5 Best Medical Assisting Schools in Providence, RI

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Medical Assisting Schools in Providence, RI

Providence, Rhode Island, medical careers include multiple pathways, including nurses, doctors, and care specialists.

If you want to start a job in this field but would rather not spend half your life training, a medical assistant job might work well for you.

After less than two years, you can begin a career with a median salary of $38,000, with a career demand increasing by nearly 20% over the next 10 years.

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Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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1 Rhode Island College

About the School

RIC provides one medical assistant training program directly in Providence.

While other schools are available nearby, RIC operates exclusively in Providence.

It provides a hands-on training program that ensures you’re ready to begin a career in this profitable and exciting field.

Courses Offered

RIC includes multiple hands-on courses designed to train you in the skills necessary to become a medical assistant.

Applicants will get comprehensive experience in both classroom and lab settings, where they learn all the unique demands necessary to move forward in this job.

For example, you’ll learn basic medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, clinical procedures, healthcare law, medical office skills, communication, medical math, and customer service lessons.

All this information helps you transition into a full-time career as a medical assistant.

Classes occur twice yearly and include 720 training hours over three hours in 24-week packages.

You Then take a 120-hour internship to help prepare you for this career.

Classes take place between 9 am to 3 pm, which should give you the immersive experience that you need to thrive.

AddressAddress: 600 Mount Pleasant Avenue Providence, RI 02908

2 Motoring Technical Training Institute

About the School

If you live in Providence and don’t mind traveling, Motoring might be a good option for you.

Just eight miles from downtown Providence, it provides a unique training facility that helps you learn about the demands of medical assistant jobs.

It will ensure that you get the high-quality experience you need.

Courses Offered

In a 30-week program at Motoring, you’ll get 900 training hours in either a day program or a 75-week program in an evening course.

You also take a 13-week internship that includes extensive hands-on training that ensures you begin your career as quickly as possible.

If you attend the full-time program for five days every week, you can complete this program as quickly as seven months.

Night classes take 15 months because individual courses are shorter.

Even this slower training period will ensure you get the training necessary to start in this field.

Even better, Motoring limits its classes to just 15-18 people, meaning you’ll get more personalized attention.

That’s beneficial if you struggle with any problems, such as misunderstanding a vital lesson and approaching your training from an inaccurate angle.

AddressAddress: 1241 Fall River Avenue Seekonk, MA 02771

3 Bryant University

About the School

Located just 13 miles from Providence, Bryant University provides Rhode Island residents with multiple training opportunities.

For example, you can take their physician assistant program to transition into a career in medical support, including working with doctors in various fields.

Courses Offered

During your courses at Bryant, you get hands-on training by working in 12 clinical specialty rotations.

This design means you’ll work alongside doctors in hospitals and private practices, as well as educational settings.

Education occurs in high-tech classes and lab-based stages.

Furthermore, you’ll learn about the eight management principles of medical practice, which include quality management, organizational governance, and much more.

All these in-demand courses will provide you with the help needed to master this career quickly and efficiently.

After you finish this program, you can transition into an internship and take your licensing exam to begin your career.

These tests examine your skills in multiple fields, mainly clinical and administrative support.

In this way, you should transition more easily into this exciting job.

AddressAddress: 1150 Douglas Pike Smithfield, RI 02917

4 New England Institute of Technology

About the School

Offering a private education experience in multiple fields, NEIT in East Greenwich is just 19 miles from Providence.

It provides a hands-on training experience for medical assistants that includes multiple administration and clerical areas, as well as a unique immersion in real lab work.

Courses Offered

NEIT offers a practical nurse program that provides many of the same training options available in medical assistant work.

You’ll learn about clinical approaches, patient simulation, communication, teamwork, diagnostic work, hands-on administrative support, and more.

When attending full-time, you can finish this program in as little as 15 months, helping you begin your career in just over a year.

After completing, you can schedule an internship or externship that trains you with more hands-on skills, including working with practical matters like taking vital signs.

Furthermore, NEIT can apply your credits towards an associate’s degree if you’re interested in higher education.

They also provide a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nursing, though the certificate should help you start an entry-level job to gauge whether it’s right for your needs.

AddressAddress: One New England Tech Boulevard East Greenwich, RI 02818

5 Bristol Community College

About the School

Only half an hour away in Fall River, MA, BCC provides students with a unique training experience that helps them transition to a career in medical assistance.

Courses Offered

Over a two-semester program at Bristol, you’ll earn 29 credits that award you with a completion certificate for medical assistance.

You’ll cover a variety of subjects in this field, including anatomy, medical language, administrative procedure, lab processes, and clinical concepts.

You’ll also take a few other courses, such as college writing, that help prepare you for the unique demands of this field.

Then, you take a four-credit practicum that immerses you in medical assistant roles, including both front- and back-office jobs or those that combine duties from both.

After finishing, you can sit for the licensing exam to begin your entry-level career.

Note that you must maintain a GPA of a C or higher throughout your studies to graduate.

If your grades fall below this level, you can take makeup work, but it may be limited depending on the courses.

AddressAddress: 777 Elsbree Street Fall River, MA 02720

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Rhode Island College
#2 Motoring Technical Training Institute
#3 Bryant University
#4 New England Institute of Technology
#5 Bristol Community College

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