Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Arizona (Programs & Salary Information)

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Medical Billing and Coding Schools in Arizona

The American healthcare system needs medical coding and billing specialists in order to operate smoothly.

Medical coding and billing are actually two separate functions, however, with proper training, a single person can perform them both.

Most employers will require certified personnel on this position, so if you want to learn more about being a medical coder and biller in Arizona, read on!

What is Medical Coding?

Sometimes the information written in a medical chart is needed to collect data to compose an invoice or for other purposes.

Search Medical Billing and Coding Programs

Get information on Medical Billing and Coding programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Using a code for the various illnesses, procedures, and even medications make this process easier.

To make the process easier, a medical coder that is familiar with the following codes is generally preferred:

  • CPT
  • HCPCS Level II
  • ICD-10-CMN

These are part of these 3 main sets of code:

  • CPT,
  • ICD,

Arizona’s medical coders are required to know how to: 

  • Navigate the medical terminology in the charts
  • Navigate the organization of the codes
  • Use the code

All that knowledge is needed because the codes have a specific way in which they are organized and in which they’re used.

What is Medical Billing?

Without medical bills, patients can’t pay for the treatments they received and doctors and nurses can’t receive the money they deserve for their services.

It’s clear that medical billing is an important aspect of the healthcare system of the USA.

Employing specialized personnel that knows how to create an invoice is very important as they make the process much easier.

Medical billers need knowledge of:

  • How the insurance system operates
  • What actions affect it
  • Specific terminology, related to both the medical field and financial field

Education and Certification of Medical Coders and Billers

It’s already established that without the appropriate certification, it’s nearly impossible to work in the medical coding and billing field.

The certifications most employers are looking for is the one issued by AAPC, who actually created these certifications.

There are actually 2 certifications available to those who hope to enter this field:

  • CPB: For future medical billers
  • CPC: For future medical coders

If you’re wondering which one to obtain, you should know that you can even obtain both of them, as many employers would prefer personnel who can do both actions.

To get certified, you first need to complete a training program that lasts for less than a year, for about 8 months.

When the training is completed, you’ll be expected to pass an exam and then receive the certification.

You can seek to obtain a degree as well if you think you’ll want to pursue a career in this domain.

Having a degree of any kind is not mandatory, thus the field of medical coding and billing is accessible to many people.

The classes are offered by both AAPC but also by other educational institutions.

School Name Address
Brookline College 1140 S. Priest Drive Tempe, AZ 85281
Brookline College 5441 E. 22nd Street Suite 125 Tucson, AZ 85711
Brookline College 2445 W Dunlap Ave STE 100 Phoenix, AZ 85021
Carrington College 1001 W. Southern Ave., Suite 130 Mesa, AZ 85210
Carrington College 2149 W Dunlap Ave, Ste 103 Phoenix, AZ 85021
Carrington College 201 N Bonita Ave., Ste 101 Tucson, AZ 85745
Fortis College 555 North 18th Street, Suite 110 Phoenix, AZ 85006
Phoenix College 1202 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85013
Pima Community College 6680 S Country Club Rd, Tucson, AZ 85709
Sanford-Brown College 9630 N 25th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85021
Southwest Skill Center 3000 N Dysart Rd, Avondale, AZ 85392

The main requirement to enroll in the training program for medical coding and billing is to have a high school diploma or a GED.

It’s also possible to attend online classes for this specialty, therefore folks who have trouble commuting can also enroll in such a training program.

No matter which school you want to enroll in, make sure it offers support when it comes to finding employment for its graduates, no matter the diploma it awards.

Expected Salary

Experience and physical location of the employer are the main factors deciding how much you’ll earn in Arizona as a medical coder and biller.

It’s also good to know that having a double certification means a higher paycheck compared to a person who can only do the coding part of the billing part.

Annual Salary Range:

Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Phoenix $37,958
Tucson $35,994
Mesa $37,235
Chandler $37,235
Scottsdale $37,235
Glendale $37,958
Gilbert $37,235
Tempe $37,235
Peoria $37,882
Surprise $37,361

Where to Find Employment

The largest employers for medical coders and billers in Arizona are:

  • Banner Baywood Medical Center
  • Banner Behavioral
  • Banner Heart

When applying for a job, ask about the possibility of working from home, as this field offers this option.

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Get information on Medical Billing and Coding programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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