Entry-Level Phlebotomy Job: Here’s How to Find Work!

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Entry-Level Phlebotomy Job

Phlebotomy is one of the most fast-growing medical spheres and there is a constant demand for qualified phlebotomists.

This career option is often considered as an entry-level job but still, it offers lots of benefits and a competitive salary.

Moreover, there are lots of options for those who have no experience and look for an entry-level phlebotomy job.

Usually, you need about a year to complete your training and start working as a phlebotomist.

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Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Also, you need about two weeks to obtain your certification and it is a great opportunity to get better career options with a higher salary.

In fact, there is a bunch of facilities that need both certified and uncertified phlebotomists.

Most of these facilities work in the medical sphere but there are some other options as well.

Just be creative and make some research and you’ll be able to find a whole bunch of facilities that work in various spheres and look for phlebotomists.

If you’re looking for phlebotomy training near you, check out our section about phlebotomy training by state here.

What Does an Entry-Level Phlebotomist Do?

After completing your training, you can find some great jobs in numerous locations drawing blood that is also known as a venipuncture.

In fact, it is the main responsibility of any phlebotomist and the activity these specialists perform daily.

Also, there are some other things that have an important role and should be considered.

It means that you need to know how to draw blood samples properly.

Moreover, you should be able to work with various types of people so you need to have excellent communication skills.

These specialists should be able to label blood samples properly and organize their transfer to labs.

And, of course, they need to have excellent knowledge of safety rules and standards.

This career requires some really good training as phlebotomists start working with their patients right away.

Despite being an entry-level career, phlebotomy requires lots of concentration, focus, and attention to detail.

Just keep in mind that various facilities have different working pace, so you need to have some good stamina and high stress-resistance.

Also, your salary significantly depends on your employer.

However, if you have no working experience, it can be really hard to get some good employment.

After obtaining some experience, you can look for some better jobs and choose those that suit your needs.

Where Can I Find an Entry-Level Phlebotomy Job Quickly?

Phlebotomy is one of the best career options that are great for most people.

First of all, you don’t need to pay a fortune and spend years on training so it is a great option for both adults who want to change a career and students that are just out of school.

Secondly, it is a great stepping stone for those who want to pursue some other career in the medical sphere.

However, it is a great career that can be considered as a main full-time job.

There is always a window for some promotions and advancements in this sphere.

Finally, there is a variety of employment opportunities for phlebotomists.

In this article, you can find info about some of the most popular places where you can work as a phlebotomist.

It will help you to understand which option suits your needs most of all.


If you look for an opportunity to enter the field, volunteering is one of the best ways to build up your resume.

In such a way, you can get some experience that can help you get a better job in the future.

It is a great option for those who cannot find any other employment after getting their training.

Of course, you won’t get any salary but you can get the required experience.

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As a phlebotomist, you can volunteer in a bunch of various ways.

If you look for some local opportunities, a community blood drive is a perfect option for you.

Also, there is the Red Cross that constantly looks for phlebotomists for their blood banks and remote blood drives.

The list of the available volunteering options for phlebotomists also includes:

  • Veteran hospitals;
  • Drug treatment centers;
  • Assisted living communities;
  • Prisons;
  • Community health centers.

As you can see, it is community facilities that mainly look for volunteer phlebotomists.

Patients at nursing homes and veteran’s affairs clinics usually have no opportunity to get to a hospital in order to make a blood draw.

However, these people need various medical services and such facilities need volunteers to provide these services.

Also, phlebotomists work not only in medical facilities but also in such places as prisons and drug treatment centers.

If it is a big facility, there is a possibility that you’ll get an actual job there.

Lots of nursing homes and various centers tend to hire their own phlebotomists.

Become a Mobile Phlebotomist

One other great option is a mobile phlebotomist and this career option offers lots of flexibility.

If you’ve just completed your training, it can be pretty challenging to obtain a full-time job that meets your needs.

It is the reason why lots of people consider becoming mobile or traveling phlebotomists.

Usually, these specialists work on an as-needed basis.

As it was said before, there are numerous organizations that look for phlebotomy services but don’t want to hire one.

In such a case, they hire a traveling phlebotomist for a short period when there is a need.

It is an especially great option for those who live in a big and busy city however it may involve a bunch of traveling when it comes to rural areas.

The point is that you can organize your working schedule as you want.

Mobile phlebotomists usually work in various facilities outside the medical sphere.

In some cases, places that look for volunteering phlebotomists may still pay them some salary.

Also, insurance companies tend to hire phlebotomists as well.

It is a perfect opportunity for those who can work in a changing environment.

Just keep in mind that there are some disadvantages as well.

First of all, mobile phlebotomy requires some excellent marketing and promotion skills as it can influence the amount of work you get.

Of course, there are organizations that can help you resolve the issue but you need to be able to deal with it on your own when you only start working.

As soon as you have a good amount of stable clients, you can have a good income.

Also, it is a great opportunity for those who don’t feel like working in a team and under a boss’s supervision.

Moreover, it is a great opportunity to get some extra income for those who have a full-time job.

In fact, as a phlebotomist, you can find lots of opportunities to have some extra income and help more people.

Phlebotomy Internships at a Hospital

If you want to obtain some hands-on training, you should consider addressing hospitals in your area.

These facilities constantly need qualified phlebotomists and some of them offer various training programs.

First of all, it is a great way to get all the required practical training in a real working environment.

In such a way, you can also learn about safety rules and standards applied at hospitals in general and in this particular hospital.

It is clear that every facility has its own specific requirements and learning its standards can help you get a job there.

It is one of the main reasons, most hospitals tend to provide their own training programs.

In such a way, they can be sure that their employers know all the standards, rules, and requirements.

If you’ve obtained your training elsewhere, consider applying for an internship program.

Such programs are often offered by hospitals, clinics, and even private practices.

Of course, it won’t provide you with any significant income but you can get some experience under the supervision of qualified phlebotomists, this is defiantly a great way of getting a phlebotomy job without experience.

It can help you build up your resume and enroll in a job in the medical sphere.

The more experience you have, the higher your chances to get an excellent job as a phlebotomist.

Recruitment During Training

Considering the growing demand for qualified phlebotomists, recruiters tend to look for specialists at training sites.

They can be representatives of both hospitals and private organizations.

In some cases, they can even hold presentations during classes to attract students’ attention.

Also, they can distribute various pamphlets and brochures to get some students on board.

The point is that this option allows you to learn more about your potential employer.

In most cases, recruiters are readily answering all your questions so you can get all the possible info.

It is a great opportunity to learn about the available career options you can apply for.

Career, Job Search, Phlebotomy, Entry-Level Career

Make sure not to miss this opportunity.

Of course, starting your training, you may not be worried about possible jobs.

However, knowing about organizations that look for phlebotomists, after completing your training you’ll be knowing where to start your job search from.

Also, you can mention that you’ve learned about this job offer during their recruiter visit to your school.

It can give you some extra points during your interview.

Checking Online Job Boards

The Internet is not only a source of information but a great place to look for job offers.

There are numerous online boards and services where you can look for a phlebotomy job.

Most of these jobs have some concrete requirements so you can at once understand whether you suit it or not.

Also, these services have various search filters so you can easily find those offers that suit you most of all.

In such a way, you can find some great offers just in a few seconds.

Moreover, if you are a registered user, you can sign up for notifications and get info about new offers that meets your requirements.

Consider setting up Google Alerts using some specific keywords like ‘phlebotomist jobs’ and other filters.

Any time it shows up in Google, you’ll get a notification ASAP.

It is a great way to look for a job in your neighborhood and in any other location around the country if you want to move.

Just with a few clicks, you can find tens and even hundreds of job offers all over the USA.


Speaking of the most common options when it comes to job searches for phlebotomists, hospitals should be considered.

These medical facilities are very busy and constantly need qualified phlebotomists.

You can start by looking at the websites of local hospitals as there is often a career section where some job offers are posted.

Also, if there are no offers on the website, consider visiting the hospital itself and ask at reception whether they need phlebotomists.

Even if there are no offers right now, you can leave your CV or fill out an application for a job.

In case, there are some positions that open in the future, the hospital may let you know about it and consider your candidacy.

Private Practices

If you are looking for a more peaceful and less stressful environment, you should consider looking for a job at some private practices and small clinics.

Sometimes, these facilities tend to hire freelance, part-time, and full-time phlebotomists.

You can find such vacancies via the Internet by visiting some job boards or websites of these clinics.

Don’t set any limitations while looking for a job and look for all the available offers.

Working in a small clinic, you can have more one-on-one time with your patients.

It is a perfect career option for people who want to develop strong relations with others and work in a more relaxed environment.

You are going to perform the same duties as in a hospital while working with fewer people.

Emergency Centers

If you are passionate about helping others and ready to work some odd hours, a job at a 24-hour emergency clinic can be a perfect fit for you.

These facilities differ significantly from hospitals as patients come there on their own and not on an ambulance.

The environment there isn’t life-threatening but it is challenging and stressful as well.

Working in such a place, you should be able to perform your duties very quickly as blood drawing is an important part of diagnostics.

Considering the fast pace of work in such facilities, it is a great option for young energetic people who look for a job as phlebotomists.

Ways to Improve a Phlebotomy Resume

An impressive resume is an important aspect when it comes to job search and employment.

Make sure to include all the important information including your training.

Having some proper training, you can increase your chances of getting a job.

A good resume should contain some important aspects such as:

  • Your strengths and skills match the job you are applying for. Include info about the number of blood draws you’ve performed, your knowledge of medical terminology, and your interpersonal and communication skills. If you know some foreign language, make sure to mention it in your CV as there are lots of employers that look for people who know more than one language.
  • Your past work experiences. Experience is very important, so if you have some relevant experience make sure to tell about it. Volunteering or interning should also be included and don’t forget to tell about the duties you performed.
  • Your training info. Most employers want to be sure that their potential employees got some good training. Don’t forget to talk about additional certifications if you have them.
  • Simple structure. Try not to over-complicate your CV. Give preference to the language that can be understood easily and keep it short. Avoid extensive terminology and make sure to provide honest relevant info.

You should know that it is usually HR managers and directors that deal with resumes and they have hundreds of them daily.

It is more likely, they pay some proper attention to your CV if it is to read and get all the essential info.

Career, Entry-Level Job, Phlebotomy

Skills You Need as an Entry-Level Phlebotomist

Experience is an essential part of your resume and can significantly raise your chances of getting a job.

However, if you have no experience, it is not a reason to get worried.

You probably have some experience, you didn’t take into consideration.

In fact, your personal traits and experience are no less important than a professional one.

A phlebotomist should have a certain set of personal traits and skills to perform their duties properly.

Actually, there is a certain list of skills that a phlebotomist needs including such aspects as:

  • Kindness;
  • Compassion;
  • Highly-organized;
  • Able to be on feet for long periods of time;
  • Works well as a teammate;
  • Pays attention to detail.

For example, if you’ve worked in any other sphere and your job required excellent organizational skills, don’t hesitate to include it in your CV.

In other words, you need to analyze your skills properly and you’ll be able to find some relevant points.

Also, some employers can list the skills they are interested in, so make sure to check them.

Is It Easy to Find Work as a Phlebotomist?

As you can see, there are lots of opportunities to get a job in phlebotomy even if you have no experience.

The demand for qualified phlebotomists growing constantly and there is no sign it is going to slow down.

In fact, it may even increase in the future so it will be even easier to get a job as time pass.

Also, you need to remember that these specialists are required not only in medical centers and hospitals.

In fact, there is a whole variety of options including some really unique locations.

Sometimes, it can be easier to get a job at one of those unique places as there is a constant shortage of phlebotomists.

In any case, it’s up to you where to work and what environment you like more.

Despite your decision, we hope this article helped you in your job search.

Just use all the available options and you’ll be able to find your perfect job.

Good luck and I hope you find your entry-level phlebotomy job quickly!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start a mobile phlebotomy business?

To start a mobile phlebotomy business you must have phlebotomy certification.

You may then set up a business and have a means of drawing blood from patients at their home, and then a way to take it to the medical facility.

How do you bill for venipuncture?

To bill for venipuncture, you must use the right codes.

Make sure the physicians’ orders and the actual venipuncture are documented.

States may have different rules for recording venipuncture and billing, so make sure you follow the rules of your state.

Medical facilities may have other policies.

Can phlebotomists work independently?

Phlebotomists can work independently within the medical guidelines.

There must be a doctor’s order to do the procedure.

You may not order the procedure yourself.

Once you have that you may do it on your own at the patient’s home.

Are online job boards effective?

Online job boards are effective for employers but may not be as much so for employees.

With a job board, you are likely to get a lot of applications, and you will surely find at least one good one.

As an employee, you may be competing with thousands of people to even get noticed.

What should I put on my resume for phlebotomy?

When you receive certification and where you have worked are the first things to put on the resume.

From there mention your venipuncture experience.

Mention things like customer service and communication skills.

Your insurance and payment experience, as well as specimen preparation, are also good to mention.

What two skills are important for phlebotomy?

Compassion and attention to detail are the two main skills that phlebotomists need.

It can get routing, but for the patient, it may be stressful, and you can help them calm down.

Any medical type of job requires attention to detail.

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