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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Ocala, FL

Ocala is known to be the Horse capital of the world.

Horses have a significant part in Ocala’s Cultural makeup and economic industry.

Skilled workers earn an average of $15.96 an hour.

Most of the programs here are designed for students who want to take licensure exams in less than a year.

In fact, the following Schools/Academy are awarded as Top in the Ocala Region.

Marion Technical College

About the School

Marion Technical College has served its community for over 40 years and counting.

Marion Technical proudly shows its 100% Licensure rate, 86 % Graduation rate, and 93% no debts in all graduates.

It guarantees that all students and employers receive consistent high-quality service, programs, training, and instructions.

Serving Marion County is this Institute’s Mission. They’ll provide quality Education and opportunities for those who enter their homes.

If you’re worried about Discrimination that might be around, Marion Technical has a Policy Statement of NON-Discrimination Policy within its campus.

They prohibit any discrimination and harassment of any individual or group.

They ensure that Deficiency in English Language skills will not be a barrier to admissions or participation.

Counseling, placement tests, and referrals would be provided if necessary for better preparation of students’ participation.

Courses Offered

If you are finding short-term courses here are some:

  • Business Management and Analysis – 900 Hours program
  • Professional CulinaryArts and Hospitality – 1200 Hour program designed to be completed in 36 weeks
  • Phlebotomy- 165-hour program
  • Barbering – 900 Hour program
  • Practical Nursing- 1,350 hours approximately 43 weeks or 1 year.

The salary of a Business Management range from $41,350 to $209,650.

After Taking this program you have different career opportunities that you can take like corporate offices, Retail Management starting a Small business, and more.

You can acquire a National Health Career Association (NHA) certificate in a six-month program of Phlebotomy.

Blood banks, Hospitals, Clinics, and Other Health Related can be your employment opportunities if you plan to take this program.

This Practical Nursing Program combines lectures, hand-skill practice in their nursing lab, clinical externships at local hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and many more.

Completing an approximately 1-year program in Practical Nursing can ensure employment opportunities in Correctional facilities, Hospice and Home Health care, and many more.

Some previous Graduates are currently working at Florida Women’s Reception, Palm Garden of Ocala, Langley Health Service, and Others.

Marion Technology College has been awarded as one of the Top Nursing Schools in the US in 2020.


  • Marion Technical College
  • Address: 1014 SW 7th RD, Ocala
  • Phone: (352) 671- 7200
  • Website:

Fusion Welding Institute

About the School

Fusion Welding Institute is not like any other welding school we typically know.

Repetition, Hands-on experience, and real-world simulators are what they believe to be an effective way of learning, not by class days or Workbooks.

While training with Fusion Welding expect that every day you will weld, as they believe in the art of repetition.

They prioritize quality above anything else.

With this, they spend expenses to provide good quality equipment.

In terms of schedules, one of their advantages over others is that they accommodate your busy schedules.

You can come when you want and leave when you like as long as it fits their opening/closing hours.

Their instructors will ensure to keep you always on track.

Courses Offered

Fusion Welding Focuses on Two Programs the Combo Pipe Welder program and Structural Welder that enhance the skills of their students.

For students who are eager to learn about basic welding skills, this Structural Welder Course perfectly fits you.

The course covers the Welding basics and a 200-hour of hands-on welding training.

It costs $11,500 with Financing to take this Course.

Fusion Welding offers you a course for students who plan to be pipe-welders in the industrial sectors.

In the course, Combo Pipe Welder, Fusion Welding certifies that students will learn advanced skills necessary to be successful on test day and their first day.

For other special skilled materials, Fusion Welding is open to giving individual training and perfecting their skills.

For Pricing, it is advised to call them for better settlements.


Rasmussen University

About the School

For over a Century and a Half, Rasmussen University has been dedicated to taking its students into success by Nurturing and guiding them.

The aim is to provide convenient access to real-time hiring opportunities for all community members and graduates, not just their students.

Rasmussen University is a university accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

The university programs give easier access for the reason that programs are available both on-campus and online.

The university provides Five nursing programs to prepare students for entry-level work in the field or promotion to higher-paying roles.

Courses Offered

Here are some Nursing Programs that might interest you:

  • Practical Nursing – 12-month program
  • Professional Nursing – a 21-month program that combines Online and On-campus training with field experience
  • Bachelor of Science In Nursing
  • RN to BSN
  • Masters of Science in Nursing- approximately 18 months.
  • Masters of Science in Nurse Practioner- 27-month program
  • Doctor of Nursing Practice- at least 21 months

In practical Nursing, after completing the 1-year program with a combination of online, on-campus, and hands-on experience in a Clinical setting.

You will be able to take the NCLEX-PN exam and get into the LPN field of work.

Given that becoming a nurse Requires a lot of effort and commitment.

The university pledges to provide you with the guidance, education, and resources you need to succeed.

Rasmussen University Offers you a Nursing program for every level so you can have the chance to let your dreams be lighted.

Rasmussen also provides other fields of study like Business, Design, Education, Health Sciences, Human Services, Justice Studies, and Technology.

Additional Training and Degrees are available from the university.


STRAC Institute

About the School

The STRAC Institute assists students in launching lucrative careers in Electronics.

Three training programs are available at the Three Florida Locations which are Orlando, Melbourne, and Ocala. Class sizes differ depending on where you are enrolled.

Programs usually run from 4 to 5 months. The tuition is fixed at $17,000 for the Four months program and $24,700 for the 5 Months program.

Courses Offered

Students at STRAC have the chance to obtain 13 certifications Recognized by the industry such as:

  • IPC Acceptability of Electronic Assemblies
  • IPC/WHMA-A-620 Acceptability of Cable and Wire Harness Assemblies
  • EM1- Direct Current Basics
  • EM2- Alternating Current Basics
  • ETA-certified electronics technician
  • And more


Fashions Cuts Hair & Beauty Academy

About the School

If you have an interest in the fields of Cosmetology and Barbering, Fashion Cuts Hair & Beauty Academy provides a complete curriculum.

In addition to offering classes in consumer safety and education as well as ethical behavior, the programs fully comply with Florida’s state compliance requirements.

The Academy guarantees that its graduates are fully qualified professionals who are prepared to find lucrative jobs that will satisfy the demands of the community’s diverse population.

To be eligible for admission, candidates must:

  • Have a copy of a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Students must be at least 16 years of age to sit for the state board examinations
  • Applicants also have to pass an admission interview
  • The registration fee is $75
  • Applicants need a driver’s license or state-issued photo ID.

Courses Offered

Three Programs can focus on your Barbering and Cosmetology career and give your future unlimited opportunities.

  • Barber Program- 1,200 clock-hour program that takes approximately nine months to complete
  • Restricted Barber Program – a 600-clock-hour program that takes full-time students approximately five months to complete
  • Cosmetology Program- a 1,200-hour training curriculum and can be completed in 9 months by a full-time student or in 15 months by part-time students.

Enrolling in these various programs can give you a potent, comprehensive barbering and cosmetology curriculum that uses scientific-methodical, hands-on learning.

Both the Barber program and the Restricted Barber program aim to give their students the space for improving their cutting, shaving, and trimming skills as well as their communication and enhancement in styling, coloring, shaping, and other ways of enhancing the hair and most especially their skills on delivering a worthy service value.

At the same time in the program Cosmetology, they give practical demonstrations, lectures, and as well as examinations.

In terms of Program Cost For Program Barber and Cosmetology, the Tuition is $11,500 with books and Kits included.

For the Restricted Barber Program, the tuition costs $6,999 with Books and Kits included and For the Continuing Program, the Tuition costs $3,500.

The Academy also accepts Scholarships, just apply to them directly.


  • Fashions Cuts Hair & Beauty Academy
  • Address: 3452 NE Jacksonville Rd. Ocala, FL 34479
  • Phone: 352-512-0333
  • Website:

The Academy: Esthetics and Nails

About the School

The Academy: Esthetics and Nails Offers A program that suits students whose goal is to start a Beauty Industry Career.

The academy is prepared to funnel you into this industry.

This is the career for you if you take pleasure in helping people feel their best.

The Academy also ensures that you are surrounded by expert and caring staff.

For you to be eligible for enrollment in the Esthetics and Nail program, candidates must be at least 16 years old and possess a high school diploma.

While completing their training students can work full-time jobs or go to academic school because this academy accommodates its student’s schedule to have a flexible class.

Courses Offered

If your goal is to be a licensed Esthetician, The Academy offers a program called Esthetics.

Esthetics Program is intended to provide you with the fundamental manipulating skills, safety judgments, appropriate work, habits, business acumen, and desired mindset to achieve your goals.

The hours required for this program is 260.

On the other hand, if your goal is to acquire Nail Technology licensure they do offer another program called The Nail Technology Program.

This program will help you be prepared for various entry levels for Beaty and fashion and skills for business development, retail training, and client satisfaction.

To be able to complete this program you must complete the 240 Clock hours that teach Manicures, Pedicures, Nail art silk, and many more.


Beeline Medical Training

About the School

Beeline Medical Training is a training program for those students who want to pursue a career as Nursing assistants or Medical techs.

Beeline Medical has an Excellent program with a guaranteed pass.

They ensure that they have experienced instructors who can handle and guide their students on Hands-on skill practice.

The course that they offer is designed for every student to be trained on the 22 skills chosen randomly on exam day by a computer.

Their goal is to give training to their students to be prepared to pass their certification exam.

The Beeline Medical Training promises to reimburse your tuition if, within a year of enrolling in your first preparatory course, you are unable to pass the exam after 3 tries.

Courses Offered

Students Can prepare themselves to pass Florida’s Board of Nursing Assistants by enrolling in the CNA prep course.

The intensive course that they offer gives students the chance to review key concepts, put their critical patient care skills into Practice, and finish a practice written.

For the CNA Prep Class, the tuition costs $349 either Online or Face-to-face and for a package that includes Prep Class plus BLS certification/BLS separate date, the tuition costs $389.

Expect some Additional expenses for:

  • A background check – $80
  • State exam Enrollments- $115

Beeline Medical Training Offers another Course that Instructs how to perform CPR, AED, and Bag mask rescues on Adults, children, or Infants.

The course has no limitations, If you aren’t talking about any health-related professions You still have the opportunity to enroll in this course.

Physical Skills Exams and written Exam is done in this course.


Institute for Accelerated RN Succes, INC.

About the School

Grant Professional School Of Nursing is currently operated by the Institute for Accelerated RN Succes, INC. whose founded in January 2014.

The founder based the institute’s curriculum on Christian principles of Human caring. GPS or Institute for Accelerated educates their students on How they can increase their Critical Thinking skills.

If you are looking for a Review Course that may help you with preparation for the NGN Exam this Institute can help you.

This Institute’s goal is for its students to accelerate and facilitate this intricate process.

Courses Offered

The Institute for Accelerated RN Succes, INC. offers an NGN prep course for those whose goal is to become Registered Nurses.

The National Council of State Board of Nursing has a licensure exam called NCLEX for Nursing school graduates to test their competency.

The course is delivered both online and via on-demand classes, allowing students to finish at their own pace and guaranteeing a flexible and self-paced learning environment.

This course takes four weeks to complete and costs $750, $1,800 for the 16-week self-paced course, and costs $3,000 for the 6-month option.

Features for this course are:

  • Thousands of practice questions with explanations
  • Practice test
  • Accessible Video, audio lectures, and text lessons with notes and handouts
  • Access to expert support from Nurse educator

If you are looking for a Certification prep, this Institute also offers:

  • IV-Training Course
  • Phlebotomy Training
  • Psych/MH tech course

The Institute for Accelerated RN Success INC. also offers Tutoring Services that you may choose the preference you have if you want a private or Group session that can be also available online and on-site.


Polished Nail Academy

About the School

Polished Nail Academy is suited for students who have plans to take licensure exams and want to start A Nail Beauty Industry.

Aside from having courses that they offer, Polished Nail Academy also has a Nail salon and nail supply store, and Nail Tech Merch.

The academy was voted as the Best Nail School and Nail Salon in all of the 352 in the year 2022.

To pass the admissions you must possess the following:

  • Be at least 16 years of age
  • Possess a High school diploma, GED, Or college degree
  • Approvals of guardian if you are under 18
  • Have good communication skills and basic English proficiency.

Courses Offered

The Polished Nail Academy offers a 12-week program to be completed by part-time students approximately 20 hours per week.

The curriculum consists of theory hours which take approximately 100 hours and 140 hours for Lab.

Classes for 2023 ended on November 6 for the Day Class and November 13 for the Night Class. For those who are interested, Polish Nail Academy already has a Class Schedule For the upcoming year 2024.

They Offer Both Day classes and Night classes for selected schedules.

The Academy’s tuition costs $2,900 and has additional expenses like $150 for Registration fees, $235 for application fees, and $630 for books.

Roughly The total Program cost is $3,915.

To find employment as a Nail Specialist in the state of Florida, students must pass a final exam before applying for licensing from the Department of Business and Professional Regulation and the Florida Board of Cosmetology.


  • Polished Nail Academy
  • Address: 500 Southwest 10th Street #305, Ocala, Florida 34471
  • Phone: 352-236-2099
  • Website:

Luxuriant by Eugina Lewis

About the School

The Lash Academy Luxuriant by Eugina Lewis provides coaching in addition to online and in-person classes. The Academy is one of Ocala’s Top Rated Lash Studios.

As the Founder explores changing paths from being a single mom, working as a correction officer, and making end meets paycheck to paycheck, to being Voted Ocala’s “Best of the Best” first prize winner in Eyelash Extension with 700+ Five star Reviews and Earning Six figure behind her chair She strongly desires to help others do the same.

The academy creates innovative courses that will mentor their students, going well beyond the classroom we inspire.

Course Offered

The Luxuriant has a Three-Day Classic Eyelash Course that costs $1500 dedicated to students who have zero experience.

Luxuriant helps them have a loaded understanding of Lash Artistry and How to become a Certified Pro Lash Artist.

For the First Day, They Teach the theories of eyelash extensions, customer service, how to map lash designs, tweezer grip, body posture, lash fills, aftercare, and many other handy skills

On the second day, students have 5 hours of one-on-one training using the school-provided mannequins.

For the Last Day of the Three-day Course, the students get to practice everything they’ve learned on a real-life model that will serve as a preparation for future opportunities that may be given to them.

The Luxuriant also offers a Two-day mastery program designed for Lash Artists who already acquired Classic lash training.

This program costs $1200.


  • Luxuriant by Eugina Lewis
  • Address: 2300 SE 17th Street Bldg 100, suite 201- Ocala, Fl 34471
  • Phone: 352-433-6853
  • Website:

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Final Thoughts

Our list is a huge aid when deciding which vocational program to take.

But it’s important to consider which craft you’re passionate about, as this is where the longevity of your career will depend.

Here is a detailed list including the courses, admission process, and fees in some.

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