Electrician Schools in South Dakota (Top Programs)

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Electrician Schools in South Dakota

Pursuing a career in the electrical field in South Dakota is a good choice, as jobs are expected to increase by 12.5% until 2024.

The South Dakota Electrical Commission handles electrician licenses in this state.

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Becoming an Apprentice

To become licensed, you need to undergo a number of years of training.

You will need either 8,000 hours of practical experience and 576 hours of class, or an associate’s degree and 6,000 hours of practical experience.

Trade Schools

If you join a trad school, you can easily meet the criteria for a journeyman license.

After your program is over, you will only need 3 years of experience to apply.

Many trade schools also offer career placing opportunities which will help you get your license faster.

The classes available in the programs include:

  • Basic Math Computations
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Algebra with Trigonometry
  • Electrical Theory
  • OSHA Regulations and First Aid
  • Electrical Code
  • Telecom Cabling
  • Basic Telecommunications
  • Motor Controls
  • Basic Alarm Technology
  • Semi-Conductors
  • Logic Circuits and Programmable Controllers
  • Motor and Generator Theory
  • Fire Access & CCTV Systems
  • Power Distribution and Load Calculations
School NameAddress
Mitchell Technical Institute1800 E. Spruce Street, Mitchell, SD 57301
Oglala Lakota College490 Piya Wiconi Road, Kyle, SD 57752
Western Dakota Technical Institute800 Mickelson Dr, Rapid City, SD 57703

Union and Non-Union Apprenticeships

To become a union or non-union apprentice, you have to meet some criteria.

The requirements involve:

  • 18 years old
  • High school diploma/GED
  • A year of algebra
  • Driver’s license

Apprenticeships offer the 8,000 hours of training you need to get licensed, as well as theory classes.

If you opt for a union apprenticeship, you need to join the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) and apply to a JATC in your area.

If you choose a non-union apprenticeship, you can get into one by contacting the Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC).

No matter what type of apprenticeship you choose, you will have to register it and renew it once at 2 years.

Pass the Journeyman Exam

To get a journeyman license, you need to pass an exam once your apprenticeship is completed.

For this, you must submit an application form to the Commission.

You’ll be required to mention all your past experiences on the application form.

Candidates are expected to pay an exam fee and a separate license fee once they pass the exam.

The exam covers:

  • National Electric Code
  • BICSI Telecommunications Distribution Methods
  • Fire Detection and Alarm Systems

Become an Independent Electrical Contractor

After working some years in the field, you can start your own business with an independent contractor license.

The requirements are:

  • Submit an application
  • A bond of $10,000
  • Public liability insurance of $100,000
  • Property damage insurance of $300,000

When the criteria are met, you will be scheduled for the exam.


The more experienced electricians in South Dakota earn a higher salary than those that just started out.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Sioux Falls$42,630
Rapid City$42,216

License Renewal

After you get your journeyman license, you need to have it renewed once at 2 years.

For this, you also need to attend 16 extra hours of education.

The independent contractor license also needs to be renewed once at 2 years, after you took 16 extra hours of education.

Eight of these extra hours must be spent learning the updates to the electrical code.

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