What Risks Do Armed Security Guards Face?

What Risks Do Armed Security Guards Face?

Holding a gun may make you feel safer as a security guard but you should know that it will also expose you to additional dangers and it can become a threat if you don’t know how and when to use it.

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Armed Security Guard Duties

The main objective for a security guard (armed or unarmed) is to keep their clients and/or valuables safe.

Armed security guards are required to complete specialized training before being allowed to practice.

This training part is very important and you should take it very seriously.

Knowing how to use and handle a gun is essential in this line of work.

One of the main things that security guards need to know is: when, where, and how to use their guns.

Security guards who don’t know how to handle their firearms can be a threat to themselves and others.

Risks That Come With The Job

Being an armed security guard has its risks because firearms imply a risk of serious injury or death.

If not handled properly the gun can hurt either the security guard or an innocent bystander.

Companies are responsible for making sure the security guards are ready and properly trained before allowing them to carry a firearm.

A poorly trained security guard who carries a firearm can become a liability for their employer and the person who they have to protect.


A well-trained experienced armed guard who is mentally and physically fit for carrying a firearm can add an extra level of protection for their clients.

An armed security guard who is not properly trained, on the other hand, can become a danger for their client and the general public.

For this reason, rigorous training is very important for any guard who intends to carry a firearm.

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