How Many Types of Security Guard Jobs Are Out There?

How Many Types of Security Guard Jobs Are Out There?

A security guard’s job description usually varies depending on his/her position and skills but also on their employer.

As you have probably discovered, there are many types of security guard jobs- each one coming with its own set of rules and responsibilities.

In order to find what type of job best fits your skills and expertise, it’s best to learn more about each type of security guard position.

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Private vs. Public Security Guards

The first distinction that we can make is between security guards who work in the private sector and those who work in the public sector.

The majority of security guards work for private security companies that provide security personnel to other businesses.

Some may also work for the business directly.

Public security officers, on the other hand, are sheriffs, detectives, and police officers, and other law enforcement staff.

Since the police officer job is treated as a separate profession and is not usually considered a security guard position, in this article we will focus only on security guards who work for private companies.

Different Places of Employment

Some of the most common places where we find security guards are malls, banks, schools, airports, and stores.

Although the job responsibilities and risks vary on where the type of institution, its location, and a variety of other factors, security guards who work in these places are primarily concerned with keeping businesses and the general public safe and prevent thefts, destructions, fights, and other illegal activities.

Security guards may also work at art galleries and museums where they prevent robberies.

They are also found at courthouses, libraries, and similar buildings.

Some also worked as armed car security officers- a position that is more dangerous.

Another place where you can find employment as a security guard is the gaming industry.

Security guards who work in casinos are called surveillance agents.

There are also security guards who provide protection to actors, musicians, politicians, and other VIPs.

Depending on the place where you want to seek employment as a security guard you will need a special set of skills and training and age requirements may also apply.

For example, you have to be over 21 in order to work as a surveillance officer in a casino.

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Different Job Responsibilities Within the Same Company

As we mentioned in our introduction, even within the same company, the responsibilities of a security guard can vary from one job to the other.

Different Job Descriptions

Some security guards have to patrol certain areas while others are stationed in a surveillance room where they watch monitors connected to cameras that are positioned at different points within the premises.

Driving a security car may also be a job requirement.

Working at Night

As a security guard, you may work during busy day hours or at night when many institutions and businesses are closed to the public.

Night security guards have different job responsibilities than day security guards, even if they work at the same company.

Carrying a Firearm

Some security guards carry a firearm while others don’t and this fact also entails different job responsibilities.

If you want to seek employment as an armed officer then you will also need additional training and a license but you will also have better salary prospects.


Since there are so many different types of security guard jobs, before applying for a position it is best to find out as much information as possible about the responsibilities that the job entails.

You should find an answer to the below questions:

  • Do I need to wear a uniform?
  • Will I have to carry a firearm?
  • Will I drive a security vehicle?
  • Does this position involve crowd control situations?

These are some questions that you have to answer before embarking on this journey because if you’re not ready or qualified to perform certain job tasks then you should continue your job search and find that position that best meets your skills and career aspirations.

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