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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Pompano Beach, FL

Lauded for its wide stretch of pristine beaches, Pompano Beach is a vibrant and multidimensional destination best for both tourists and residents.

This city in Florida is also home to numerous trade schools and universities.

Here, a skilled worker earns $16.62 an hour which can go higher depending on years of experience.

For schools to check out, here’s a list.

Polished Concrete University

About the School

Polished Concrete University, is an institution under the umbrella of premier decorative concrete solutions provider – Xtreme Polishing Systems.

Here, students are provided with hands-on training experience alongside professionals whose goal is to help them set foot into the field easily.

All graduates here are eligible for lifetime support which means that you’ll always have an industry expert one call away.

Courses Offered

There are 2 certifications available at Polished Concrete University, and both cost $1750 and can be finished in as fast as 5 days.

In the Concrete Polishing Certification, you will learn about Repair, Finish, Maintenance, Concrete Stain Logos and images, Choosing the right tools and equipment, Hands-on training with professional equipment, Marketing For Jobs / Lead Generation, and Bidding For Jobs (Pricing repairs, installations, etc.).

Meanwhile, the Epoxy Resin Certification includes Moisture Testing, Cove Bases, Surface Preparation, Mixing, Ratios, Pouring, Embedding, Clear Coats, Types of coatings, Finishes – Glitter, Paint Chip, Vinyl Flake, Quartz, Metallic, and Hands-on training with professional equipment.


Pet’s Playground

About the School

Pet’s Playground has been in the industry for over 16 years and they continuously Provide and train their students with the finest education via one-by-one curriculums and hands-on training.

This grooming school for pets is officially licensed by C.I.E.FI License #2359.

One of the top priorities of this school is to help their students who are done with their dog-grooming program to find job placement.

In approximately Four months the school manage to help their students to become professional dog groomers.

The school offers Title IV financial aid making it one of the recommended pet grooming schools in the U.S

Courses Offered

Pet’s Playground is offering a 300-hour and 600-hour program:

  • Pro Groomer program – 300-hour and costs $5,800
  • Pet stylist program – 600-hour program and costs $9,400

Both these programs accept part-time and full-time students.

For the Pro Groomer Program, the curriculum is divided equally into teaching theories and lab work and teaches all the must-known skills to become a dog groomer

After graduating pro groomer program the starting salary for this job ranges from $30,000-$45,000.


Cortiva Institute

About the School

As years passed by Cortiva Institute continually produced students who became knowledgeable in their multifarious fields.

Cortiva Institute not only focuses on academically but also enhances their students to know the best version of themselves.

This institute is a dedicated school that provides hands-on training and quality education in the beauty, health, and wellness industry.

Cortiva Institute is known for its 7 core values which are Integrity, Excellence, Respect, Professional, Community, Diversity, and Growth that truly show care for both individuals and the community.

Courses Offered

Cortiva Offers specialized training in every field.

They Offer 5 programs that might be your preferred career path

First is the Massage Therapist Program a 600-hour program that teaches you a variety of modalities like stretching, how to reduce pressure and pain, massage techniques, and more.

Tuition for the Massage Therapist Program costs $13,460.

Next is the Esthetician Program you have the opportunity to be a licensed Esthetician and you can help others acquire their ideal skins.

The esthetician program is a 300-hour program that costs $6,048.

Next is Paramedical Esthetician which can be done in 9 months and contains 976 hours and guides you to learn the different types of skin and to accomplish facial treatments.

Fourth is the Make-up Artist program similar to the massage therapist program this also has a 600-hour program that can be done in 6 months.

And the last and New program Cosmetology, this program will nurture you how to asses the scalp and help your future clients to achieve a healthy air.


  •  Cortiva Institute
  • Address: 2001 West Sample Road Suite 100, Pompano Beach, FL 33064
  • Phone: 954-975-6400
  • Website:

Atlantic Technical College

About the School

Atlantic Technical College is one of the Broward County Public schools that offers a quality CTE that can be reasonable cost for over 50 years.

They prepare students to obtain credentials on every campus to fill the millions of Employment available.

This College is officially accredited by different commissions like COE or the Commission of the Council on Occupational Education, Cognia™, CODA, or the Commission on Dental Accreditation.

Atlantic Technical College is a cutting-edge career and technical education center offering adult learners and a select group of secondary students a broad range of educational opportunities.

Courses Offered

Atlantic Technical College provides education courses that get students ready for jobs in a range of high-demand fields, including manufacturing, information technology, health sciences, and construction.

If you want to enhance your special skills and be able to use them for future employment here are some programs that Atlantic Technical offers that might suit you :

  • Drafting- 1500 hours
  • Carpentry – 1200 hours
  • Business Management & Analysis – 900 hours
  • Court Reporting -2850 hours Divided
  • Medical Assisting- 1300 hours approximately 12 months for full time
  • Orthopedic Technology – 800 hours
  • Practical Nursing – 1350 hours
  • Professional Culinary Arts and Hospital – 1200 hours
  • Web development – 1050 hours
  • Welding Technology – 1050 hours
  • Automotive Service Technology – 1800 hours
  • And many more

Tuition cost depends on each course and its period.

Hybrid Methods are available in some courses and Some courses are open for both hybrid and traditional.

The course Carpentry is a 100% Traditional method and students can practice all theories in the carpentry trade.

Their goal for every course is to prepare their students for their future jobs inclined with the courses they take and to have better opportunities along the way.


Youth Automotive Training Center

About the School

In 1984 YATC or Youth Automotive Training Center was established and is dedicated to people who had a tough childhood and have been to multiple challenges in life and are willing to grab the opportunity to be successful.

YATC provides full support not only to their current student but also to their proud graduates to help them find suitable jobs and for their alumni to fulfill their goals.

This Training Center contains a curriculum that is embedded in academic skills, life, and learning careers.

Courses Offered

YATC has offered diverse skills like skills in life, academically, and automotive skills that you will be able to learn and enhance in their program.

As this program is designed for youths, the qualified age to enroll in their program is 16-21 years old, whatever race, gender, or nationality you have, and this program is even referred to those who come from the Department of Juvenile Children and families as long as they guarantee that they will be drug-free in the entire program.

If you are interested in automotive things and willing to study for 9 months starting the month of September and ending in the month of May but unfortunately lack some budget, this YATC program is perfect for you.

This program’s tuition is given for free including the materials and activities of the students thankfully because of the plenty of donors and volunteers.

Day by day students are receiving hands-on training, various theory lessons, and practical experience that they can apply to their forthcoming employment.

Here is the process to be an eligible candidate for the selections:

  • Must complete the application
  • Applicants are scheduled for a pre-screening interview
  • Joins a panel interview with Staff and YATC instructor
  • Final approval from the YATC Board of Directors


  • Youth Automotive Training Center
  • Address: 399 SW Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue, Deerfield Beach, FL 33441
  • Phone: (954) 428-0909
  • Website:

McDougle Technical Institute

About the School

McDougle Technical Institute combines classroom practice, theory instruction, and public service.

It is ensured that an extensive collection of books, periodicals, audio/video tapes, references, and web-based resources are accessible on the campus to support the program of study.

Each of their students is given theory and practical exams to improve their specialties and Be ready for sit-in exams and Licensure tests.

Any students are qualified to enroll in all available classes if they possess the following requirements:

  • Copy of high school diploma
  • GED
  • Passed the Wonderlic Basic Exams

For students who have Foreign Diplomas, your Documents must be verified by an agency from the outside that can confirm the likeness of your papers to a US High school diploma.

Courses Offered

McDougle Technical Institute contains programs that can fit right into your schedules.

Some programs are done Hybrid and There’s also a choice of time preference either day class or night class.

Clock Hours Depend on your chosen program

Here are some programs they offer that might suit your skills:

  • Cosmetology (hybrid) – 1,200 clock hours
  • Cometology- completed in 10 months
  • Master Barbering – 900 Clock hours ( 30 weeks with 30 hours per week for Full-time
  • students) (45 weeks with a minimum of 12hrs per week)
  • Restricted Barbering (hybrid) – 600 Clock hours
  • Nail Specialty- 180-hour program

As per the course, the number of hours per week differs from any other program. It also depends if you are taking it Full-time or Part-time and If Hybrid Class.

Every program they offer has specific goals, for Nail Specialty their objective is to enhance the basic skills in manicure, pedicure, and applying artificial nails.


  • McDougle Technical Institute
  • Address: 1955 N. Federal Highway, Unit 207, Pompano Beach, FL, 33062
  • Phone: 954-972-0635
  • Website:

Instituto Embelleze

About the School

Apart from a continuously developing curriculum, the Instituto Embelleze Beauty School offers affordable tuition fees and payment plans to adjust to a student’s needs.

As a student, you’ll also have wide access to resources such as placement options, support services, and other employment services.

It boasts 15 years of experience and has cool and innovative facilities to make learning more comprehensive.

Courses Offered

The Cosmetology Program covers theoretical classes and hands-on activities and costs $15,590.

It also offers a Facial Specialist course that costs $3,190.

If you’re interested to learn about the full beauty package, you can opt for the Full Specialist Program which costs $5,140 and can be completed in 24 weeks.

The $2,620-worth Nail Technician Program covers manicure and pedicure lessons, and other nail techniques, and can be finished in 3 months’ time.


Florida Career College

About the School

Florida Career College aims to provide its students with an adequate learning environment.

Technical career training and Short-term vocational training are what this college specializes in and it’s dedicated to students who are inclined in the fields of healthcare, business, and skill trades.

Florida Career College is one of the private colleges that has several campuses.

This College assures that their students are surrounded by supportive instructors who are really committed to their student’s victory.

Applying and requesting more information about their programs have no extra fee and walk-ins are welcome to their campus admission.

Drugs are prohibited 100% on campus, any violations made can lead to terminations.

The Commission of the Council on Occupational Education officially accredited the College of Florida Career and all other campuses they have.

Courses Offered

In Florida Career College the programs that they offer are completed in approximately 10 months.

Financial aid is being given to those who are qualified.

Programs are done in hybrid methods or what they call online blended learning, and classes are made small for a more advantageous distribution of help one by one.

Here are some available career training programs:

  • Automotive Technician Program – 9 course modules
  • Business Office Administration – 8-course modules
  • Computer and Network Technician – 9-course modules
  • Dental Assistant – 8-course modules
  • Health Service Administration – 20-course modules
  • Information Technology – 21-course modules
  • Pharmacy Technician – 8-course modules

Upon completion of Florida Career’s Business Office Administration program, graduates will possess the necessary knowledge, abilities, and practical experience that employers seek in candidates seeking entry-level positions.

The dental assistant program is designed for students for their future jobs to work in both front and back offices and administrative skills like making appointments and keeping track of patients’ medical information are among the administrative skills taught to students.


HCI College

About the School

Health Career Institute also known as HCI was founded 30 years ago.

Officially accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges and is considered a post-secondary educational college.

At the Fort Lauderdale campus, HCI College provides a field of healthcare and technical training program and prepares them for future employment.

The HCI College is exhibiting its networks of academic collaborations and professional associations with pride and hopes to demonstrate its dedication to giving students unmatched learning experiences and practical exposure.

  • Courses Offered

The core values of HCI College provide its students with a focus on preparing themselves to apply what they learned and the abilities they gained for their future job employment after completion.

Every class they teach is taught by using 100% English language

They offer diploma programs that are completed less than or within a year.
Here are the 4 diploma programs that they offer.

  • Emergency Medical Technician – 4-month program
  • Medical Assisting – 10-month program
  • Practical Nursing – 12-month program
  • Veterinary Assisting -10-month program

If you are quite interested in being a REMT you can enroll in their program.

Here are the requirements to be a qualified candidate:

  • Pass a criminal background check
  • Must have a current 10-panel drug screen
  • At least 18 years old before the first day of class
  • Pass the Wonderlic Scholastic Level exam with a minimum of 17 scores.
  • Must have a recent physical exam officially signed by a physician
  • Possess a High school diploma, GED, or equivalent.

Below are the associate or bachelor programs that HCI offers and completed within 24 months or less:

  • Associate degree in Nursing – 24-month program
  • Emergency Medical Services- 6-month program ( 100% online)
  • Substance abuse counseling -24-month program (100% online)
  • Veterinary technician- 24-month program
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing – 12-14-month program


South Florida Academy of AC

About the School

In 2010 South Florida Academy was founded and since then they have offered training programs for HVAC techs.

A career fair is being organized each quarter for their students to have secure job employment.

South Florida Academy is licensed through the Commission of Independent Education.

If you are a fan of fields in Heating, Aircondition, and refrigerator mechanics this school is perfect for you these fields of industry are much of the in-demand jobs according to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics

Courses Offered

Trade school diploma in HVAC Maintenance Technician or HVAC Residential and Light commercial will be given to fresh HVA techs who will learn how to maintain, repair, and set up central AC units for home and light customers.

The services are extremely hands-on and students will be provided with their national EPA certifications and EPA card.

Furthermore, upon graduation student’s resume will be finished and sent to AC companies near the student’s area.

Here are the following courses available:

  • Maintenance Technician – 60-hour program completed in 3 weeks on weekends.
  • HVAC Residential and Light Commercial- 185-hour program approximately 4 weeks from Monday to Friday.


  • South Florida Academy of AC
  • Address: 3343 W Commercial Blvd, Ft Lauderdale FL 33309
  • Phone: 561-702-1943
  • Website:

Trade Schools in Florida by City

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Final Thoughts

It’s a must to learn a lot about the school or institution you are planning to attend.

There are certain factors that will matter such as the school’s offered courses, the admission procedure and most especially the fees included or payment plans.

But still, the most important decision to make is what to pursue and how this choice will impact your professional career.

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