I Want to Become a Security Guard. Do I Need to Go to School?

I Want to Become a Security Guard. Do I Need to Go to School?

If you want to become a security guard you are probably wondering if you need any training before qualifying for this job.

Usually, the only educational requirement for security guards is a high school diploma but having a degree or a certificate in law enforcement or criminal justice will look good on your resume.

Courses such as criminal studies, legal studies, homeland security, and public safety are available at many community colleges.

These classes can help a lot if you want to start a career in security.

Graduating from a program can help if you are looking for a job in security or you want to be advanced to a better-paying position.

Similar courses are also offered online but it is best to check your employer’s requirements before deciding to enroll in a class.

Other topics covered by security guards training courses are Powers to Arrest, Public Relations, Observation and Documentation, Communication, and more.

Taking a training class, such as armed guard training, can also help because armed guards usually have better job prospects than unarmed guards and earn more.

Some employers may require that you have completed firearm training before being hired.

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Although educational requirements vary from employer to employer, it’s recommended to have some relevant education because it will help you become a better security guard.

If you need advice from someone who has been in your shoes before, then it’s best to ask someone who already works as a security guard and they can guide you to the best school in your region and recommend classes that will prepare you for this profession.

In Conclusion

The general rule is that you have to finish high school before applying for any security guard job.

Although, post-secondary education is not required for security guards, completing some relevant classes will help you get a better-paying job and will make it easier for you to get hired.

Also, please keep in mind that some states require security guards to have some formal training before getting a license to work in the field so it’s best to also check your state requirements before deciding to start a career in this field.

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