5 Best Medical Assisting Schools in Charlotte, NC

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Medical Assisting Schools in Charlotte, NC

Are you just about to graduate from a Charlotte, NC, high school and want to start a medical career quickly and efficiently?

How about a job that earns $38,000 on the median and is projected to provide 123,000 new jobs yearly?

These numbers reflect the reality behind the medical assistant career field, one that helps you transition into a medical field with minimal training.

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Get information on Medical Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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1 ECPI University

About the School

ECPI University includes multiple branches throughout North Carolina, including its large Charlotte campus.

Here, you can begin a medical assistant career and even become a certified phlebotomy technician, depending on your career path and which jobs interest you the most.

Courses Offered

ECPI provides a medical assistant certificate and an associate’s degree in several fields.

Some prefer the certificate because it’s faster and less expensive, while others will pursue the associate’s degree.

During your studies, you’ll learn about clinical, administrative, and patient-oriented care.

This course should take 12-15 months to complete depending on your interest.

The 12-month courses earn you a certificate that lets you sit for national licensing exams.

However, the extra three months in the 15-month course will earn you an associate’s degree in this field.

Depending on your schedule and preference, you can take courses in the morning or at night.

Some people may even prefer online courses if they live far from Charlotte or want a different experience.

Courses include multiple fast-track batches that help you work or care for your children.

AddressAddress: 4800 Airport Center Parkway, Unit 100 Charlotte, NC 28208

2 American Academy of Healthcare

About the School

The American Academy of Healthcare is a training school in Charlotte that focuses strictly on medical careers.

You’ll earn a completion certificate after finishing their program and can transition to entry-level jobs in clinical labs, offices, hospitals, and other facilities.

Courses Offered

AAH in Charlotte provides a unique two-month, 160-hour training program that focuses on fast-tracking you to a medical assistant career.

This program has limited seats because you’re paired with a teacher for a one-on-one experience that enhances your educational experience.

Note that your class load will be pretty high in this program, including double shifts of day and evening classes two to three times per week.

You’ll also take 16 hours of externship training to begin your career with a hands-on understanding of this unique field.

After you complete this program, you can apply for the licensing exam for medical assistants, which lets you work in any entry-level position.

Though the quick nature of this program may not work for everyone, it helps you begin your career more quickly and efficiently.

AddressAddress: 4917 Albermarle Road Charlotte, NC 28205

3 Gaston College

About the School

Gaston College includes multiple campuses in or near the Charlotte area.

In addition, their Dallas campus includes a medical assistant training program that helps you transition into this career more quickly.

Depending on your interests, you can take either the certificate path or the associate’s degree.

Courses Offered

Gaston College provides an extensive medical assistant diploma program that takes 48 program hours to complete.

You’ll learn about patient care, administrative tasks, clinical studies, and other subjects necessary to improve your career training during your courses.

If you want to complete an associate’s degree, you need another 20 credit hours in various extra courses, including English and mathematics.

While these courses might be annoying to some people, taking them can improve your chances of transitioning into a successful career.

Thankfully, Gaston accepts multiple student loan sources, including work programs, grants, and other student loans.

While they don’t work with the Federal Direct Loan Program, they provide assistance for veterans, particularly those who’ve served overseas in real combat situations.

AddressAddress: 201 Highway 321 South Dallas, NC 28034

4 Chosen Health Care Institute Inc

About the School

Chosen Health Care Institute provides a more in-depth training program that includes more hours over an extended period.

This option works well for those interested in more hands-on training or who want to transition to a more demanding medical assistant career.

Courses Offered

At CHCI, you’ll take 526 hours to complete a seven-month program that discusses multiple unique training paths.

For example, depending on your career interest, you’ll take Certified Nursing I, Medication Aide, Certified Nursing II, Electrocardiogram Tech, and Phlebotomy courses.

You learn about adult care, hospital facility procedures, dialysis center operation, and rehab work during your hands-on training.

You’ll also learn about administrative techniques and various in-depth training steps that make transitioning into this career much easier.

Finishing the program also includes 200 hours or five weeks of an internship, after which you’re ready to sit for the NHA exams.

After completing your exam and passing, you can look for entry-level positions throughout your field, including at hospitals and doctor’s offices.

AddressAddress: 8401 University Executive Park Drive, Unit 111 Charlotte, NC 28213

5 Mitchell Community College

About the School

Mitchell Community College includes a few North Carolina campuses, each of which provides a medical assistant program.

You can earn either a certificate or an associate’s degree and must finish an internship after the program is over to complete your training effectively.

Courses Offered

Mitchell Community College provides extensive medical assistance training programs based on your needs.

You can focus on front-office work, which is primarily administrative, or back-office work, which covers patient-oriented treatment.

You’ll learn procedures for both to improve your career choices.

During your coursework, you’ll learn about medical assistant theory, attend various classes, perform lab work, and complete a clinical practicum.

This work helps you master the unique demands of this field, including administrative, clinical, and patient-based care in various settings.

After completing either your certificate (47 credit hours) or associate’s degree (68 credit hours), you also take a 32-40 hour internship for 6-8 weeks.

You don’t get paid for this internship, but you will get the necessary knowledge to pass your licensing exam and begin your career.

AddressAddress: 500 West Broad Street Statesville, NC 28677

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 ECPI University
#2 American Academy of Healthcare
#3 Gaston College
#4 Chosen Health Care Institute Inc
#5 Mitchell Community College

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