5 Best Medical Assisting Schools in Sacramento, CA

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Medical Assisting Schools in Sacramento, CA

Medical assistants help doctors handle various tests and work directly with patients to provide high-quality care.

This career path typically pays close to $38,000 on the median and will grow by 16% by 2034.

That makes it an excellent option for Sacramento residents, mainly because training includes fast-paced and results-oriented courses that will ensure your success.

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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1 Carrington College

About the School

Carrington provides multiple campuses throughout California and nationwide.

Their Sacramento campus provides you with hands-on medical assistant training on two paths.

You can earn either a certificate or an associate’s degree, depending on how quickly you want to begin your career.

Courses Offered

Carrington provides an in-depth training program that includes an associate’s degree or certificate option.

The certificate consists of 750 credit hours that introduce you to things like bookkeeping, insurance claims, diagnostics, assisting physicians, and handling EKG tests.

The associate’s degree includes more general programs that focus on education and consists of 60 credits.

You can technically complete the program in 66 weeks and receive the same courses you get in the certificate.

However, you also get psychology, algebra, English, and math classes.

Both training options will prepare you for entry-level work, so the option you choose will vary based on your preferences.

Some people will prefer the associate’s program because they’re more likely to get hired at higher pay, while others prefer the faster-paced learning available in the certificate.

AddressAddress: 8909 Folsom Boulevard Sacramento, CA 95826

2 UEI College

About the School

UEI College has multiple California campuses, two Arizona locations, and a few options in Georgia, Nevada, Washington, and Texas.

Their medical assistant training certificate helps you prepare quickly for this career and its unique demands in multiple ways.

Courses Offered

At UEI, you’ll learn the skills necessary to assist in multiple medical fields.

For example, you can transition to chiropractic, optometric, ophthalmic, and dental fields, as well as hospital care.

This diverse range of career options ensures you get the best results possible for your training.

You’ll take 800 clock hours of courses and learn anatomy, physiology, office safety, infection control, patient management, and much more.

You’ll earn a certificate at the end that verifies you can handle the skills necessary for this job.

As a result, you can start looking almost immediately.

That said, after you’ve completed your studies in courses like psychology, pharmacology, and clinical support, you start an externship of 250 hours.

This training helps you get an immersive experience in your field and ensures that you begin an assistant medical career with the necessary knowledge.

AddressAddress: 4424 Florin Road, Suite D Sacramento, CA 95823

3 Gurnick Academy Of Medical Arts

About the School

Gurnick Academy of Medical Arts helps prepare students for multiple entry-level jobs, including administrative and clerical positions.

Their medical assistant program enables you to learn about these and other duties, which ensures you’re prepared to begin your career ASAP.

Courses Offered

Gurnick’s medical assistant program remains one of the most in-demand and respected in the city.

It includes seven courses in three modules that have morning and evening schedules.

You can book whatever program you prefer to ensure that you get the proper training.

During your 45-credit-hour training, you’ll learn about billing coding, proper insurance procedures, interpersonal skills, assisting doctors in various tasks, preparing labor, diagnostic steps, and much more.

These skills help you prepare for the unique demands of this fantastic career.

After finishing these courses, Gurnick places you in a 180-hour externship program.

Here, you’ll learn the fundamental hands-on skills necessary for this career.

Many people decide whether this job is right for them after finishing an externship, as it gives them the best knowledge base possible.

AddressAddress: 8810 Cal Center Drive, FL 3 Sacramento, CA 95826

4 Unitek College

About the School

Unitek College includes multiple campuses across California and provides a unique trade school experience.

Their assistant medical program includes lectures, hands-on exercises, and other courses that immerse you in this career and make it a more fun experience for most people.

Courses Offered

Unitek provides an in-depth, 760-hour program that covers multiple facets of medical assisting.

These include medical law, administration, diagnostics, patient assessment, anatomy, physiognomy, and more.

These courses include hands-on labs as well as more lecture-based education.

During classes, you’ll learn about these essential lessons in in-depth lectures and apply lessons in a lab setting.

These labs include specialized training from professionals, high-quality adjustment from a skilled expert, and adjustments to your methods based on your care style.

Like many medical assistant programs, you also get an externship that helps prepare you for this job’s unique requirements.

In 160 hours, you’ll experience the ins and outs of this job, including its high and low points.

When you’re done, you’ll know how well you fit into this career.

AddressAddress: 1111 Howe Avenue, Unit 300 Sacramento, CA 95825

5 Cosumnes River College

About the School

Cosumnes River College includes multiple training programs, particularly in health and human services.

Its medical assistant program focuses on providing three certificate programs that help you begin your career.

Each certificate includes a different focus.

Courses Offered

At Cosumnes, you can pursue one or more medical assistant programs based on your interests.

For example, the administrative certificate helps with clerical courses, administrative medical assisting, and bookkeeping.

It’s an excellent option for someone interested in front-office work.

The insurance procedure certificate focuses on insurance providers, billing, basic coding, and medical language care.

Lastly, you can earn a comprehensive medical assistant program that teaches clinical approaches, as well as hands-on administrative work.

Note that you can also earn an associate’s degree in this field with a total of 60 credit hours.

It will include all the subjects above and prepare you for both clinical and administrative work.

Though it takes longer and costs more, it can ensure you’re ready to start.

Often, people with an associate’s degree get hired at a higher level than people with a simple certificate.

AddressAddress: 8401 Center Parkway Sacramento, CA 95823

Search Medical Assistant Programs

Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Carrington College
#2 UEI College
#3 Gurnick Academy Of Medical Arts
#4 Unitek College
#5 Cosumnes River College

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Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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