Training Requirements for Armed Security Guards

Training Requirements for Armed Security Guards

Armed security guards are responsible for keeping their clients safe and the fact that they carry a gun gives them even more responsibility.

In order to become an armed security guard, you need to complete several hours of training on how to safely handle a firearm, in addition to the regular security guard training hours.

After completing the training you will receive a card that allows you to carry a firearm while on duty.

Training requirements and the program duration vary from state to state but if you want to join this profession you will also be subjected to a rigorous background check.

You can apply for a license to become an armed security guard through your state’s Department of Justice or Bureau of Security.


The Benefits of Becoming an Armed Security Guard

Being licensed to carry a firearm while on duty can help you in many situations.

Reason 1: You will earn more

Armed security guards are usually paid more than unarmed guards and this is why many people who work in this profession go through the additional training.

Reason 2: More Employment Opportunities

Many job openings that occur in this profession are available only to those who are qualified to carry a firearm.

Also, as an armed security guard, you have better career advancement opportunities.

Reason 3: Carrying a Firearm Gives You Additional Protection

Hopefully, you won’t have to use your firearm while on duty but the fact that you know you have a firearm can help you (and your clients) feel safer.

Moreover, the fact that you carry a firearm will help you avoid a dangerous situation, without having to use it.

What Topics Does Firearm Training Cover?

Firearm training will teach you about:

Weapons Retention

This part of your training focuses on teaching you how to keep your gun safe during an attack to avoid having it taken from you.

You will also learn how to make sure your gun is secure and locked properly while you carry it.

Self Defense

This class will teach you several techniques to defend yourself with and without a firearm.

Because many people who join this class have no former experience with a firearm, trainees practice shooting at a firing range to find out exactly what holding a firearm feels like.

Laws Regarding the Use of Firearms

The exact laws that govern when and how to use a firearm vary from state to state but it is important to know these laws very well not only for your training test but also because these regulations may help you save lives and keep your clients safe.

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Where Do I Get This Training?

If you have prior work experience in a profession that involves rigorous firearm training, such as a police officer or military personnel, you are exempt from the required training hours but you will have to go through a registration process with the State where you want to practice.

If you don’t have any experience in the field you will need to complete the number of hours required by your state.

To find out what the exact requirements are, it’s best to check with your state’s department of public safety or the institution that regulates this profession.

Finding a Job

After completing the training requirements you are ready to find employment in this profession and if you have a gun license you’re prospects are looking good.

Not only private security companies look for armed guards but also individuals and businesses who prefer to hire freelance armed guards.

Although as a freelance security guard you can find high-paying jobs, it may be easier, at least until you gain a few years of experience, to find employment with a private security company.

Security Companies That Hire Armed Guards

There are many different companies that offer good jobs for guards who are qualified to carry a firearm.

Some look for guards to work directly for them while others hire the guards out to other businesses.

Below you will find a shortlist of some of the biggest companies that hire security guards in the United States:


ACADEMI is a private American company that is looking to hire individuals with military experience.

They work with the state and federal military but are also offering services to people and locations who need to protect their premises.

Andrews International

Andrews International is a company located in Los Angeles but has branches all over the world.

It offers security services to major tourist attractions, national landmarks, healthcare facilities, financial and educational institutions, and other locations.


AlliedBarton is a US company that provides protection for a variety of institutions, from schools to factories.

Brink’s Company

Brink’s Company provides airport security, cash management, and home security services.

The company started in 1859, back when money was carried with horse-drawn carriages.

They have come a long way since then and working for this company looks really well on your CV.


ADT is one of the largest security companies in the United States and hires armed security guards as part of their security teams.

There are many other companies that offer jobs for armed guards, including G4S, ICTS, GK Sierra, Triple Canopy, and many more.
If you are looking for a job in the field one of these reputable businesses is a great place to start your career.

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