will also work with a team of other technicians.

That experience may give you the feeling of family that you desire.

Your tech job could end up being the greatest social event you could ever have, and that could make your days go by even faster.

Cons of Being an Auto Mechanic

Noisy Environment

As an auto mechanic, you may have to deal with a great deal of noise in your environment.

You may have to hear tire machines, electric drills, fans, lifts, and so forth.

The level of sound can increase or decrease depending on what type of shop you work in.

Therefore, you may want to invest in some earplugs or reconsider going for this position if you are sensitive to loud sounds.

Some Safety Risks

Auto mechanic jobs can be very dangerous, and you will need to understand that before you take a job in the field.

You will have to work around machinery that may glitch or break down.

You could get hurt if you do not operate the machinery correctly as well.

You also have the potential to get hurt underneath lifts and jacks.

The good news is that you can probably avoid experiencing an incident if you work for a safety-conscious company.

You Get Very Dirty

Another con that may be an issue for you is that you will get extremely dirty throughout the course of your day.

The amount of dirt and oil you get on yourself depends on the type of repair shop you work for.

Fortunately, some automotive shops provide their workers with several uniforms so that they do not have to dirty their own clothes.

Smaller shops may not provide that benefit, however.

You Have to Take the Heat for Mistakes

As a mechanic, you are on the front line when it comes to blame and fault.

You will be the first individual who gets blamed if something goes wrong with the customer’s car after that person leaves the facility you work for.

Sometimes, customers will try to blame you for problems that existed even before they brought the car to you.

You will have to have thick skin and tight skills to get past that.

The Work Is Strenuous

Auto mechanic work can be quite strenuous.

It can involve high reaching, bending, twisting, climbing, crawling, and lots of heavy lifting.

Sometimes, you will have to repeat challenging movements many times during the course of your shift.

Such movements might be easier when you are younger than they are when you get a little bit older.

Therefore, you will need to consider your age when you are thinking about whether you should get into this field.

It May Be Difficult to Advance

The automotive industry can be quite competitive.

Therefore, many people might be competing for the same job position.

That means getting promoted to a higher level can be extremely difficult.

Politics and various intangible elements can cause you to get stuck in an entry-level position, even if you should be several levels beyond that.

That might make working the job difficult for you if you are someone who wants to advance as quickly as possible.

Entry-Level Positions Do Not Pay Well

Getting stuck in an entry-level auto mechanic position can be an unfortunate experience.

The pay rates are not very good for such positions.

You might desire to have something more for yourself or your family.

At that point, you may have to leave a position that is otherwise great for you.

The positive view is that there are many facilities hiring auto mechanics.

What does not happen for you at one location could very well happen for you at another one.

Long Hours With Weekends and Holidays

Another element of working as an auto mechanic that you may not favor is the schedule.

Most people come out on the weekends to get their vehicle repaired because it is when they have the time.

Unfortunately, that means you will very likely have to work weekends and holidays if you are an auto mechanic.

Furthermore, each day can be unpredictable.

You might get stuck on projects for far longer than you ever imagined.

Thus, it can be difficult to plan your life around your schedule if you work for an automotive shop.

Should You Become an Auto Mechanic?

It is up to you to decide if you want to be an auto mechanic with all the information you know.

You should take a while to sit down and think about what it is you want most out of a job.

Consider whether you will have the passion and desire to be an auto mechanic for years to come.

Go for a position like this if it meets your needs, and you believe you will be happy in the position for an extended period.

Now you can make an informed decision about whether to become an automotive mechanic.

Consider the information listed above, and then decide whether the pros outweigh the cons in your situation.

You can embark on a new career today if it suits you.

Many entry-level auto mechanic jobs are available right now.

Pros and Cons of Being an Auto Mechanic – Summary Table

Pros of Being an Auto MechanicCons of Being an Auto Mechanic
Excellent Pay RatesNoisy Environment
You Can Work in Various EnvironmentsSome Safety Risks
Fast-Paced WorkdaysYou Get Very Dirty
The Potential to Work OutsideYou Have to Take the Heat for Mistakes
Job StabilityThe Work Is Strenuous
No College Education NeededIt May Be Difficult to Advance
Learn to Work on Your Own CarEntry-Level Positions Do Not Pay Well
Meet New PeopleLong Hours With Weekends and Holidays


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