How to Become a Dental Assistant in Nebraska

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How to Become a Dental Assistant in Nebraska

Along with the dentist and the dental hygienists, there is another job in the dental office that is very important.

This is the job of a dental assistant.

The responsibilities of an assistant in the dentist’s office are challenging and diverse.

Individuals desiring a career in the field should check the regulations regarding it in the state they will be working.

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According to the Nebraska Board of Dentistry, there are two types of dental assistants recognized in the state of Nebraska.

These are the basic dental assistant and dental assistants qualified in coronal polishing.

Also, there are different requirements for assistants who wish to take dental x-rays.

How to Become a Basic Dental Assistant in Nebraska

The Nebraska Board of Dentistry doesn’t require for basic dental assistants to complete an education or specific training.

This is because the job of a basic dental assistant is an entry-level one.

They can perform only basic functions in the dental office.

Some individuals prefer to complete additional training because employers look for more qualified candidates.

Also, to administer general anesthesia parenteral sedation or inhalation analgesia, dental assistants have to possess a valid basic life support skills certification.

How to Become a Dental Assistant Qualified in Coronal Polishing

There are two options before dental assistants who wish to become qualified in coronal polishing in the state of Nebraska:

  • Complete a year of clinical work experience or 1500 hours at minimum as an assistant in the dental field, as well as a course in coronal polishing approved by the Nebraska Board of Dentistry.
  • Be a graduate from an educational program in dental assisting accredited by the CODA (Commission on Dental Accreditation).

Dental schools in the state of Nebraska are located in the following cities:

  • Broken Bow
  • Grand Island
  • Imperial
  • Lincoln
  • North Platte
  • Ogallala
  • Omaha
  • Valentine

There is a chance for a dental assistant who doesn’t want to relocate for the education program.

They can enroll online in an education program.

Radiography Requirements for Dental Assistants in Nebraska

In the state of Nebraska dental assistants have to be qualified to take dental x-rays.

Individuals who are legally allowed to perform this procedure are more likely to get a higher paying job.

There are three options for dental assistants who wish to become qualified to take dental x-rays:

  • Successfully pass the CDA (Certified Dental Assistant) through the DANB (Dental Assisting National Board)
  • Complete a two-day dental radiography course approved by the Nebraska Board of Dentistry
  • Graduate from a dental assisting program accredited by the CODA that offers training in dental radiography

To be eligible to take the CDA exam, individuals have to fulfill one of the listed below requirements:

  • Be a graduate from a dental assisting program accredited by the CODA
  • Have a GED or a high school diploma, as well as 3500 hours of proven and approved work experience
  • Have a former CDA certification, or be graduate from a dentist preparation program accredited by the CODA, or have a dental degree in another country

To pass the CDA exam, candidates have to pass its three sub-exams:

  • GC (General Chairside Assisting)
  • RHS (Radiation Health and Safety)
  • IC (Infection Control)

The Certified Dental Assistant examination is administered in Pearson VUE centers located in Lincoln, North Platte, and Omaha.

Maintenance of Dental Assistant Certifications in Nebraska

The CDA certification in Nebraska has to be renewed every two years.

To do so, the DANB has a requirement that individuals have to complete 12 CDE (Continuing Dental Education) credits every year.

Of course, the CDE credits have to be related to dental assisting.

Also, education programs need to have 45 minutes in length at a minimum.

According to the DANB, all of the continuing dental education credits needed for the CDA renewal can be earned online.

Listed below are the categories allowed by the DANB regarding the earning of continuing dental education credits:

  • DANB/other related to the dental field certification exams – 12 CDEs at maximum biennially
  • Clinical Practice (when it is directly related to the clinical practice of dentistry or dental assisting) – 12 CDEs at maximum biennially
  • Dental Office Management (when it is related to office duties that are permitted to dental assistants) – 3 CDEs at maximum biennially
  • Scholarly activity/volunteer practice (when it is related to community volunteer service/continuing dental education) – 3 CDEs at maximum biennially

When the time for a CDA certification renewal comes, the DANB will notify by mail every Certified Dental Assistant.

Individuals are asked to save all of the documentation they obtain regarding CDE credits, because sometimes the DANB may audit them during the time of renewal.

The maintenance of BLS (Basic Life Support) certification is mandatory for all dental assistants practicing in the state of Nebraska.

Don’ts of a Dental Assistant in Nebraska

According to the Nebraska Dental Practice Act, dental assistants are allowed to do procedures and functions only under the direct supervision of a licensed dentist.

This includes the administration of infection control, as well as occupational safety procedures.

Listed below are the functions are forbidden by the Nebraska Board of Dentistry:

  • Administration of general or local anesthetics
  • Diagnose patients
  • Planning of patients treatment
  • Scale of teeth
  • Place or contour of final restorations
  • Chemical curettage
  • An intraoral procedure that leads to the fabrication of the prosthesis
  • Irreversible dental procedures
  • Surgeries on hard or soft tissue

How Much Does a Dental Assistant in Nebraska Earn?

Understandably, dental assistant jobs in Nebraska can be found mainly in dental practices.

Also, in bigger cities there is a larger job market, meaning that jobs can be found more easily.

It is expected that the number of dental assistant jobs will increase by the year 2022, by 25%.

According to a statistic from the 28th of September, 2018, dental assistants in the state of Nebraska earn about 33,199 USD on average.

The salary range in the state is between 29,464 and 36,707 USD.

The salary depends on the location (the city), as well as a few other factors such as certifications, education, specific skills, and experience.

Annual Salary Range:
Annual Salary by Location:
LocationAvg. Annual Salary
Omaha, NE$34,603
Lincoln, NE$34,371
Bellevue, NE$34,603
Grand Island, NE$33,895
Kearney, NE$33,895
Fremont, NE$34,071
Hastings, NE$33,895
North Platte. NE$32,877
Norfolk, NE$30,121
Columbus, NE$33,895

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