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Phlebotomy Classes: Red Cross, Free & Paid Training

The American Red Cross is on the list of organizations that have the most notable blood draw performance.

It’s one of the main reasons why the organization offers a variety of related training programs.

Most employees of the Red Cross work as volunteers but there are employees who get a salary as well.

Also, the Red Cross has a bunch of locations all over the country which means that people can start training and working in any state.

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Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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In fact, you’ll be able to find a location that is quite close to the place where you live.

Starting the Red Cross Phlebotomy Training, you’ll be able to learn how to draw blood and work with patients.

It will give you an opportunity to find the right job and further your career in the future.

Consider the fact that you aren’t obliged to work for the American Red Cross if you get your training there.

Volunteering is also not an obligatory option but still, it’s a great opportunity to get some experience and improve your skills.

In case you want to start your career as a phlebotomist and don’t know where to get your training, the American Red Cross is exactly what you need.

So, what options are offered for those who start their phlebotomy training at the Red Cross?

Below there is detailed information on the issue.

The Red Cross Phlebotomy Training

Most phlebotomy programs have rather common requirements for those who want to enter the course.

First of all, you should be 18 years old minimum.

Also, you need to have a high-school diploma or GED.

Considering the significance of the Red Cross and the popularity of its training courses, there are a bunch of additional requirements such as:

  • Completing a background check;
  • Turning in standard forms given by the organization;
  • Undergo a drug screening;
  • Receive the Hepatitis B vaccine;
  • Turning in an application form with a physical form;
  • Pass an entrance exam;
  • Pass a physical exam that includes a tuberculosis test.

Most other programs don’t have all these requirements so it may seem that the list is pretty full.

Nevertheless, the Red Cross on your resume will add some points making you look more reliable and skillful.

When you enter the workforce market, you should know that the place where you got your training will be taken into account.

What Is the Cost of the Training?

Starting your phlebotomy training at the American Red Cross, you will need to pay $965 for the whole course.

The price includes tuition and class fees.

The cost of other phlebotomy courses is usually about $700-$1500 which means that the Red Cross program has a middle price.

It’s clear that it isn’t one of the most expensive courses.

In fact, it’s an excellent deal as you get your education at one of the most recognizable organizations in the medical sphere.

One another significant aspect is that the groups are rather small and include about 8-16 students.

It means that each student will be able to get all the necessary skills and knowledge.

What Does the Phlebotomy Program Include?

To begin with, the course is divided into two parts.

The first part contains 80 hours of theoretical classes while the second part has 40 hours of lab work/hands-on work.

The theoretical part provides basic phlebotomy knowledge but still, it doesn’t mean you’ll be learning only blood drawing issues.

The program also contains such classes as:

  • Human anatomy;
  • Medical terminology;
  • How to collect and process blood;
  • Systems of the body Physiology;
  • How to transport blood to clinical labs.

As soon as the theoretical part is finished, the students start their practical training.

The course is oriented on the development of two main skills of venipuncture:

  • Butterfly venipuncture;
  • Syringe venipuncture.

These two types differ significantly because of the needles’ types and the equipment that is used during the procedure.

The practical courses are held under the supervision of your teacher or professional phlebotomist with the usage of a training arm.

It’s a really important part as you should be able to perform various types of venipuncture as you’ll be working with various patients.

Not every patient has a so-called ‘good’ vein.

For example, you may have some problems with blood drawing from an obese person.

In other words, by knowing all aspects and techniques, you’ll be able to perform your job at a high level.

The Red Cross Phlebotomy training provides you with all you need to start a successful career.

Is There Safety Training at the Red Cross?

Safety takes a critical place in phlebotomy training.

Of course, the Red Cross Program isn’t an exception.

The program contains a course on safety procedures provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

The course contains information on protecting yourself and your patients.

The main point you should keep in mind is that nothing should get contaminated.

The students have explained the importance of various protective gear.

Also, you’ll be taught about such aspects as proper labeling and transferring samples.

It’s absolutely important to make sure that each sample has a proper label.

If there are any mistakes it can have a dangerous effect on the patients.

That is the point why phlebotomists need to have indemnity insurance.

Also, you certainly need to learn lab safety procedures as you should be able to perform every procedure properly while working at the lab.

It will let you protect yourself and organize your job properly.

Is a Certification Exam Required?

As soon as your Red Cross phlebotomy training is finished, you’ll be able to take a certification exam.

It will be taken through the National Healthcareer Association (NHA).

Nevertheless, most states don’t have such a requirement as a certification.

Consider the fact that it will make your job search faster and you’ll be able to get a higher salary.

Consider the fact that you don’t need a lot of time to get your certification.

You only need some extra training.

But still, your training may take months.

To practice for your exams, try our phlebotomy practice test here.

Who Can Start the Red Cross Phlebotomy Program?

If the applicants meet all the requirements, they can apply for the program and start their training without any problems.

Nonetheless, there are three main groups of individuals who can get the most benefits from the Red Cross program:

  1. People who want to start their career in the medical sphere. Phlebotomy is one of those programs that can be a perfect choice for beginners. But still, most people work as phlebotomists their whole life. Most medical facilities prefer to hire individuals who have finished accredited programs.
  2. Healthcare professionals who want to get some phlebotomy skills. Venipuncture skills can be useful for any specialist who works in the healthcare sphere and the Red Cross program is a perfect option. There is a condensed program that lasts for 20 hours. This program is available only for those individuals who have any other medical education. The program provides skills and knowledge that are absolutely important for phlebotomists.
  3. First responders and rescuers need to get some phlebotomy skills. The Red Cross offers an ‘intense’ program for such individuals. It’s called an EKG Technician and Phlebotomy program and includes CPR training. You’ll learn a bunch of techniques each phlebotomist should know. Also, you’ll learn how to use various types of equipment.

In fact, the Red Cross Phlebotomy training is an ideal option for those who want to start their career in the healthcare field or want to get some new skills to improve their career.

Where You Can Start Your Career After Phlebotomy Training

The fact is that there is an incredible demand for phlebotomists all over the country.

As a significant part of the population gets older, more blood tests are required. Also, during the last few years, a lot of new technologies appeared.

All these technologies allow us to determine lots of different illnesses and conditions with the help of blood tests.

All these aspects influence the growth of the phlebotomist shortage.

It’s rather expected but most phlebotomists work at hospitals.

Hospitals all over the country hire new phlebotomists regularly in order to keep up with demand.

In case you aren’t able to find a job in any local hospital, there are lots of other options that most people don’t usually take into consideration.

Look for some offers at emergency clinics and private practices.

Also, you need to look for career opportunities at your local blood banks or even the Red Cross itself.

Moreover, some people after finishing their phlebotomy training may start their own business.

Recently mobile phlebotomy has gained popularity.

Mobile phlebotomists visit their patients themselves.

It offers some flexibility to the specialist as there is an opportunity to set specific working hours.

The only issue you can face is the creation of your own ‘client base’.

Nevertheless, you can overcome it if you’re a qualified specialist and perform your job well.

Consider the fact that phlebotomists’ rates grow constantly.

From 2014-2024, 25% growth is expected.

It means that you won’t face any difficulties looking for a job.

Also, you can get a rather high salary starting your phlebotomy career.

On average, the salary of a phlebotomist is about $32,000 per year.

What Skills Are Required to Become a Phlebotomist?

The American Red Cross program provides all the skills that are necessary to become a phlebotomist.

The students learn the educational side and physical requirements during their training.

But still, it’s not enough to learn books by heart and train to draw blood.

A bunch of particular characteristics are also required.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot perform your duties without these skills but you may face lots of difficulties during your work.

The set of characteristics contains:

  • People skills: Performing your duties, you’ll communicate with lots of people daily. You should be able to communicate properly with any patient including elderly people and children. You may meet people that are scared, awkward, or rude and you should be able to understand them and work with them without any issues.
  • Ability to work as a team player: Working as a phlebotomist you’ll be obliged to work in a team with various people. You need to be able to work well in a team including lab workers and other medical staff.
  • Strong attention to detail: Phlebotomists should be able to perform such duties as sample labeling as a mistake can affect your patients. So, you need to be able to concentrate and pay attention to details.
  • Highly organized: Performing your duties as a phlebotomist you should be not only attentive but highly organized as well. It’s important to keep your instruments and working space in order and be able to organize them properly.
  • Always follow safety procedures: Of course, during your phlebotomy training, you’ll learn safety rules but you need to make sure that you never forget about these rules when performing your job.
  • Ability to stand for several hours at a time: Working as a phlebotomist you need to have enough stamina to perform your job properly. It’s especially important for those who work in a hospital. This requirement is significant as you must spend most of your working hours on foot and do a lot of walking.

Volunteer Options for Phlebotomists

It happens that some hospitals don’t want to hire phlebotomists who have no prior experience.

To overcome this issue, you can become a volunteer at the Red Cross.

Also, you can become a volunteer in many other organizations and facilities.

All these offers are your perfect opportunity to get the experience you need to start your successful career.

You may continue being a volunteer even after starting your career.

You can become a volunteer at such facilities and organizations as:

  • Nursing homes
  • Insurance agencies
  • Prisons
  • Local blood banks
  • Veterans’ hospitals
  • Plasma donation centers
  • Drug treatment centers

Also, you can find some options in hospitals as they may look for volunteering phlebotomists.

You can address those hospitals that are understaffed or in case there is any disaster and hospitals need some extra help.

What Other Training Programs Are Offered at the Red Cross?

The American Red Cross offers a variety of training programs and phlebotomy training is only one of the available options.

You can look for other programs as additional or main education.

It’s never a bad idea to enroll in more than one type of training class.

The more you take, the more opportunities can arise for you in the healthcare industry.

In fact, it’s a great idea to apply for more than one training course.

It is a great opportunity to get more opportunities to start your career.

The American Red Cross offers such training courses as:

  • CPR training
  • First aid
  • CAN training
  • Instructor training
  • Water safety

Consider the fact that after finishing your education at the Red Cross, you can become an instructor.

Red Cross instructors help 9 million people to learn life-saving skills each year.

There are two options: a regular instructor or a disaster relief instructor.

Is There An Opportunity to Advance Your Career?

Despite the fact, that phlebotomy is an entry-level position it can be your perfect opportunity to start and promote your career.

In fact, you don’t need to be a phlebotomist for your whole life and start a new career improving your skills and knowledge.

If you get enough experience and promote your skills enough, you can become a therapeutic phlebotomist or even get a supervisory position.

In case you want to continue your education, there are lots of opportunities.

To tell the truth, many nurses and doctors started their careers in the healthcare sphere as phlebotomists.

The reason is that this way is rather quick and cheap so you can easily enter the medical sphere.

Later you can always enter some other medical training programs and build a successful career.

What Are the Advantages of Working at the Red Cross?

In fact, you aren’t obliged to work for the Red Cross after finishing your training there but still, it’s a great opportunity to start your career.

At the Red Cross, you can gain the kind of experience that isn’t available at hospitals and other medical facilities.

It’s because the Red Cross has other goals and priorities.

Moreover, you can get absolutely precious experience working for the Red Cross as it’s a provider of half of the nation’s blood supply.

It means that the organization needs absolutely professional phlebotomists on its team.

After finishing the Red Cross Phlebotomy program, you get a priority among other candidates who want to start their career there.

You should know that the Red Cross offers a number of benefits for its employees including such options as:

  • Medical insurance (including vision and dental)
  • Personal plans and discounts
  • Prescriptions
  • Paid time off
  • Savings plan
  • 401k match
  • Commuter benefits
  • Employee assistant programs

Is It a Good Idea to Start Phlebotomy Training at the Red Cross?

Of course, there are lots of options for those who want to become phlebotomists.

Nevertheless, a trustworthy education guarantees you more opportunities to start your successful career.

The Red Cross offers its students not only a high level of phlebotomy training but also a bunch of other useful skills.

After finishing your training, you’ll be able to take your certification exam.

After that, you can become a volunteer or start your career at the organization.

One other significant point is that the cost of the Red Cross training program is the middle so you don’t need to spend lots of money.

Moreover, you need even less than one year to finish your education.

Finally, you can get absolutely significant experience working as a volunteer after finishing your training.

In other words, the Red Cross is your perfect opportunity to get your phlebotomy training.

Moreover, you can find a facility in any state. Just address the closest facility to get more information on the available training and career options.

Other Options for Phlebotomy Training

If you are not interested in going through the Red Cross to get your certification, there are other options available.

There are phlebotomy classes in every state, as well as online phlebotomy training options.

If you are going the online route, we suggest choosing a school in your home state for training as this will look better on your resume, and those schools will take care of any state-specific needs you might have to get your license.

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  88. Avatar for Naznin Vahora Naznin Vahora

    Hello, I have full time Job, but like to start Phlebotomy classes and get certified for new career aspects.
    Please reach out to me.

  89. Avatar for merrilee harrison merrilee harrison

    yes im intrested in the phlebotomy class and i want more information on when can i start the classes

  90. Avatar for BIRHAN BIRHAN

    Good afternoon my name is Birhan I am interested to take philobotomy class so how can I get information?

  91. Avatar for Danielle Vallis Danielle Vallis

    Hi I live in Milford PA? I wish to start the classs as soon ad possible. I need additional information please.
    Thank you.
    Danielle Vallis

  92. Avatar for Elizabeth maranilli Elizabeth maranilli

    I have been an Lpn for 32 years ,I would like the Ekg and CPR healthcare provider course. I have alittle phlebotomy experience. Elizabetb

  93. Avatar for Desiree Soper Desiree Soper

    Would like to find a course near Nassau County Long Island, NY

  94. Avatar for Lisa Schweitzer Lisa Schweitzer

    where do i get more information

  95. Avatar for alexandrine Davis alexandrine Davis

    I would like to know about the phlebotomy classes

  96. Avatar for Ina Ina

    I would like more information on the certification classes

  97. Avatar for Arlando R Allen Arlando R Allen

    How do I enroll

  98. Avatar for Marriam Marriam

    what time or times do the phlebotomy classes start I have been in the health care field for 12 years and I’m ready to start leaning more would love to start as soon as possible

  99. Avatar for keisha j Ellis-Horne keisha j Ellis-Horne

    Am in Chester how can I Start this Phlebotomy course .

  100. Avatar for Laura Watkins Laura Watkins

    I am very interested in starting my career in phlebotomy. Please let me know where to start. I meet all the requirements. I want to take the course with the Red Cross. Where and where can I begin the process?

    1. Avatar for Bettye J Gary Bettye J Gary

      I would like to start this course where do I apply

    2. Avatar for Salvador Mendoza Salvador Mendoza

      I’m looking to learn how to become a phlebotomy can you please help me. Thank you

  101. Avatar for Lillian Medina Lillian Medina

    Hello I would like more info to get started on your courses. Thank you

  102. Avatar for Danielle Danielle

    I’m interested in taking this certification course.

  103. Avatar for Sara Dean Sara Dean

    Im interested in Phlebotomy,and requesting additional information

    1. Avatar for sharon r bryant sharon r bryant

      I am interesting in this training for phlebotomy, recent graduate from NOVA Community College., with a degree as a Clinical Medical Assistant. This training will give me more advancement in my field. It a good organization, and I want to belong to your team

  104. Avatar for Nicholas Nicholas

    I am interested in joining the Red Cross phlebotomy class

  105. Avatar for Mariluz Carrillo Mariluz Carrillo

    Will like to start a training in this field

  106. Avatar for Luis Sierra Luis Sierra

    I’m a retired nycfd emt of 27ys I’m looking to continue my education by taking the phlebotomy class.I would appreciate any information.

  107. Avatar for Lisa Hasty Lisa Hasty

    I am an EMT for the past ten years, I am very interested I. Taking the phlebotomy class and pursuing a career in phlebotomy.

  108. Avatar for Rosa Calderon Rosa Calderon

    I am interested in phlebotomy course

    1. Avatar for Melody A Sarver Melody A Sarver

      Good morning I’m melody Sarver I have an associates degree in medicL assisting am interested in taking your phlebotomy course and becoming a volunteer for the red cross at some point I graduated in May 2006 alot of things have evolved in medical field since then and interested in retaking a phlebotomy class I may be contacted by email or (330)203-9880 would like to know all the steps in being selected for class

    2. Avatar for Jill Dunbar Jill Dunbar

      Hi, my name is Jill Dunbar. I am very interested in taking your phlebotomy course. Please send me information on your program and locations.

      With regards,

      Jill A Dunbar
      116 Grosbeak cut
      Lake Frederick, Va 22630
      Cell 5712050174

  109. Avatar for muluemebet muluemebet

    When and where are you going to give phlebotomy class.

  110. Avatar for Christie Kahny Christie Kahny

    I am interested in taking a Phlebotomy class in or near Norfolk, Ne.

  111. Avatar for Tammy Harper Tammy Harper

    Hello, I live in Connecticut and would like to start a Phlebotomy class. Can you tell me how to get started?

  112. Avatar for Norma Norma

    I’m guessing it’s for the the experience needed to land a job outside of the Red Cross.

  113. Avatar for Tracey Tracey

    If you volunteer, why are you being charge for the class.

    1. Avatar for Slim Slim

      I was wondering the same thing

  114. Avatar for Tammy Harper Tammy Harper

    When are your phlebotomy classes?

  115. Avatar for Samantha Banguel Samantha Banguel

    Interested in Phlebotomy training for medical staff

  116. Avatar for Crystal Torres Crystal Torres

    I’m interested in starting classes. Where can I find one near me I live in Bartelso, Illinois?

  117. Avatar for Jodi Sladek Jodi Sladek

    Do they have the classes in Columbus Ne

  118. Avatar for Paula Currie Paula Currie

    The information regarding classes with the Red Cross for Phlebotomy in the Broward County Florida is not available. Contact the Red Cross and they stated that you would have to go to your local community college or a hospital.

  119. Avatar for Kimberly Costello Kimberly Costello

    I am interested in starting the American Red Cross Phlebotomy Course. I need to find a location near me. I live in Southeast Houston, Texas.

  120. Avatar for Glenda Saylor Glenda Saylor

    Hello, I live in Harlan, KY needing info on a close location is.

  121. Avatar for Amsalu Amsalu

    I live In MN and I would like to take phlebotomy class, please let me know when the class starts.

  122. Avatar for Jen Fancher Jen Fancher

    I am interested in more info on locations & dates available in my area please.

  123. Avatar for Angie Ronda Angie Ronda

    Hello, I am looking to start a phlebotomy training course as soon as possible. Is there any course available just weekends ?? I do have a job that I work in the morning and 3 days out of the week I have school.

  124. Avatar for Lisa Lisa

    Starting your phlebotomy training at the American Red Cross, you should be able to pay $965 for the whole course.

    The price includes tuition and class fees.

    1. Avatar for Slim Slim

      Is that the price for any State? If so how do I go about starting classes?

  125. Avatar for Carline Hanson Carline Hanson

    I could like to know when the next course will be available. I live in Miami FL 33179.

  126. Avatar for Shakira Thornton Shakira Thornton

    I live in stone mountain GA and im definitely interested in the phlebotomy class

  127. Avatar for Angi Howell Angi Howell

    I would like more info, im in athens county, ohio. Would love to start soon.

  128. Avatar for Sunny Sunny

    I would love more information about the phlebotomy course in South Dakota. Please let me know how I can get started.

  129. Avatar for Rae Rae

    I would like more information

  130. Avatar for Danielle V Cropper Danielle V Cropper

    My name is Danielle Cropper and I am seeking to take the phlebotomy course at the Red Cross in Philadelphia, Pa. Can you please let me know if there are any courses available?

  131. Avatar for Muluemebet M.Begizew Muluemebet M.Begizew


    Please call me at 571-275-2610

    Thank you,

    Muluemebet M. Begizew

  132. Avatar for Angela Robbins Angela Robbins

    I went to college for phlebotomy just want to freshen up can i do that here without paying that much?

  133. Avatar for Tracey Hamilton Tracey Hamilton

    I’m interesting in the free training for the class. When it start in Tallahassee Florida

  134. Avatar for Connie High Connie High

    Hello! I have been trying to find a phlebotomy course that isn’t $2,000 +. I live in Radcliff, KY and would sincerely appreciate it if someone could tell me where and when the training begins. My email is Thank you

  135. Avatar for Brandi Shawley Brandi Shawley

    i work a full time and and need to know hours of training classes, i work daylight and would need evening classes and also is there help with cost?

  136. Avatar for Nicolle Harris Nicolle Harris

    I am intrested in the Red Cross phlebotomy classes. I live in ohio and work full time. I would like more information class times and payment options. Thanks.

  137. Avatar for Sharon McDermott Sharon McDermott

    Hello I’m interested in the pheloodmy class

  138. Avatar for Neleya Williams Neleya Williams

    I am interested in the Red Cross Phlebotomy class. I live in St Louis MO. When does the next class start

  139. Avatar for Cheryl Castillo Cheryl Castillo

    I am a medical technologist in my country. Do you consider this as my training here?

  140. Avatar for Yanira auceda Yanira auceda

    I went to school for phlebotomy a while back and I’ll i need is a refresher on it where can i go to take a course and don’t pay so much?

  141. Avatar for Samira Yaqub Samira Yaqub

    When the next class start?

  142. Avatar for Claudia Kaminski Claudia Kaminski

    I live in Palm Springs CA . Is there a phlebotomy class?

  143. Avatar for Yolande joazard Yolande joazard

    Hi, I’m Yolande!! I would like to enroll in the phlebotomist training. Please let me know when you’re going to start.

    1. Avatar for Beauty mkanyeli Beauty mkanyeli

      I’m staying in cape town I’m working as post basic pharmacist assistant I’m also want to do the course please help me what must I do

  144. Avatar for A.C. A.C.

    Is it only certain Red Cross locations that provide this training? How many weeks is the program?

  145. Avatar for Rosemary Howard Rosemary Howard

    Is There financial assistance for this course as I cannot come up with that much money all at once.

  146. Avatar for Leticia McIntyre Leticia McIntyre

    I went to college for phlebotomy just want to freshen up can i do that here without paying that much?

  147. Avatar for Mary Holt Mary Holt

    I live in okla. Can I get started.however I have a misdemeanor 2 yr deferred I have one yr left. Can I attend a class. As soon as the year is over it will be expunged

  148. Avatar for Lisa Buckner Lisa Buckner

    What is the cost for a phlebotomy, how long does certification take and when can I start?

    1. Avatar for Jiam Jiam

      I’m interesting and phlebotomists how much is the color?

  149. Avatar for Olayemi Aguda Olayemi Aguda

    When can I start the phlobotomy class during this summer and how long does it take including the cost of training

  150. Avatar for Ana Martinez Ana Martinez

    Time n dates for this class?

  151. Avatar for Judith Vixamar Judith Vixamar

    What is the schedule for this vacation training

  152. Avatar for lisa myers lisa myers

    when is the next class for phlebotomy

  153. Avatar for jessica gabet jessica gabet

    what time or times do the phlebotomy classes start?

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