What Kind of Background Checks Should a Future Security Guard Expect?

What Kind of Background Checks Should a Future Security Guard Expect?

Before being hired for a security job, you will need to pass a background check, regardless of the state where you reside.

Depending on the type of job that you apply for, the number of background checks you undergo varies.



Types of Background Checks

Some companies require only a fingerprint check while others also require a check on the applicant’s criminal record.

State laws governing this profession stipulate what type of checks you have to go through.

A clean criminal record may not be enough, for some positions you will also be asked to supply good character references.

Good physical health may also be a requirement for some security guard jobs.


Why Are Background Checks Needed?

Companies have to be very careful when hiring a new security guard because that person may have to face challenging situations every day and if they are not ready for the job, they can put themselves and others at risk.

Security guards may be put in situations when people’s lives and expensive properties may be a stake so a good physical condition is necessary.

Background checks are sometimes the best way for an employer to make sure that the person they hire is the right fit for the job.

Background Questionnaires

Some companies also ask candidates to fulfill questionaries about their background and it is important not to lie on these questions because your answers will go through a thorough investigation.

Some places are riskier than others, and therefore applicants should expect more thorough background checks and a lengthy application process.

If you want to work at a bank, for instance, the background check will be more rigorous and the screening process will take longer.

A Clean Criminal Record

The security company is liable if one of their employees commits a crime while on the job and for this reason employers ask a criminal record before hiring someone new.

Some jobs may overlook misdemeanors but if you have shoplifting or an incident that implies violence on your record, then this will likely prevent you from getting a security guard job.

In conclusion, before being hired as a security guard you have to prove that you are a trustworthy, emotionally stable person because this position is one that involves a lot of responsibility.

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