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Top Trade and Tech Schools in West Palm Beach, FL

Whether you’re looking for night fun-filled entertainment, day-jog chill, or exquisite taste and world-renowned art, West Palm Beach has a little bit of everything, making it one of the most sought-after locations.

Apart from fun and the more common reasons people visit West Palm Beach, it’s also home to universities and colleges that offer the best trade programs in town.

Trade or skilled work at West Palm Beach pays an average of $27.54 an hour.

Here are the schools to check out:

HCI College

About the School

Founded in 1993, HCI College was originally called Health Career Institute and offered mainly custom courses for physicians, EMS providers, and nurses.

HCI boasts an Impressive 100% NCLEX First-Time Pass Rate and is backed by a faculty of experienced paramedics, firefighters, and nurses who have extensive experiences in their respective fields.

Apart from professional programs, and associate degrees, HCI College also offers general education.

Courses Offered

A Bachelor’s degree in Nursing is HCI’s core program, its diploma and associate programs don’t disappoint either.

Learn the basics of CPR, and assist paramedics through the college’s Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program,

Included in the roster of the diploma programs available are the 10-month Medical Assisting, 12-month Practical Nursing, and 10-month Veterinary Assisting.

Meanwhile, you can choose between the following courses in the Associate Degree Program pathway.

  • Associate Degree in Nursing
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Substance Abuse Counseling
  • Veterinary Technician


  • HCI College
  • Address: 1764 North Congress Ave. West Palm Beach, FL 33409
  • Phone: (561) 586-0121
  • Website:

Southeastern College

About the School

Powered by its mission to make students more competent in the marketplace, Southeastern College provides specialized classes and skill-development training while ensuring that it creates a safe and open environment for learning.

It’s also accredited and licensed by the Commission for Independent Education (CIE), and the Florida Department of Education, and so are its nursing programs are

The college also accepts international admissions but requirements and visa processing should be catered by the students themselves.

Courses Offered

There are a lot of medical program pathways at Southeastern College.

The Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program which includes courses on didactic, laboratory, and clinical experiential learning, can be taken two ways – Associate in Science and Associate in Applied Science.

Meanwhile, there are also Medical assistants, Medical Billing and Coding specialists, and Medical Office Basic X-ray technicians, which are short-term courses that can be finished easily.

Therapy assistant programs such as Occupational Therapy and Professional Clinic Massage Therapy are available too.


  • Southeastern College
  • Address: 1756 North Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33409
  • Phone: (561) 433-2330
  • Website:

Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations

About the School

Primarily focused on helping students gain knowledge and training in the nursing profession, the Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations is one of the best institutions to jumpstart your healthcare career.

Here, students gain clinical skills and the necessary academic requirements to deem them eligible for licensure exams and certifications and are given the flexibility to fix their schedules so they align with their current life situation.

Apart from the course proper, each curriculum will also include self-improvement topics and employment skills.

Courses Offered

The Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations offers a variety of nursing courses:

  • Associate of Science Degree Nursing
  • Associate of Science Degree in Practical Nursing
  • Patient Care Technician
  • Home Health Aide
  • Practical Nursing Including IV Certification and Critical Thinking

The Practical Nursing Including IV Certification and Critical Thinking is a 1518-clock-hour program designed to prepare students to work as Practical Nurses in the state of Florida, or elsewhere should they procure licenses and certifications.

Meanwhile, the 432-clock-hour Patient Care Technician is composed of Introduction to Health Care: Health Careers Core, Home Health Aide, and Nurse Assistant.

The Home Health Aide program can be finished in 8.5 weeks and includes Health Careers Core, Home Health Aide, and Nurse Assistant classes.


  • Academy for Nursing and Health Occupations
  • Address: 5154 Okeechobee Blvd, West Palm Beach, FL 33417
  • Phone: (561)683-1400
  • Website:

Florida Career College

About the School

35 years in the business of crafting skilled graduates, Florida Career College is packed with experience and relevant connections that allow more opportunities for its students, graduates, and alumni.

The college’s winning formula comprises equally talented staff, in-demand training, and a welcoming environment it creates to make student learning more engaging and fun.

It also has different branches to accommodate more students especially those seeking affordable school options.

In fact, it offers multiple financial aid options to those who qualify.

The college also caters career services and employer resources, to help students easily get hired after graduation.

Courses Offered

Florida Career College has Healthcare, Trades, Business, and Tech programs.
Trade courses are offered day and night to allow students to be more in control of their schedules.

The Automotive Technician Program and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) are 10-month programs, both with nine-course modules.

Meanwhile, the Healthcare pathway comprises Medical Assistant Technician, Dental Assistant, Health Services Administration, Medical Front Office and Billing, Pharmacy Technician, and Patient Care Technician programs which run for 9-10 months depending on the program.

All of these programs are offered in a hybrid setting.

Meanwhile, if you’re eyeing a business program, the college’s Business Office Administration course is designed to equip you with basic office administration skills that are essential for the office setting.


Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers

About the School

The beauty industry is one of today’s most thriving markets, and the Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers is one of the best avenues to enhance your passion and craft.

With training done in an actual salon setting and with clients, students get a deeper understanding of the industry and learn much more about dealing with customers’ wants and common habits.

Through this training, students also learn about client consultation, greetings, and even rebooking.

Courses Offered

The Hollywood Institute of Beauty Careers has eight beauty programs available mainly:

  • Barber
  • Cosmetology
  • Electrology
  • Massage Therapy
  • Medical Assistant
  • Nail Technology
  • Skin Care
  • Dual Licensing

These programs are designed to train and master the skills of every student.

Master the craft of hair through the Institute’s 900-hour Barber Program which is nationally-accredited, and teaches the basics and advanced Hairstyling, Haircutting, and hair coloring.

Learn more about beauty with the 1200-hour Cosmetology Program which covers progressive training and an in-depth beauty program breaking down all relevant aspects such as hair, nail, and skincare.

You can also opt for the short course Electrology – a 320-hour program that features advanced techniques such as thermolysis, galvanic, and laser and light-based laser treatments.


QM Career Institute

About the School

Driven by its goal to produce graduates who are skills-competent in the field in a short period of time, the QM Career Institute has adopted a variety of techniques to make learning comprehensive and quick at the same time.

Since 2008, QM Career has been providing educational services in the areas of health sciences and beauty and has since then produced numerous professionals.

It also offers flexible hours and has a small class-to-teacher ratio which means teachers can be more focused in shaping the skills of their students.

Courses Offered

Interested in a career in healthcare?

QM Career has medical courses such as Medical Assistant, where you will learn about relevant aspects of medical office management, and Patient Care Technician, which will tackle personal care, physical comfort, and diagnostic testing.

Other medical programs such as Phlebotomy and Electrocardiograph Aide will require students to complete the Health Science Core Module in conjunction with their program.

Beauty programs like Cosmetology and Massage Therapy are also offered.


  • QM Career Institute
  • Address: 4645 Gun Club Rd Suite 23, West Palm Beach, FL 33415
  • Phone: (561) 305-2635
  • Website:

Chuck Shaw Technical Center

About the School

At Chuck Shaw Technical Center, students are encouraged to acquire language and world skills meant to make them more competitive in the industry they choose to belong to.

Classes are scheduled both in the morning and at night, as the school focuses on adult students and this set-up will allow for students to balance their adult lives and school at the same time.

Here, you’ll only need to present your high school diploma, and identifications to qualify for admission.

Courses Offered

A technical education school, Chuck Shaw Technical Center offers the following programs:

  • Home Health Aide
  • Phlebotomy Technician
  • EKG Technician
  • Forklift and OSHA Certification
  • Administrative Office Specialist

The Home Health Aide program combines three classes mainly Basic Healthcare Worker, Home Health Aide, and English for Speakers of Other Languages Classes (ESOL).

Aspiring Healthcare Technicians can choose between the Phlebotomy program and EKG Technician program which both have an intensive allied curriculum and cover CPR Examinations too.

A short course, the 10-hour Forklift Safety Certification will prepare and grant students on how to operate a forklift in the State of Florida.

To gain certification in an office setting, take the Administrative Office Specialist course which will tackle Microsoft Applications, Professional oral and written communication, and Adobe Design Presentation.


Burnett International College

About the School

Burnett International College is an institution whose primary mission is to offer students all the necessary education and training to put them on the pedestal of allied health services professionals.

It is an accredited college that provides a warm welcome through its series of activities and events made especially for students to enjoy.

The college aims to be amongst the regionally recognized leaders in healthcare organizations.

Courses Offered

Focused on Medical Programs, the Burnett International College caters to the following courses:

  • Medical Assisting
  • Pharmacy Management
  • Physical Therapy Assistant
  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Patient Care Technician

The Medical Assisting program runs for 90 weeks and covers learning how to provide assistance to the Doctor in-office medical procedures, schedule patient appointments, and bill patients.

Designed to create professionals who are either lead pharmacy technicians or coordinators, pharmacy managers, or pharmacy technician supervisors/trainees in hospitals, the Pharmacy Management Program aims to teach medications by their trade and generic names, as well as understanding basic pharmacology.

The Physical Therapy Assistant program includes course specifics such as introduction to physical therapy assisting, disabilities and therapeutic procedures, pharmacology, wellness, and geriatric rehabilitation procedures.


  • Burnett International College
  • Address: 2601 S Military Trail West Palm Beach, FL 33415
  • Phone: 561.736.3998
  • Website:

Medworld Academy School of Nursing

About the School

Determined to be the Best Nursing School in Florida, The Medworld Academy School of Nursing provides stimulating and innovative educational programs that focus on diversity and inclusion.

At Medworld, instructors ensure that they are able to give their best efforts to design a form of learning that will contribute to the health and well-being of its communities and aspiring professionals.

Apart from the necessary skills in the nursing profession, Medworld also teaches its students to learn how to engage and deal with patients, in the right and empathetic way.

Courses Offered

A nursing school by core, the Medworld Academy School of Nursing offers an Associate Degree program in Nursing, which can be finished in 16 months.

It is also an advisable review for when taking the NCLEX-RN licensing exam, a step towards becoming a Registered Nurse.

You can also easily apply, as the application for admissions can be done online.


  • Medworld Academy School of Nursing
  • Address: 2240 Palm Beach Lakes Blvd suite 250 # West, Palm Beach, Florida 33409
  • Phone: 561-365-4544
  • Website:

ABC Bartending Schools & Staffing

About the School

Since opening its doors in 1977, the ABC Bartending School has been dubbed the largest bartender training establishment in the nation with locations all over the country.

46 years in the industry, the school has perfected its curriculum covering Equipment and Bar Set-Up, Techniques of Speed, Mixology, Liquors, and Alcohol Familiarity.

What engages more enrollees to finally pursue their bartending dreams, is the convenient schedule offered at ABC Bartending School.

Here, classes start every week so you won’t worry much about the course availability.

Courses Offered

Learn about Bartending – the only program offered at ABC Bartending School.

The Bartending curriculum enumerates the following courses:

  • Set up/Changing Shifts/Closing Out
  • Customer Service
  • Basic Bar Equipment
  • Bar Terms
  • What Glass for What Drink
  • Free Pouring/Mixing Techniques
  • Mixing Cocktails – Simple and Fancy (from Shooters to Irish Coffee)
  • Liquor Encyclopedia
  • Beers/Wines/Champagnes
  • Cash Registers/Money Handling/Charge Procedures
  • Tipping
  • Catering Private Parties
  • Job Interview Techniques
  • Bottle Flipping

ABC Bartending School also caters to job placement assistance, ensuring that they can bring their graduates to the right workplaces.


  • ABC Bartending Schools & Staffing
  • Address: West Palm Beach, Florida, 1711 Worthington Road
  • Phone: (561) 686-9021
  • Website:

Trade Schools in Florida by City

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Final Thoughts

With the best trade schools, you get the best foundation for your skills training and future career.

While confusing at times, always choose a craft you can imagine yourself doing for twenty or thirty years, as mastering the skill is what makes it an indispensable advantage.

If you’re a resident of West Palm Beach, or simply checking out schools in the area, this list of schools we have might be what you’re looking for all along.

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