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Phlebotomy Classes in Delaware

A career in phlebotomy is one of the USA’s fastest-developing options in the medical sphere and you can achieve it in Delaware.

Due to the growth of the aging population, Delaware sees a growing demand for qualified phlebotomists.

According to the latest research, more hospitals and clinics nowadays look for certified phlebotomists.

Working as a phlebotomist, you’ll be obliged to collect, handle, test, and store patients’ blood samples.

Search Phlebotomy Technician Programs

Get information on Phlebotomy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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It would help if you were not only skillful but also responsible and dedicated.

Moreover, it’s crucial to be able to communicate appropriately with patients and handle any issues that may appear.

Here are the top cities to start a phlebotomy career in Delaware:

  • Dover
  • Elsmere
  • Georgetown
  • Middletown
  • Milford
  • New Castle
  • Newark
  • Seaford
  • Smyrna
  • Wilmington

Those who want to start their career as a phlebotomist in Delaware should keep in mind that you don’t need a certification.

Nevertheless, if you have a certification, it can be a huge benefit and provide better career options.

After completing your training and getting a certification, you can get a job at a medical office, a hospital, or a clinic that will provide you with a better salary and good benefits.

If you want to get a certification, you must ensure your training program is state-approved.

Those who want to enroll in phlebotomy training should pass a health examination, drug test, and criminal record verification.

Every phlebotomist should have specific skills and follow some procedures and policies.

If you want to work as a phlebotomist, you should not only learn all these rules but also follow them constantly.

While performing your duties, you need to be professional as well as friendly and supportive with your patients.

Also, some managerial skills are required as you should be able to handle both blood samples and patient records.

Available Financial Aid Options for Phlebotomy Training in Delaware

Delaware Technical Community College

Founded in 1966, Delaware Technical Community College was approved as the first Delaware Tech Campus in Sussex County, Delaware.

The American Society of Phlebotomy Technicians (ASPT) certifies the phlebotomy course at Delaware Technical College to train you in the skills you need.

You’ll be able to take the ASPT certification exam after the course.

This program is available on its four campuses: Terry Campus, Owens Campus, Stanton Campus, and George Campus.

It is eligible for financial aid, such as the SEED program, grants, scholarships, loans, and Federal Work-Study.

The cost of the course is $2,995.

For further inquiries, contact (302) 857-1000.

Requirements and Eligibility:

  • Previous college credit (C—or better—in college-level math or English literature courses) or degree.
  • GED College-Ready score of 165+, or 3.0 (83%) or higher high school GPA.
  • SAT scores in English (480+) or math (varies—discuss with an academic counselor).
  • Delaware driver’s license or State ID.

Additional requirements may be requested upon enrollment.


Search “Certified Phlebotomy Technician” on the web catalog to see available classes, and then you can add to cart, make the payment, and be officially registered.

Terry Campus/Dover Campus:
100 Campus Drive
Dover, DE 19904-1383

Owens Campus/Georgetown Campus:
21179 College Drive
Georgetown, DE 19947

Stanton Campus:
400 Stanton-Christiana Rd
Newark, DE 19713

George Campus/Willington Campus:
300 N. Orange St
Wilmington, DE 19801

Nurse Career Institute, 102 Larch Circle, Suite 104, Larch Corporate Center Bldg, Wilmington, DE 19804

Also known as Maggie Career Institute, Nurse Career Institute offers programs with training for those interested in healthcare.

The phlebotomy program of the school will train you as a professional to draw blood samples and collect specimen samples for medical testing.

You can finish the course in three weeks.

It’s available for funding through the Department of Labor, and there are also payment plans in case you need help to receive funding.

The total cost is $2,500, including textbooks, two sets of scrubs, a pair of white shoes, a school ID card, CPR certification, a drug test, and a state certification fee.

For more information, contact (302) 750-4335 or (302) 358-1588.

You can also leave your questions on their website if it’s your preferred method.

Requirements and Eligibility:

  • High school transcript or GED.
  • At least 18 years old.
  • Pass a drug test and criminal background check.
  • Submit the following with your application form:
    • A picture ID card.
    • Two-step PPD results or chest x-ray results.
    • A flu shot during the flu season.

Additional requirements may be requested upon enrollment.


Contact (302) 750-4335 or (302) 358-1588, or email to inquire about the application process.

Phlebotomy Schools in Delaware

Unique Sticks Phlebotomy Program, 288 E Main St, 2nd Floor, Newark, DE 19711

Having recently opened in 2021, Unique Sticks Phlebotomy Program operates for the Community Service Employment Training Program.

The phlebotomy program in the school offers online learning and clinical experience is required to acquire the certification.

Classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings for two hours each day.

The course requires a minimum of 35 hours of in-person learning.

It will cost you $1,350 for the phlebotomy course with a required deposit of $200.

For more information, call (302) 407-6591.

Requirements and Eligibility:

Requirements will be indicated during the enrollment process.


Choose a schedule suitable for you and register.

My Sister’s Keeper CPR and Phlebotomy Training Course, 1205 Drummond Plz, Newark, DE 19711

The school started as a CPR training program and phlebotomy but has since expanded to other programs.

In applying for the phlebotomy course, you will be taught skills necessary in outpatient laboratories (Quest or Labcorp), hospital laboratories, and mobile laboratories.

It’s a four-week program, and after that, you can qualify for the national exam.

Note that your certification will only be valid for two years.

If you missed applying during the enrollment period, you can apply again next month.

There will be a payment plan to make it more affordable.

For further inquiries regarding the cost of the program and requirements, contact (302) 355-0427 or

Requirements and Eligibility:

Requirements will be indicated during the enrollment process.


Book for your class and sign up.

Polytech Adult Education, 823 Walnut Shade Rd, Woodside, DE 19980

Although most college students are in their late teens, Polytech Adult Education provides learning opportunities in a conducive environment for adult learners.

You are required to finish 54 hours to complete the phlebotomy course at the school.

The cost is $285 which is very affordable but you must inquire for more information about it as there could be hidden fees.

For further inquiries, contact (302) 697-4545.

If you’re uncomfortable contacting the staff, you may complete the program interest form without speaking to someone.

Requirements and Eligibility:

Requirements will be indicated during the enrollment process.


Because online registration is not currently available for this course, you must meet with Mary Wilt, the career program specialist, before registering.

Call (302) 697-4545 or email to inquire about the enrollment process.

Delaware Phlebotomist Salaries

An average salary of a phlebotomist in Delaware is about $40,524 per year.

Of course, it can change depending on your on-the-job experience and your certification.

If you want to enter the medical sphere and look for some entry-level careers, phlebotomy is a great option as considerable growth in the field is predicted.

In the table below, you can find annual phlebotomy salaries in the biggest cities in Delaware.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
Location Avg. Annual Salary
Bear $40,477
Delaware City $40,493
Dover $40,632
Harrington $40,863
Lewes $40,836
Middletown $40,498
Milford $40,836
New Castle $40,524
Newark $40,493
Smyrna $40,541
Wilmington $40,524

WIOA Approved Phlebotomy Training Providers in Delaware

Delaware Technical Community College–Terry Campus

100 Campus Drive
Dover, DE 19904

Phone no.: (302) 857-1500

Phlebotomy Training Providers in Delaware

Delaware Technical and Community College

1832 North Dupont Highway
Dover, DE 19901

Phone no.: (302) 857-1000

Delaware Technical and Community College is one of the colleges that provide a training program for those who want to get their certification.

The Certified Phlebotomy Technician course contains theoretical and lab classes and clinical practice so students can improve their skills and learn the required techniques.

Every student enrolls in an internship program for on-the-job training in medical facilities.

After completing your training, you can enroll in the national certification exam under the National Healthcare Council or NHA.

CDM Institute

2nd Floor, 3707 North Market St
Wilmington, DE 19802

Phone no.: (302) 482-3234

If you want to become a phlebotomist, you can apply for the Certified EKG/Phlebotomy Technicians and Certified Phlebotomy Technicians program offered by the CDM Institute.

The college has many campuses in Marlton, Vineland, Woodbridge, Allentown, Jersey City, and Wayne.

USA Phlebotomy Training by City

USA Phlebotomy Training by State

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