Phlebotomy Training in Oregon (Paid Classes Info)

Phlebotomy Training in Oregon (Paid Classes Info)

If you are dedicated, self-possessed and cargoes person than phlebotomy can be a perfect career option for you.

It is one of the easiest to start medical careers.

The main responsibility of a phlebotomist is to draw blood samples from patients using needles and special techniques.

After it, samples are usually tested at medical laboratories for diagnostics purposes.

It is very important as it allows to reveal various diseases, illnesses, and infections so patients are cured properly and in time.

It should be also mentioned, there are lots of career options for qualified phlebotomists in Oregon.

Top Cities For Phlebotomy Career in Oregon

  • Portland
  • Eugene
  • Salem
  • Gresham
  • Hillsboro
  • Beaverton
  • Bend
  • Medford
  • Springfield
  • Corvallis

Because of the constant growth of an aging population and development of preventive medicine, there is a growing demand in phlebotomists all over the state.

Phlebotomy Training Requirements in Oregon

If you want to work as a phlebotomist in Oregon, you aren’t obliged getting your certification.

Nevertheless, you should know that being a certified specialist can provide you with better career options.

Most specialists in this field tend to have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s Degrees.

Also, most employers give preference to those workers who’ve passed the American Society for Clinical Pathologists’ certification exam.

If you don’t feel like spending much time and money on your training, you should consider enrolling in one of the associate’s degree programs.

A Bachelor’s degree is a great option for those who want to pursue some other careers in the medical field in the future.

Phlebotomy Essential Skills

Being a phlebotomist means that you should be a kind, empathic and supportive person.

Also, it’s important to know how to stay calm and concentrated even in stressful situations.

Moreover, you should be well-motivated and organize, have at least some basic computing skills and be able to maintain papers properly.

A phlebotomist also should have good stamina in order to work long hours and extra shift at nights, weekends, and even holidays.

Finally, patients and great communicative skills are required as you need to be deal properly with any patients.

Phlebotomist’s Salary in Oregon

Working as a phlebotomist in Oregon, you can earn about $10-$14 per hour.

It is about $21 000-$40 000 per year.

Also, most employers offer a bunch of great benefits like paid vacations and retiree plans.

In fact, you can earn even more working extra hours or gaining more experience.

Portland, OR$35 674
Eugene, OR$33 500
Salem, OR$33 827
Gresham, OR$35 628
Beaverton, OR$35 674
Hillsboro, OR$35 560
Medford, OR$31 640
Springfield, OR$33 066
Bend, OR$32 942
Corvallis, OR$33 272

Phlebotomy Training in Oregon

West Coast Phlebotomy Inc.

1678 Beavercreek Rd.
Oregon City, OR 97045

West Coast Phlebotomy Inc. –  it is a specialized school that provides intensive learning programs.

It offers training programs that have classes all day long (from 8 am – to 12:30 pm) and lasts for only six weeks.

During such a short period of time, you’ll be able to get ready for the national certification exam attending lectures and practical classes.

After completing your training in this school, you can get your certification in Phlebotomy, HIPAA, Blood-borne Pathogens and HIV/AIDS, as well as Customer Service.

Just keep in mind that the internship can be not included in the schedule.

In fact, it’s a great option for those who already have some medical education and want to expand their knowledge and possibilities.

Valley Medical College

4707 Silverton Rd. N.E.
Salem, OR 97305

Valley Medical College offers medical and clerical support training programs that last for about 16-18 weeks.

The training program contains a variety of disciplines including lab safety, obtaining patient specimens, electrocardiogram use, venipuncture, syringe draws, finger and heel sticks, medical terminology, and confidentiality procedures.

Also, students have 160 hours of cooperative work in a health center as a part of their training.

USA Phlebotomy Training by State

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