5 Best Dental Assistant Schools in Colorado Springs, CO

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Dental Assistant Schools in Colorado Springs, CO

Are you looking for a new career or beginning your professional journey for post-high school?

You can consider Dental Assisting.

In this field, you won’t be bored sitting in a cubicle all day, as every day brings unique challenges.

If you like building meaningful connections and helping people with their dental health daily, then a short-term Dental Assisting program could be your ideal route.

Search Dental Assistant Programs

Get information on Dental Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Dental Assistants enjoy the opportunity to be active and engage with many people.

If you’re in Colorado Springs, CO, check out the schools list we provide so you can kickstart your journey in the dental assisting industry.

1 Pikes Peak State College

Pikes Peak State College was founded in 1968 as a public community college.

Initially, it was an El Paso Community College without an official campus.

In 1978, it constructed new campuses and changed its name to Pikes Peak Community College.

Over the years, it has grown exponentially; today, it offers 150 programs in liberal arts and science transfers and technical education.

The college has a 60+60 Bachelor’s Degree Transfer Program that guarantees students transfer for PPSC Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degrees to other higher education institutions in Colorado.

Since 1975, the Higher Learning Commission (HLC), a prestigious institution founded in 1895, accredits PPSC.

Its mission is to provide quality education, career technical fields, two-year transfer programs, and broad-ranging personal, career, and technical education.

About The Dental Assisting Program

PPSC Dental Assisting Program is an Associate of Applied Science with four semesters length with classroom-based, hyflex, and hybrid classes.

The program tailors to aspiring dental professionals eager to kickstart their careers as chair-side dental assistants in diverse clinical settings.

It is the only dental assisting institution in southern Colorado with accreditation from the American Dental Association’s Commission on Dental Accreditation.

The courses included in the program:

  • Dental Science I: Dive deep into oral structures, dental anatomy, morphology, and charting.
  • Infection Control: Learn about microorganisms, aseptic techniques, and sterilization.
  • Clinical Internship II & Seminar: Gain hands-on experience in both general and specialized dentistry.
  • Introduction to Expanded Functions: Acquaint yourself with advanced dental assisting techniques and procedures.

Once you complete the program, you will learn the following:

  • Master diverse dental materials and ensure you meet clinical standards.
  • Proficiency in infection control in line with OSHA and CDC standards.
  • Ability to produce diagnostic quality radiographs, surpassing Colorado State standards.

Upon graduation, you can take the Dental Assisting National Board CDA Exam.

AddressAddress: 5675 S. Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80906

2 Colorado Dental Assisting School

Colorado Dental Assisting School is a pioneering institute co-founded by the dynamic duo A.J.

Peak and the great dad, Dr. Peak. A.J.’s many years of management experience, combined with his father’s clinical wisdom and entrepreneurial knowledge, led to the school’s creation.

Its mission is to offer comprehensive training and ensure it’s rooted in real-world dental practices.

Their commitment is more than education; the school creates a brighter future, enriching lives one smile at a time.

About The Dental Program

Colorado Dental Assisting program is an extensive dental education that covers theoretical knowledge, practical training, and clinical exposure within ten weeks.

The faculty ensures seamless operation and maintains the institute’s adherence to OSHA regulations.

The classes include 20 hours of online instruction, 50 hours of lab in a dental office, and 34 hours of home study with access to an online classroom.

It also has an option for an externship where students will receive on-the-job training.

The program covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to the Dental Field
  • Study of Dental Structures
  • Controlling Infections
  • Study of Oral Health Conditions
  • Materials Used in Dentistry
  • Techniques in Dental Imaging
  • Dental Administration
  • CPR & First Aid
  • Holistic Dental Care
  • And more…

The program costs $3,995, including all the materials you need for the training.

It includes textbooks, CPR training, and a set of professional scrubs.

Once you complete our course, you’ll be awarded Dental Assisting, CPR, and Radiology certifications.

AddressAddress: 6110 Barnes Road Colorado Springs, CO 80922

3 American Institute of Dental Assisting

Dr. Humphreys founded the American Institute of Dental Assisting (AIDA) in Colorado.

He has 36 years of experience in general dentistry, an alumnus of the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry in 1979.

He is an expert in oral surgery, implants, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, and periodontics.

Dr. Humphreys owns five operator dental practices in Colorado Springs, transforming it into a premier dental assistant teaching facility.

A respected American Dental Association, Colorado Dental Association, and Colorado Springs Dental Society member, he infuses AIDA with his vast knowledge and dedication.

About The Dental Assisting Program

AIDA has two types of Dental Assisting programs: The Dental Assisting Program and the Expanded Duties Dental Assisting Program (EDDA).

The Dental Assisting Program runs for 13 weeks.

It trains students directly in an operational dental clinic, providing care to actual patients alongside licensed Colorado dentists.

Students will master the latest x-ray technologies and dental software Colorado dental offices use.

The classes have flexible schedules, and the AIDA team will also guide you on job placements to secure a position after graduation.

The Expanded Duties Dental Assisting Program (EDDA) is an advanced course for those who want to elevate their dental assisting career.

It covers restorative dentistry, the application of sealants, temporary crowns, bridges, and more within seven weeks.

Class size is limited to ensure you get the attention and learnings to advance your dental career.

AddressAddress: 1920 Vindicator Dr. Suite 209 Colorado Springs, CO 80919

4 All Hands Dental Assisting School

All Hands Dental Assisting School is located in  Bass Pro Drive #110
Colorado Springs, CO.

It’s an institution that will change students’ lives once they’ve chosen a dental assisting career.

It blends academic standards, practical hands-on training, and a dedicated faculty team to help students thrive in their dental assisting careers.

Theory is vital, but All Hands Dental Assisting School believes in a holistic approach.

Its students gain invaluable real-world experience by emphasizing practical application, ensuring they’re certified and competent.

About The Dental Assisting Program

All Hands Dental Assisting School offers a dental assisting program within 13 weeks.

It is a comprehensive program that equips students with all the necessary dental assistant skills in a real-world setup.

The program is affordable, and it is one of the most competitive tuition rates in the region to ensure you can have a shot at your dream career.

The school also offers job placement assistance to students to guarantee they are not alone in their job search.

Due to limited information, you can request more info on their website, call (719) 266-2600, or visit their on-site location.

AddressAddress: 13492 Bass Pro Drive #110 Colorado Springs, CO 80921

5 Assist To Succeed Colorado Springs

Assist To Succeed Colorado is located in Explorer Drive, Colorado Springs, CO.

It offers flexible dental assisting courses with on-site lessons and online classes.

The dental assisting education is a brainchild of Kindra O’Rielley, the visionary founder of ATS.

It is one of the leading educators in dental assisting that emphasizes immersive real-life training.

ATS does more than prepare for a job; it cultivates dental professionals driven to make a significant mark in the industry.

About The Dental Assisting Program

ATS dental assisting program is a comprehensive training that blends theoretical knowledge and hands-on training for future dental assistants.

To qualify for the program, you must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or GED, have a Hepatitis B vaccination, and have proof of TB-free.

It runs for ten weeks, with an on-site session every Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Students must also commit 4 hours of self-paced online coursework, including the lecture materials.

The program covers the following topics:

  • An Overview of Dental Assisting
  • Four-Handed Dentistry Techniques
  • Understanding Amalgams, Composites & Cements
  • Radiology
  • Endodontic and Orthodontic Practices
  • Oral Surgery Procedures
  • Pediatric Dentistry Techniques
  • OSHA Guidelines
  • Dental Office Management and more.

Please note that ATS values punctuality, two records of late are equivalent to one absence. If you have more than one absence, it leads to course failures.

AddressAddress: 8610 Explorer Drive Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920

Search Dental Assistant Programs

Get information on Dental Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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Schools Summary Table

Rank School
#1 Pikes Peak State College
#2 Colorado Dental Assisting School
#3 American Institute of Dental Assisting
#4 All Hands Dental Assisting School
#5 Assist To Succeed Colorado Springs

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Get information on Dental Assistant programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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