7 Best Dental Assistant Schools in Indianapolis, IN

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Dental Assistant Schools in Indianapolis, IN

Are you looking for a job that doesn’t bring the burdens at home during weekends?

Dental Assisting could be your answer!

Dental Assisting offers stability, growth potential, and a work-life balance.

Most dental offices follow regular business hours and remain closed on weekends, giving you enough time to unwind and enjoy your personal life.

Search Dental Assistant Programs

Get information on Dental Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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But to excel in this role, proper certification and training are essential.

Here’s a list that offers a Dental Assisting Program in Indianapolis, IN. Check it out, start your dental assisting journey, and enjoy weekend freedom!

1 Dental Assistants School Of Indiana (Indianapolis)

With over 30 years of dental experience and a profound passion for education, the Dental Assistants School Of Indiana (Indianapolis) has a deeply rooted foundation.

It recognizes the soaring demand for dental auxiliary professionals indicated by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The schools dedicate their time to offering accurate dental assisting and expanded function training programs.

The program does not just promise knowledge but also challenges and rewards for a fulfilling career.

The Indiana Department of Workforce Development accredited the school, upholding the highest standards in dental education.

About The Dental Assisting Program

Dental Assistants School Of Indiana (Indianapolis) offers three programs: Dental Assisting, Expanded Function Dental Assisting (EFDA), and Coronal Polishing and Fluoride Application Courses.

Here are the program details:

Dental Assistant Program

  • Duration: 12-week intensive course.
  • Features: Comprehensive blend of lectures, labs, on-site observations, and an 8-hour externship at partner dental offices.
  • Environment: Modern dental facility with state-of-the-art equipment, including digital radiology, CAD/CAM system, and more.
  • Schedule: Excluding major holidays, with provision for make-up classes.
  • Requirements: Students must wear professional attire, completion of Hepatitis B vaccinations, and a two-step TB skin test by the third week.
  • Cost: $4,000.

Expanded Function Dental Assisting (EFDA) Program

  • Duration: 6-week intensive course.
  • Features: Rigorous advanced dental procedure training with theoretical and hands-on experience.
  • Environment: Real-world dental office setup equipped with the latest technology.
  • Requirements: Students must have Dental Assistant training certification, professional attire, and observance of hygiene standards.
  • Cost: $2,100.

Coronal Polishing & Fluoride Application Course

  • Duration: 2-week course, spanning two Fridays a month.
  • Features: Comprehensive learning with both didactic and lab sessions.
  • Requirements: Students must wear clinical attire and all essential supplies the school provides.
  • Cost: $675 (split into two payments).

AddressAddress: 5110 Commerce Square Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46237

2 Indianapolis Dental Assistant School

Indianapolis Dental Assistant School was founded to give hope to those aiming to become dental assistants without facing significant student debt or extended years of schooling.

Its intensive goal is to give students the essential skills, training, and certifications to confidently join the local dental workforce.

It combines online education with in-person labs at the Indianapolis dental office, ensuring hands-on practice.

The school emphasizes its dedication to accessible education by introducing flexible payment options without requiring student credit checks.

The Indiana Workforce Commission (IWC) regulates and licenses Indianapolis Dental Assistant School.

About The Dental Assisting Program

Indianapolis Dental Assistant School offers a 12-week intensive dental assisting program.

This program empowers students with practical skills and knowledge tailored to real-life dental scenarios.

It offers recorded lectures and online modules that students can work on at their convenience throughout the week.

The curriculum accentuates students’ hands-on abilities with weekly 4.5-hour in-person sessions at an Indianapolis dental office.

It also has a 40-hour externship program that allows students to collaborate closely with experienced dental professionals in local clinics.

The program requires the following to enroll: Proof of high school graduation, evidence of U.S. citizenship, and a U.S. government-issued photo ID.

Upon completing the program, students will be prepared to take and pass the state RDA exam and receive the following certificates:

  • BLS (CPR) card.
    RDA license after completing the RDA examination.
  • A Certificate of Completion.

AddressAddress: 7265 N. Shadeland Ave. Indianapolis, IN 46250

3 Fortis College

Fortis College is a post-secondary education that offers students potent learning and training experiences tailored for professional evolution and enduring personal development.

Fortis aims to bridge the gap between academic knowledge and professional expertise from its inception.

Starting with the establishment of Fortis College in Salt Lake City in 2008, the institution experienced rapid expansion.

By 2011, Fortis expanded in states like Alabama, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Texas, and more.

It already has 29 campuses in 14 states, making a legacy by offering career-focused training and academic programs.

The Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES) and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) accredits Fortis College.

About The Dental Assisting Program

Fortis College Dental Assisting Program isn’t just about theoretical knowledge; it’s a blend of hands-on strategies and real-world applications.

The comprehensive and diverse duties of dental assistants ensure the smooth operation of dental offices and contribute significantly to patient care and satisfaction.

The program helps students learn the distinction of working with dentists across various specializations.

Fortis College believes in a holistic approach to dental education.

By completing the program, students will gain a diploma and prepare for the real world, preparing them for entry-level positions as dental assistants.

Here are the following responsibilities you will learn in the program:

  • Students will learn how to ready patients for procedures, check-ups, and dental cleanings.
  • Sanitizing tools.
  • Learn how to support dentists throughout check-ups and treatments.
  • Handle oral X-ray procedures.
  • Learn how to aid the upkeep of patient files.
  • Learn how to execute assorted in-house lab tasks and more…

AddressAddress: 9001 N. Wesleyan Rd. Suite 101 Indianapolis, IN 46268

4 Indiana University School of Dentistry

Indiana University School of Dentistry is among the oldest dental institutions in Indiana.

Established in 1879 by the Indiana State Dental Association as the Indiana Dental College, it became a vital part of Indiana University in 1925.

Under the guidance of Dean Carol Anne Murdoch-Kinch, it pushes the boundaries of oral health—educating future professionals, pioneering groundbreaking research, and serving thousands through our oral healthcare services.

The University also contributes to dentistry research; during the 1950s, Dr. Joseph Muhler and his team innovated the first fluoride toothpaste.

Its commitment to the Oral Health Institute is excellent in preventive dentistry research and product testing.

It continuously pushes boundaries in dental informatics and bone and tissue engineering.

About The Dental Assisting Program

Indiana University School of Dentistry offers an intensive Dental Assisting program accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

The program runs for two semesters and demands the completion of 30 credit hours.

This full-time program comprises 14 mandatory courses, encompassing approximately 1,000 hours spanning lectures, labs, and hands-on clinical experiences.

It also requires 300 clinical hours to acquire the completion certificate, and the student will undertake three Dental Assisting National Board exams to earn the Certified Dental Assistant (CDA) title.

Upon completion, students will earn the following:

  • Indiana Dental Radiographer’s License.
  • Coronal Polishing Certificate.
  • Caries Prevention certificates.

The school also offers an Expanded Restorative Dentistry elective course with three credit hours in the spring semester.

Students who successfully finish the program will earn an Expanded Restorative Procedures for Dental Auxiliaries certificate.

AddressAddress: 1121 W. Michigan Street, DS 317 Indianapolis, IN 46202

5 Hoosier Dental Assisting School

Hoosier Dental Assisting School is an educational institution offering a top-tier dental assisting program.

It integrates with well-known clinics, such as 7 Days Family Dental (with 6 Central Indy offices), Global Smiles Dental, and Parkview Dental.

This strategic alliance promises its students invaluable on-the-job experience, ensuring they confidently enter the dental sector.

The school has state-of-the-art facilities, allowing students to train with cutting-edge dental equipment across nine operatories.

It will enable them to have an actual glimpse of real-world dental practices.

The school’s commitment is to offer and maintain academic excellence.

Its roster comprises seasoned professionals who don’t just impart knowledge but mentor, guide, and prepare students for a thriving career.

Furthermore, its close association with renowned dental clinics paves the way for direct employment opportunities, emphasizing its commitment to students’ futures.

About The Dental Assisting Program

Hoosier Dental Assisting School offers two intensive programs: Dental Assisting (D.A.) Program and Expanded Functions Dental Assisting (E.F.D.A.) Program.

Here are the following highlights of the Dental Assisting (D.A.) Program:

  • Principles of Dental Assisting
  • Oral Health & Prevention
  • Disease, Transmission & Infection Control
  • Patient Information & Assessment: Includes CPR
  • Training/Certification.
  • Clinical Dentistry
  • Radiographic Imaging
  • Radiographic Imaging
  • Dental Materials/CAD/CAM/CEREC
  • Comprehensive Dental Care
  • Dental Administration
  • Practicum

Each topic will be covered each week with 4 hours of lecture and 4 hours of lab classes, except for the practicum, which will consume 8 hours.

The program will last for 12 weeks; classes are every Sunday.

In contrast, the Expanded Functions Dental Assisting (E.F.D.A.) program requires an existing DA license or enrollment in the dental assisting program.

The program runs for six weeks to complete.

AddressAddress: 7007 US 31 S Indianapolis, IN 46227

6 Dental Careers Foundation

Established in 1993, the Dental Careers Foundation of Indianapolis (DCF) has consistently evolved, reflecting the most recent changes in dentistry.

Focusing on real-world practical training ensures that students get a well-rounded education.

In 2007, DCF revamped its curriculum to focus more on Radiology, aligning with Indiana’s state laws.

Its goal remains to prepare students comprehensively for the required national Radiology test.

DCF’s mission is to nurture students into competent dental assistants by providing a warm, positive learning environment that encourages each student’s potential.

About The Dental Assisting Program

Dental Careers Foundation offers a comprehensive Dental Assisting program.

It provides students with the foundational skills to pursue a rewarding career in Dental Assisting.

The program runs for ten consecutive Saturdays with classroom and hands-on, complemented by patient interactions.

The program covers the following:

  • The Dental Profession
  • Dental Anatomy & Physiology
  • Human Anatomy Related to Jaw & Skull
  • Four-Handed Dental Assisting
  • Anesthesia & Pain Control
  • Moisture Control
  • Infection Control
  • Dental Radiology
  • Clothing
  • General Dentistry
  • Fixed Prosthodontics
  • Specialized Dental Domains
  • Impressions & Model Trimming
  • Front Office Management
  • Job Interview & Placement Assistance

Students need at least twelve on-the-job training hours for graduation requirements in the school’s practicing dental offices.

AddressAddress: 8902 N Meridian St , Ste 102 Indianapolis, IN 46260

7 Dental Assistants School of Indiana

Dental Assistants School of Indiana was founded in 2011 to bridge the gap between aspiration and achievement for all aspiring dental assistants.

Established by a visionary Indianapolis Cosmetic Dentist, its institution emerged to cultivate competent dental assistants who could immediately impact professional dental settings.

The school emphasizes the importance of personal oral health care responsibility.

Its goal is to create self-sufficiency and reinforce self-esteem, ensuring students graduate with a heightened sense of personal growth.

Its mission is to provide top-notch education without the hefty price tag.

With its beliefs that quality education should be attainable for everyone.

About The Dental Assisting Program

The Dental Assisting Program at the Dental Assistants School of Indiana offers a comprehensive curriculum, preparing students for a successful and fulfilling career in dental assisting.

The program includes 78 hours of lectures and hands-on lab sessions, supplemented by a 30-hour externship with practicing dentists for 13 weeks.

This approach ensures students grasp theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills and experience.

The program covers the following:

  • Introduction to the Dental Profession: An overview of the dental industry, its history, and its significance.
  • Ethics in Dentistry: Exploring the field’s ethical considerations and best practices.
  • Modern X-Rays with Digital Sensors: A dive into the advancements in radiographic technology.
  • Dental Anatomy and Terminology: Understanding the structure and terms associated with dental anatomy.
  • Dental Physiology and Pathology: Insights into the functions of dental facilities and common dental ailments.
  • Dental Specialties: A look into the various specialized fields in dentistry.
  • Dental Emergencies: Preparing students to handle unexpected dental situations.
  • And more…

In addition to the dental assisting curriculum, the school also offers a specialized 6-week course on EFDA, meeting for 6 hours biweekly.

Prospective students can contact the school directly for detailed specifics on this program.

AddressAddress: 5685 Lafayette Rd. Ste. 100 Indianapolis, IN 46254

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Dental Assistants School Of Indiana (Indianapolis)
#2 Indianapolis Dental Assistant School
#3 Fortis College
#4 Indiana University School of Dentistry
#5 Hoosier Dental Assisting School
#6 Dental Careers Foundation
#7 Dental Assistants School of Indiana

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