Medical Assisting Schools in Tucson, AZ

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Medical Assisting Schools in Tucson, AZ

An assistant medical job might work best if you’re interested in a medical career but don’t want to spend over 10 years learning to become a doctor.

Professionals in this field make around $37,190 per year, and the outlook is growing at a 16% rate, much faster than average.

The following Tucson, AZ, schools can help you prepare for this job.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Pima Community College

About the School

PCC includes five different campuses and adult learning centers that can help train students for various careers.

Their medical assistant training program is a training certificate program that enables you to transition into this job quickly and effectively, including beneficial externship options.

Courses Offered

PCC provides a four-semester program for medical assistant training with 28 credit hours.

Your first semester focuses on anatomy, the profession itself, medical terminology, and medical billing.

The second includes pharmacology, medical assistant skills, medical coding, and administrative procedures.

During the shorter summer semester, you take five credits in clinical care and clinical procedures.

These courses help immerse you in the demands of this program and include more hands-on experience.

Thankfully, your credit load is small, meaning you can enjoy your summer easily.

At the end of your program, you get positioned in an externship that includes back-office and front-office work.

This means you’ll learn all about the hands-on experience of this career, such as helping doctors prepare bills, handling patients properly, and providing high-quality attention for multiple conditions.

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AddressAddress: 4905C East Broadway Boulevard Tucson, AZ 85709

Brookline College

About the School

Brookline College provides three campuses in Arizona and one in New Mexico, with its Tucson location providing the same educational options as the others.

Their medical assistant training program includes an accelerated education option that you can complete in as little as 34 weeks.

Courses Offered

Brookline is a community college that provides hands-on tech training for multiple careers.

Their medical assistant courses include classes and lab exercises, where you’ll learn about critical medical theories.

In this way, you can prepare for an in-demand career in this unique field.

Courses cover subjects as diverse as patient anatomy, clinical coding, proper patient handling, and pharmacology.

The accelerated program will require more attention than other schools but will help you start your job more quickly.

Thankfully, Brookline accepts multiple scholarship options.

After finishing this program, you will qualify for entry-level positions in the medical field.

Often, people from Brookline start careers in hospitals, clinics, urgent care centers, emergency rooms, and general physician offices.

Some even work in dental fields, depending on the dentist’s operations.

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AddressAddress: 300 South Craycroft Road, Suite 100 Tucson, AZ 85711

Carrington College

About the School

Carrington College provides training opportunities through multiple colleges across the nation.

They even have several Arizona options if you’re interested in learning with them.

Their medical assistant program can help you get ready for this career with the most knowledge possible.

Courses Offered

Carrington College’s medical assistant program provides an in-depth course that should take nine months to complete.

While that’s slower than other programs on this list, you’ll get a more detailed education, including more time in labs working with administrative professionals.

Classes include medical office administration, diagnostic testing, patient procedure assistance, equipment and supply support, and more.

You’ll get the hands-on experience to master these skills while backing your abilities with classroom-based theory courses.

Once you complete this program, you can apply for entry-level medical assistant jobs throughout Arizona.

Many will include internship and externship programs that may help improve your skills.

These paid or unpaid positions may give you even more education and make progress easier.

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AddressAddress: 201 North Bonita Avenue, Suite 101 Tucson, AZ 85711

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Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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