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Phlebotomy Classes in Michigan

If you are thinking of becoming a phlebotomist in Michigan, you should know that there are lots of opportunities to get your training.

Also, phlebotomy is a perfect career option for those who want to enter the healthcare sphere without spending years on education.

A phlebotomist – it is a healthcare professional that draw blood from patients for various purposes like testing or donation.

These specialists work in a variety of medical facilities such as hospitals, clinics, laboratories, blood banks and so on.

Search Phlebotomy Technician Programs

Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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In fact, this career is a perfect choice for people who like communicating with others and spending time in public.

Also, you should know that there is a constantly growing demand for phlebotomists in Michigan.

Top Cities for Phlebotomy Career in Michigan

  • Grand Rapids
  • Ann Arbor
  • Detroit
  • Lansing

Phlebotomy Essential Skills

As a phlebotomist, you should be really proficient when it comes to venipuncture techniques.

Venipuncture – it is a needle insertion into the vein for blood drawing.

It means that you also should know human anatomy really well and be able to take into consideration your patient’s specifics as you are going to work not only with adults but with babies, toddlers, and children as well.

Moreover, you need to have excellent communication skills and a good understanding of psychology.

There are lots of people who are afraid of needles and blood sight so you should be able to handle them properly.

It will let you avoid numerous mistakes and problems.

Also, lots of phlebotomists work at laboratories where they make blood samples tests.

In such a case, it’s important to be able to work in a team and respect patients’ privacy.

One another important requirement is a good knowledge of a computer so you can input and manage patients’ data.

And, of course, you should be really accurate to avoid mistakes as it may cause lots of problems.

Phlebotomy Training Requirements in Michigan

There are lots of phlebotomy training options in Michigan that vary in their length (6-12 months) and price.

All programs include a bunch of essential disciplines such as handwashing, universal precaution, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and blood and blood products handling.

Also, as a phlebotomist, you should know the normal values of blood testing to be able to reveal any problems.

After completing your training, you can get phlebotomy certification.

Also, you need to improve your knowledge so you need to attend various professional seminars to learn something new.

It will help you to keep with the latest trends in the sphere.

Phlebotomist’s Salary in Michigan

Below, there is a table with average salary rates in the biggest cities in the state.

Detroit, MI$34 971
Grand Rapids, MI$33 302
Warren, MI$34 971
Flint, MI$31 568
Sterling Heights, MI$34 861
Lansing, MI$33 418
Ann Arbor, MI$35 825
Livonia, MI$34 861
Dearborn, MI$34 971
Westland, MI$35 262

Phlebotomy Training Courses in Michigan

Certification isn’t a mandatory requirement for those want to work as a phlebotomist in Michigan.

Nevertheless, it’s a great opportunity to get some better job with a higher salary.

There is a bunch of accredited schools that offer phlebotomy certification programs in Michigan.

Southwestern Michigan College at Dowagiac

58900 Cherry Grove Road
Dowagiac, MI 49047

Wayne County Community College District

801 West Fort Street
Detroit, MI 48226

Oakland Community College

2480 Opdyke Road
Bloomfield Hills, MI 48028

The program consists of lectures as well as demonstrations and practical classes.

During your training, you’ll learn about universal precautions, skills for problem draws, proper equipment and technique, specimen handling, interpersonal skills, quality control, and professional liability.

You should remember that phlebotomy is a great career that can provide with numerous opportunities for development and growth both professional and personal.

If you want to enter this field, you need to learn about available training programs and their specifics.

Just do your little research and learn about certification options in Michigan.

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