How to Become an EKG Technician in Wyoming

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How to Become an EKG Technician in Wyoming

Wyoming EKG schools could prepare you for a health career without having a degree.

You also can use accredited courses you took in another profession, such as nursing.

Licensing Requirements to Become an EKG Technician In Wyoming

Wyoming does not require EKG Technicians to have a specific certification or license.

However, they do encourage you to follow guidelines set by a credentialing body that WY medical institutions recognize.

Search EKG Technician Programs

Get information on EKG Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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For instance, you could train for the Certified Electrocardiograph Technician (CET) credential offered by The National Performance Specialists (NPS).

The National HealthCareer Association (NHA) also provides a recognizable credential called the Certified EKG Technician certificate (CET).

Likewise, the American Education Certification Association (ACEA) offers the Certified EKG Technician Specialist (CETS) credential.

If you want to become certified in both heart monitoring and blood drawing (phlebotomy), you might want to try The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT).

Finding a school that offers you the chance to earn both an EKG Technician certificate and a Phlebotomist certificate is an idea.

The American Heart Association provides alternative certification that also matters in Wyoming: The Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) certificate.

Healthcare organizations across the country recognize this credential.

Once you earn your first ACLS certificate, you receive a copy of that credential.

It is valid for two years and is different from the EKG certification training.

However, it is related to cardiovascular emergency care.

The AMA also provides the Basic Life Support course, which you would start for the first time before you earn the ACLS.

It is one you’d take to learn CPR.

The certification for this also lasts two years.

5 EKG Technician Schools in Wyoming

Since you do not need a license to train in Wyoming to become an EKG tech, you could take online training as long as you also follow hands-on training recommendations.

This state seems to have limited local EKG tech training options.

1. Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC)

Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC) Logo

Cheyanne Regional offers a continuing education ACLS course in Wyoming.

You could use this brief training, which usually only takes a couple of days to refresh your certification.

To enroll, you must have already earned your initial certificate and have job experience.

CRMC also provides a Heartsaver and automated external defibrillator (AED) course.

2. Eastern Wyoming College

Eastern Wyoming College Logo

The Eastern Wyoming College EKG certification training program will include understanding how to read and interpret an EKG, how to properly place electrodes on a patient, and how to operate an EKG machine.

This Eastern Wyoming coursework will also enable you to identify different types of heart rhythms.

In addition, it will introduce you to rapid response procedures, which also require measuring basic vital signs.

The program includes classroom and laboratory instruction, and it runs for six months.

Upon successful completion of the program, students will be eligible to take the National Healthcare Association’s CET Exam.

Alternatively, you could take the CETS exam offered by AECA when finished with this coursework.

3. Laramie County Community College

Laramie County Community College Logo

The electrocardiogram training offered by Laramie County Community College offers you the chance to develop EKG reading skills.

You will take the cardiogram tests and later will be able to interpret and analyze the results, which reveal both normal and abnormal heart rhythms.

You have a choice of different learning tracks, one of which takes about three semesters.

This one may require prerequisite courses, such as anatomy of the cardiovascular system and medical terminology.

4. Central Wyoming College (Online EKG Training)

Central Wyoming College (Online EKG Training) Logo

The Central Wyoming cardiography course covers topics such as EKG interpretation, cardiac anatomy and physiology, and arrhythmia recognition.

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to perform and interpret EKGs as well as recognize heart rhythm abnormalities that require treatment.

Your coursework will also teach you how to handle patients.

This includes preparing them for testing and hopefully keeping them calm in the process.

Ethics and confidentiality subjects also will come up during this coursework.

5. ECG Academy (EKG Tech Training)

ECG Academy (EKG Tech Training) Logo

Just so you know, “ECG” means the same thing as an “EKG,” which comes from a German spelling of electrocardiogram (electrocardiogram).

The ECG Academy teaches online what you would have had to learn in person or via mail correspondence in the “old days.”

The ECG academy training is designed for continuing education students.

It best suits nurses, EKG Technicians, Phlebotomists, or others who already have prior EKG certificate training.

This coursework covers 12-lead electrode stripe reading along with advanced cardio anatomy and physiology.

Your training will also explain various abnormal heart rhythms and blockages. Some 3D technology is incorporated to simulate the experience to build your real-world confidence before dealing with patients.

EKG Technician Schools in Wyoming – Summary Table

School Name Address
Cheyenne Regional Medical Center (CRMC) 214 E 23rd St, Cheyenne, WY 82001
Eastern Wyoming College 3200 W C St, Torrington, WY 82240
Laramie County Community College 1400 E College Dr, Cheyenne, WY 82007
Central Wyoming College (Online EKG Training) Main Campus, 2660 Peck Ave, Riverton, WY 82501
ECG Academy
Search EKG Technician Programs

Get information on EKG Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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April 2022 reports an average annual salary of $36,000 for Wyoming EKG Technicians.

This ranges from $31,900 to $41,600, depending on location and amount of training and experience.

Places to look for jobs include Cheyenne, Cody, Jackson, or Casper.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Cheyenne $36,700
Casper $37,700
Laramie $37,100
Gillette $35,800
Rock Springs $37,100
Sheridan $38,100
Green River $37,100
Evanston $37,400
Riverton $37,100
Cody $38,100

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an EKG Technician?

1An EKG Technician is someone who uses an electrocardiogram to measure the electrical activity of the heart.

In Wyoming, you can start in this position while training to become a nurse or just pursue it as a standalone career.

What kind of training do I need to become an EKG Technician?

You need EKG training that teaches you how to administer electrocardiogram tests and interpret their reading.

Part of your instruction will take place in a medical center environment, and you might also receive simulated training before you start to work the first time.

Any courses that show you the proper ways to record patient information for future use will also qualify you.

Just make sure the instruction you receive will help you past your certificate exams before you try to get a healthcare job in Wyoming.

What topics are covered in EKG training?

Topics covered in EKG training include anatomy and physiology of the heart, EKG machine operation, and proper electrode placement.

In addition, you will learn about medical ethics and patient confidentiality, and how to read vital signs.

Part of your training might also include blood drawing and collection for testing (phlebotomy) or medical assisting training.

How long does EKG training typically last?

EKG training typically lasts about four to six months.

However, you could also enroll in advanced cardiovascular technician diploma or associate degree programs.

These instructional paths may take you a year or longer to complete.

Where do Wyoming EKG technicians usually find work?

EKG technicians can find work in Wyoming hospitals, clinics, and private practices.

They may also be involved in research or teaching.

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