Medical Assisting Schools in Nashua, NH

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Medical Assisting Schools in Nashua, NH

The medical assistant career field is projected to grow by nearly 17% in the next decade, with about 123,000 openings becoming available each year with an expected $38,000 median salary.

For Nashua, NH, that’s an excellent salary you can earn in just a few years of training.

While no medical assistant training programs are available in this city, nearby cities like Salem have schools where you can learn this field.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Community College of New Hampshire

About the School

The Manchester branch of CCNH is just 28 miles from Nashua and includes multiple medical assistant training options.

You can earn a comprehensive associate’s degree in this field or one of three completion certificates.

Each prepares you for a great career in this field.

Courses Offered

The medical assistant associate’s degree offered at MCCNH includes two years or four semesters of classes that cover assistant essentials, medical terminology, anatomy, clinical laboratory procedures, psychology, and a 15-credit lab that immerses you in the unique skills of this career.

If you want a quicker training option, you can choose from a medical administrative assistant, medical assistant, or medical coding professional certificate.

Each includes different career focuses.

For instance, the medical administrative assistant certificate prepares you for front-office work.

By contrast, medical assistant certificates prepare you for back-office work, while medical coding certificates prepare you for a career working with insurance providers.

Note that your associate’s degree prepares you for all three job paths, ensuring you can handle its unique demands.

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AddressAddress: 1066 Front Street Manchester, NH 03102

Middlesex Community College – Bedford

About the School

Located just 30 miles from Nashua, the Bedford campus of Middlesex Community College provides multiple unique courses to prepare you for various careers.

While they don’t have an associate’s degree in medical assistance, they provide a certificate that prepares you for your licensing exam.

Courses Offered

MCC in Bedford provides a two-semester, 29-credit medical assistant training program that includes 15 credits the first semester and 14 the next.

In the first semester, you’ll learn about medical terminology, administrative assisting, clinical skills, pharmacology, medical care, and disease.

In the second, you learn about clinical lab techniques, advanced clinical assisting procedures, electronic health records, and take a medical assisting seminar and externship.

The externship helps prepare you for this field by introducing you to hands-on training with real professionals.

After you complete your program, you can take your national certification exam, which earns you a medical assistant license.

You can then apply for entry-level positions throughout the field, including at hospitals, pharmacies, and anywhere that requires medical assistant services.

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AddressAddress: 591 Springs Road Bedford, MA 01730

North Essex Community College – Haverhill

About the School

Located just over 34 miles from Nashua, this training facility provides three medical assistant training programs that should work well for you.

Each includes different benefits and focuses that help you choose a medical assistant career that suits your needs.

Courses Offered

NECC offers three medical assistant training certificates, including a day program, an evening program, and a medical office assistant.

The first two programs include the same studies but occur at different times.

The office assistant program provides a slightly different career path training.

For example, the first two programs teach you about physical assessment, diagnostic procedures, and surgical techniques.

You also get hands-on experience with communication, medical terminology, and phone-based training.

The office assistant certificate focuses solely on office-related work.

Each lets you take the American Association of Medical Assistants qualification exam to begin your career.

You can then transition to physician offices, outpatient care facilities, hospitals, nursing care facilities, or even a four-year university if you want to expand your education further.

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AddressAddress: 100 Elliot Street Haverhill, MA 01830

North Shore Community College – Danvers

About the School

The Danvers campus of North Shore Community College is just 44 miles from Nashua and provides a medical assistant certificate to prepare you for this career.

Its one-year program offers an in-depth education in classrooms and labs, making your new job easier to master.

Courses Offered

NSCC provides a 29-credit medical assistant program with 13 credits in one semester and 16 in a second.

During the first, you take medical terminology, medical assistant, clinical and lab procedures, and ambulatory care courses. Note that these programs are available only in the fall.

In the spring semester, you focus on administration steps, medical ethics, advanced assistant procedures, and a medical assisting practicum.

The latter course introduces you to hands-on medical training and focuses heavily on preparing you for real lab work.

After completing this program, you should be able to handle administrative and clinical tasks competently and understand medical ethics.

But, just as importantly, you’ll be able to sit for the licensing exam to begin your career or move to a more advanced educational opportunity.

For instance, some may progress to an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in nursing to improve their career opportunities.

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AddressAddress: 1 Ferncroft Road Danvers, MA 01923

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Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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