5 Best Medical Assisting Schools in Austin, TX

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Medical Assisting Schools in Austin, TX

Medical assistants typically make around $38,000 on average after up to two years or so of training.

That makes this career a promising one for many people, particularly those who want to start a new job quickly.

If you live in Austin, Texas, and want to transition into this profession speedily and effectively, the following schools can help you get great results and ensure things go correctly for you.

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Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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1 The College of Health Care Professions

About the School

The College of Health Care Professionals includes multiple programs across the nation, including several in Texas.

Its elite-level training includes high-quality medical assistant support.

After finishing, you earn a certificate that makes you eligible for many different career options.

Courses Offered

During your training, you’ll get hands-on experience from medical professionals who understand your role and its importance.

You’ll not only gain experience in a classroom setting but also work in labs and in real medical environments.

These help you pace yourself into a better position.

Courses include classes in clinical studies, procedures, and administrative work.

You’ll learn how to file billing properly, handle insurance claims, and much more.

Mastering these steps help prepare you for the state licensing exam, which will let you apply to various entry-level jobs in Texas.

Note that you can apply for scholarships if you qualify to ensure that you can pay for your education.

These financial aid packages will vary depending on various factors, including your age, your grades in high school, and other elements of your life.

Talk with your financial advisor to learn more.

AddressAddress: 6330 East Highway 290, Suite 180 Austin, TX 78723

2 Cybertex Institute of Technology

About the School

Cybertex is a training institute with multiple locations throughout Texas, including in Austin.

These schools provide training for various careers, including medical assistant courses.

Their unique scheduling concept ensures that you can begin your job more quickly.

Courses Offered

Cybertex in Austin provides a 37-week medical assistant class that will get you into scrubs as quickly as possible.

You’ll learn the basics of administrative and clinical skills in classroom- and lab-based settings.

Training includes front- and back-office duties to ensure a well-rounded resume.

When you finish, you can take a licensing course for three different careers.

These include medical assistant, certified phlebotomy tech, and certified EKG tech.

Most Cybertex graduates find jobs in doctor’s or dentist offices, hospitals, nursing homes, and even in insurance companies.

What’s interesting about this school is that it doesn’t have a fixed semester schedule.

Instead, they start new classes every 30-45 days.

That means you’re always close to starting a new class.

You can also apply for various financial aid support, particularly if you’re a military veteran.

AddressAddress: 6300 La Calma Drive Austin, TX 78752

3 Southern Careers Institute

About the School

Southern Careers Institute provides Texas with multiple career training options, including its campus in Austin.

Here, you can learn all about becoming a medical assistant, including the clinical and administrative skills you must know.

Then, you can apply for a license in a specific field.

Courses Offered

Southern Careers Institute provides hands-on education in accelerated courses that you can finish in a few semesters.

Their goal is to provide comprehensive training that is manageable while getting you ready for a job as quickly as possible.

The course load is high but manageable for most.

Each training session includes multiple courses that cover real-world skills.

You’ll learn how to read vital signs, perform EKG readings, handle CPR, draw blood, perform lab work, and handle all administrative tasks, such as filling out insurance paperwork and more.

When you finish, you can sit for multiple medical certifications to begin your career.

These include clinical medical assistant, medical administrative assistant, phlebotomy technician, EKG technician, essential life support, Microsoft Office specialist, and MA career skills.

AddressAddress: 1701 W. Ben White Blvd, Ste 100 Austin, Texas 78704

4 Austin Medical Assistant School – West Braker

About the School

Austin Medical Assistant School is a highly-specialized program that provides you with a hands-on learning experience in your career.

Unlike other schools, it only provides education for medical assistants, meaning you should find something interesting to consider for your needs.

Courses Offered

AMAS starts by focusing heavily on practical knowledge and touches lightly on theories.

Their belief is that you’ll learn these theories through working hands-on with people in your field.

As a result, their class load is lighter, and their training period is much shorter than in many schools.

Expect to learn directly in medical settings, working directly with doctors and educators to learn this career’s skills.

For instance, you’ll get hands-on experience taking vital signs, drawing blood, and handling samples.

You’ll also learn more about patient ethics and other factors.

After finishing your program, you can sit for any medical assistant licensing exam.

Passing these exams give you a license, meaning you can start looking for entry-level jobs.

You can then transition to higher-earning jobs with more experience and hands-on expertise.

AddressAddress: 1139 West Braker Lane, Unit 103 Austin, TX 78758

5 Goodwill Career & Technical Academy

About the School

GCTA provides training in multiple careers through several different campuses.

Their Austin location offers a medical assistant training option that helps prepare you for the demands of this job.

You’ll learn about essential clinical and administrative skills and can take a certifying exam when done.

Courses Offered

GCTA provides a 13-week training program that includes morning and day classes that you can take around your regular work schedule.

You’ll go through 720 hours of courses with skilled professionals who understand your abilities and help you prepare for the certification exam.

Classes will teach you about measuring and recording vital signs, providing injections, giving patients medication, recording their history, updating their personal information, and better understanding their anatomy.

Administrative classes help prepare you for handling paperwork, insurance claims, and patient records.

As a result, you can work front- and back-office medical assistant jobs.

AddressAddress: 1015 Northwood Park Boulevard Austin, TX 78753

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 The College of Health Care Professions
#2 Cybertex Institute of Technology
#3 Southern Careers Institute
#4 Austin Medical Assistant School – West Braker
#5 Goodwill Career & Technical Academy

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Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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