Reasons To Become an Armed Guard

Reasons To Become an Armed Guard

If you’re a security guard who’s considering a promotion to an armed guard position or someone who’d like to start a career in private security, this article is for you.

An armed guard needs additional training but there are some significant benefits that come with this career advancement.

In this article, we will sum up a few of the perks of becoming an armed guard.


Armed Guards Are Paid More

A higher salary is an important reason to go for additional training.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for security guards was $29,680 as of May 2019 but salaries range between less than $21,250 and more than $50,310.

Furthering your training can help you earn a higher than average salary.

Many companies pay higher salaries to armed guards but if you’re already hired by a security company is best to ask your boss if they are willing to raise your salary if you carry a gun.

New Job Opportunities

Becoming an armed guard will give you better job opportunities and higher chances of finding a better-paid position.

This additional qualification will make you eligible for more jobs and it will likely make it easier for you to find employment.

Armed Guards are Respected More

People tend to respect guards that are carrying a firearm more and feel more at ease when they know that an armed guard is around.

However, a firearm also gives you additional responsibility and you have to be well-trained because if someone takes your firearm from you this can put you at risk.

Becoming an armed guard can help you feel more protected but it also has its cons.

When situations occur you may be forced to use your firearm.

For this reason, training for armed guards also teaches you how to minimize the occurrences where you have to use your gun.

If you want to become an armed guard it’s important to take your training very seriously and it is vital to understand the risks and benefits of carrying a firearm.

You also have to develop the ability to keep calm in stressful situations and to make correct decisions fast.

In conclusion, if you understand the risks and you know how and when to use your firearm then becoming an armed guard can keep you and others safe and will give you better career and earning opportunities.

On the other hand, holding a firearm is a huge responsibility and you need to go through rigorous training before being promoted to an armed guard position.

So it’s best to do your research before determining if an armed guard position is a good fit for you.

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