4 Best Medical Assisting Schools in Memphis, TN

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Medical Assisting Schools in Memphis, TN

Memphis, Tennessee, has multiple hospitals and medical facilities where you can start a career in many professions.

Medical assistants might be the fastest-growing of these options, as the BLS expects a nearly 20% growth in the next 10 years.

Even better, many make almost $38,000 on average, which provides most Memphis residents with a substantial salary.

Here are a few schools where you can learn these skills.

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1 Remington College

About the School

With multiple campuses across the south and as far north as Ohio, Remington College provides several career training options.

Their medical assistant program immerses you in a unique educational experience that should get you ready to start this career in around nine months.

Courses Offered

If you want to complete your job training in as little as nine months, Remington College may work for you.

Their accelerated learning programs immerse you in medical assistant job roles and teach you how to handle the unique demands of this fun and exciting profession.

You’ll not only get classwork but experience lab time that immerses you even more fully into this rewarding and engaging career path.

For example, you’ll learn about critical clinical steps, such as taking vital signs, drawing blood, taking patient information, filling out paperwork, filing their insurance, and taking their height.

However, you’ll also learn about administrative tasks, including billing them correctly, submitting their paperwork to the proper authorities, and ensuring that they’re processed effectively after completion.

Once you complete your program, you get a degree in medical assisting and can either find an internship or start applying for jobs after passing your licensing exam.

These exams ensure that you have the necessary skills for medical assisting, including the proper clinical and administrative understanding.

Jobs available in the market may focus on hospitals and private healthcare facilities.

AddressAddress: 2710 Nonconnah Blvd Memphis, TN 38132

2 Concorde

About the School

With locations in several southern and western states, Concorde provides a nationally recognized level of educational excellence.

Students interested in medical assisting can attend their courses in Memphis to expand their knowledge and transition into a fun and demanding career.

Courses Offered

Concorde’s 8-16 month medical assistant program gives you a quick immersion in this field to ensure that you understand all its unique demands.

You’ll learn not only about critical clinical steps but the administrative processes necessary for this job.

Typically, you’ll start by learning about important medical theories related to medical assistance, such as patient needs and comfort, as well as proper ethics.

Then, you’ll transition into standard diagnostic tests, sample preparation, scheduling patients, receiving new visitors, preparing medical records, updating the same documents, performing first aid and CPR, taking vital signs, controlling infection, and much more.

Even better, the Memphis campus provides an associate’s degree that includes two years or four semesters of in-depth work with real experts.

Concorde even provides a career planning session for all attendees to ensure that they understand their field.

During these sessions, you’ll learn about your coursework, get an idea of how to apply for and get jobs, and work directly with people in your field to master its demands.

Just as importantly, you’ll get support when applying for your first position and when getting licensed for this in-demand career.

AddressAddress: 5100 Poplar Ave., Suite 132 Memphis, Tennessee 38137

3 University of Memphis

About the School

The University of Memphis provides multiple career training options, including associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degrees.

Their medical assisting training comes in a minor program, meaning you can take it while obtaining a bachelor’s degree.

That means your education takes a long but should be more comprehensive.

Courses Offered

Though the University of Memphis doesn’t offer a certificate or degree in medical assistance, they do have a minor that you can obtain while earning a bachelor’s.

While that means you have to complete a four-year program to earn these credits, it’s often an excellent idea for someone interested in a more advanced field.

For example, you might manage a group of medical assistants after getting this degree.

During your studies, you’ll earn 24 credits studying a multitude of courses, including diagnostics, vital signs, medical exams, patient ethics, anatomy, and much more.

You’ll also learn about the proper administrative steps for this job, such as filing paperwork effectively and working with insurance companies.

This information should ensure that you can transition into any entry-level medical assistant job.

This career path often takes people into many different jobs, such as working at a hospital, outpatient clinic, or private healthcare facility.

Often, many of these organizations will hire someone if they take a medical assisting minor simply because they have 24 credits and have worked hard in their field.

Note that you still need to take and pass the national licensing exam before beginning even an entry-level job.

AddressAddress: 495 Zach H. Curlin Street Memphis, TN 38152

4 Health Tech Institute of Memphis

About the School

HTIM provides unique hands-on courses to train Memphis residents in many fields.

Their high-quality medical assistant program gives you the unique experience necessary to learn in this field.

They’ll help you transition into your career through one of the most extensive externship options available.

Courses Offered

HTIM provides an extensive medical assistant training program that includes classwork and labs that make this career easier to start.

Their courses typically include small class loads that let you work more closely with your teachers, giving you more insight into medical assistant processes.

HTIM typically focuses on fast completion that still gives you a comprehensive experience.

During your certification process, you’ll learn how to take vital signs, draw blood, prepare medical histories, work with patients before an examination, take their blood, and provide medications.

Beyond these clinical processes, you’ll also handle administrative tasks, including working with insurance companies, properly updating records, and filing information with the billing department.

Once your classes finish, you must take a 240-hour externship before you graduate.

These externships include positions at hospitals, physician offices, outpatient facilities, law offices, insurance firms, and even urgent care treatment experts.

After completing this training, you’ll be eligible to sit for the national licensing exam, after which you can begin your career in this rewarding profession.

AddressAddress: 571 Vance Avenue Memphis, TN 38126

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Remington College
#2 Concorde
#3 University of Memphis
#4 Health Tech Institute of Memphis

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