Tips for Choosing a Medical Assisting Externship

Tips for Choosing a Medical Assisting Externship

While completing your training as a medical assistant, you may start thinking about the ways to get your medical assistant externship.

If you choose the right option, you’ll be able to get lots of practical experience and understand better your future career.

In fact, a good externship can lead you to your future full-time job.

Speaking of an externship itself, usually, it lasts about 6-12 weeks and it is unpaid.

If you are interested in a medical assistant externship, it can be found through those schools that offer training courses in this sphere.

Also, you can visit job fairs in your area or address relevant associations and facilities.

To be able to complete your externship successfully, you need to follow some steps.

That’s why we’ve prepared some useful pieces of advice in this article.

Essential List Of Medical Assistant Externship Tips To Finish Your Training

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Treat It Like a Job Search

When looking for an externship, you need to remember that it is your opportunity to get ready for your future job.

While looking, you need to check as many facilities as you can.

Also, learn properly about your duties and make sure it corresponds to your future career.

Looking for an externship, you need to give preference to opportunities oriented on professional, skillful medical assistants.

Be Ready For the Interview

When looking for a job, you need to complete an interview and an externship is no exception.

It means that you need to get ready for your interview so make sure to look through the most popular questions for medical assistants.

Prepare answers for these questions, write them down and practice at least a couple of hours.

Ensure that you can answer various questions confidently.

Shop Around

If you are one of those lucky people who have in their area several facilities that offer externship options, don’t waste this chance.

You need to weigh all the available options before making your final decision.

You can be surprised to learn that a small physician’s office near you has a great job with some incredible benefits and schedule that suits your lifestyle.

Conduct Research

Don’t forget about numerous career services and use them.

When looking for an externship, conduct your own research and look for different facilities that offer externships.

Learn the opinions of other people who completed their externship in these facilities.

Don’t be afraid to contact the HR offices and ask them some questions about available offers.

It is a perfect opportunity to get your foot in the door so don’t miss it.

There is a whole bunch of reputable services and websites where you can find great externship options for medical assistants.

Keep Your Mind Open

All of us like to think that we know everything and plan everything properly.

However, in most cases, it is pretty rare when everything happens as we’ve planned.

It is always better to stay open-minded and be ready for new opportunities and interesting options.


Applying for a CMA externship, you have an opportunity to get some valuable experience and show your skills to your prospective employer.

Don’t forget that it is a great way to learn something new and improve your skills.

During your externship, you need to observe experienced medical assistants and remember how they deal with patients and various tasks.

Usually, you need to pass two evaluation during your externship, the first one – in the middle and the second one – in the end.

Just make sure to maintain a positive and flexible attitude during all this time so you can make the most out of your externship.

Remember that if you want to be a good medical assistant, it is not enough to be skillful.

You also should stay positive, be dedicated and helpful so you can provide your patients with the best care.

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