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Phlebotomy Classes in Wyoming

Thinking of becoming a phlebotomist, you should know that you are going to perform some really important duties as a supportive and allied-medical professional.

The main responsibility of a phlebotomist is to draw blood from patients so it can be used for various purposes such as diagnosis and donation.

After collecting samples, you give them to a lab where different tests are held in order to reveal some diseases and illnesses.

As you understand, this career requires lots of skills and knowledge as your mistake can significantly affect a patient and blood sample leading to false results.

Search Phlebotomy Technician Programs

Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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In order to learn about the venipuncture process and various related procedures, you need to complete some training.

Most phlebotomists work in busy and dynamic facilities like hospitals and clinics.

Such a mode requires lots of stamina so you can work long hours in a stressful environment.

Despite being somehow challenging, phlebotomy is a rewarding career as well as there are lots of excellent career options with high payment rates.

Top Cities For Phlebotomy Career in Wyoming

  • Jackson
  • Cheyenne
  • Laramie
  • Evanston
  • Buffalo
  • Worland
  • Greybull
  • Casper

Phlebotomy Training Requirements in Wyoming

In Wyoming, you aren’t obliged to obtain a certification to work as a phlebotomist.

However, having a diploma, a degree or a certification can provide you with much better job options.

Also, most employers give preference to certified specialists who have enough training.

Most phlebotomy training programs focus on such aspects as in-depth knowledge of blood collection procedures using various methods and tools.

To be certified, you need to complete at least 100 hours of hands-on training in a lab or other medical facility.

In Wyoming, you’ll be able to find lots of colleges and vocational schools that offer phlebotomy programs all year round.

Also, night classes are available for those who should work during a day.

Phlebotomy Essential Skills

In order to be a good phlebotomist, you need to have great communication skills as you’ll be working with lots of people constantly.

Also, you should be able to manage lab equipment properly as well as have at least basic computing skills to maintain records.

Sometimes, phlebotomists need to work extra hours during nights and weekends.

It requires lots of stamina, motivation, and passion to be able to perform your duties in a high-stress environment

Phlebotomist’s Salary in Wyoming

Despite not being an obligatory requirement, phlebotomy certification will help you find a job faster and easier.

Also, according to the BLS, the number of phlebotomy jobs is expected to grow by 23% between 2018 and 2028.

Enrolling in an entry-level position, you can earn about $26,740 per year while some higher positions can provide you with an average salary of about $32,620 annually.

Just keep in mind that higher-payment-rate positions are usually offered bu private clinics.

AreaAvg. Salary
Casper, WY$32,620
Cheyenne, WY$29,530
Eastern Wyoming non-metropolitan area$36,060
Western Wyoming non-metropolitan area$31,890

* Salary information based on data from the BLS (May 2019 wage estimates)

* Conditions in your area may vary

Phlebotomy Training in Wyoming

Casper College

125 College Drive
Casper, WY 82601

At Casper College, you can apply for the Phlebotomy Technician Training program.

It was designed to provide students with knowledge of various aspects of phlebotomy such as blood drawing procedures, medical terminology, legal aspects, and so on.

This certification program lasts for less than a year and gives you an opportunity to start your career in hospitals, labs, clinics, and blood banks.

After completing this program, you need to pass the national certification examination at the National Credentialing Agency or the American Society of Clinical Pathology.

Institute of Business and Medical Careers

1854 Dell Range Boulevard
Cheyenne, WY 82009

One other great training program is available at the Institute of Business and Medical Careers (IBMC).

It is a multidimensional Medical Assistant training program.

The schedule includes such classes as phlebotomy, using injections and syringe, preparing lab specimens, equipment sterilization, etc.

After completing a theoretical part, you should enroll in an externship at a hospital, physician’s office, or any other health care facility.

As soon as the whole course is completed, you can apply for the certification at the Nationally Registered Medical Assistant (RMA).

Western Wyoming Community College

2500 College Drive
Rock Springs, WY 82901

The program offered at Western Wyoming Community College allows students to get a bunch of essential phlebotomy knowledge and skills.

Students learn how to perform various blood collection techniques, which procedures to use, what precautions to take, and so on.

There are such disciplines as vacuum collection devices usage, syringes, capillary skin puncture, butterfly needles, and blood culture specimen collection on adults, children, and infants.

If you complete your training successfully, you can apply for the certification exam at the American Medical Technologists (AMT).

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Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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