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Top Trade and Tech Schools in Sanford, FL

Sanford – the county seat of Seminole County, a city dotted with brick-lined streets, grandiose storefronts, and nineteenth-century Victorian homes, is also prominent for homing the best trade schools in Florida.

The city residents are lucky to have both a vibrant city and the convenience of quality education.

Here, skilled trade workers earn an average of $28 an hour.

If you’re searching for a trade school in Sanford, here’s a list to get you by.

Montverde Academy

About the School

The Montverde Academy, which started as a two-room schoolhouse is now one of Florida’s most recognized college preparatory schools.

More than creating an impressive community and preparatory course for students in the United States, the Academy also offers admissions to students of diverse backgrounds.

Additionally, it now caters to advanced diploma programs and gaming courses, making learning more innovative and adaptive to the current market.

Courses Offered

Montverde is more popular as a preparatory school, but its upper education classes do not disappoint as well.

The upper school has a clear academic structure that’s essential in an educational blueprint.

It has advanced diploma programs and a Dual enrollment program with the University of Florida, which provides more opportunities for students to learn and explore.

Meanwhile, the EA Sports Gaming at MVA covers the following courses:

  • 2D – 3D Computer Programming
  • Digital Photography
  • TV and Film Studies

This program is designed to prepare students to advance in digital media and interactive entertainment field.


  • Montverde Academy
  • Address: 17235 7th Street, Montverde, FL 34756
  • Phone: (407) 469-2561
  • Website:

MFS Trade School

About the School

Unique in its offering, MFS Trade School is an institution that provides certification and training in multiple cleaning niches.

Cleanliness is essential in the food and hospitality sector and while it may seem easy, there’s an array of certifications to ensure that the area meets industry-clean standards.

The MFS trade school is the perfect avenue for those seeking a start-up cleaning business or needing licenses for a job.

Courses Offered

There are multiple cleaning training and certifications at MFS Trade School.

The Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning includes 2 other kitchen cleaning certifications and can be finished online, or through a 3-day hands-on training.

One of the new programs is the Restaurant Kitchen Appliance Steam Cleaning, where you will learn how to safely and professionally degrease and clean commercial kitchen appliances.

There’s also Janitorial Restaurant Cleaning which is one of the most lucrative services, and one that you can make a really huge sum of, once perfected.

Another restaurant cleaning program you can take is Fryer Oll Filtration & Waste Oil Collection which will teach you how to make more money with waste oil management.


Southern Technical College

About the School

Bounded by blending traditional and innovative teaching, the Southern Technical College is focused on offering career programs that lead students to become professionals in the field they choose.

The Southern Technical College is determined to enhance the skills of each student and improve one’s professional pursuit by equipping them with knowledge that meets market demands and economic trends.

It’s a career training college that offers a multitude of courses in the allied health, veterinary, technical trades, and nursing pathways.

Courses Offered

There are four major pathways at the Southern Technical College mainly:

  • Allied Health
  • Veterinary
  • Technical Trades
  • Nursing

The Allied Health is best if you are pursuing a degree or career in the healthcare field, as it has choices for your perusal:

Associate in Science Degrees

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Medical Assisting
  • Medical Laboratory Technician

Associate of Applied Science Degree

  • Surgical Technician

Diploma Program

  • Medical Assistant

If Technical Trade Skills are your desired area, then expect to also be exposed to the necessary business and technology programs in today’s market, as all its offerings will touch on this topic.

The Associate in Science Degree offers a Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning/Refrigeration and Electrical Trades Technology Program, while the Associate of Applied Science Degree has a Welding Technology Program.


Crane Institute of America

About the School

The benchmark to numerous qualification and crane operator certifications, the Crane Institute of America boasts an impressive track record in conducting training and shaping crane operator professionals around the country.

35 years in the industry, no wonder it’s dubbed “The Standard in Crane and Rigging Training”.

It’s also one of the very few institutes that are OSHA-approved, so you won’t worry about getting your education right.

Also, Crane Institute of America ensures that it makes learning fun and enjoyable while maintaining the desired level of quality in its curriculum.

Courses Offered

Crane Institute offers both online and onsite modes of learning to accommodate more students who are willing to learn the programs.

Currently, there are seven programs available.

The Operator Training program includes Mobile Crane Operator Overhead Crane Operators & Rigger/Signalperson courses which can be both finished in 4 days and cost around $1,195.

Meanwhile, the Inspector Training program covers the following areas – Mobile Crane Inspector, Overhead Crane, Aerial Lift Inspector and operator, Forklift Inspector and operator, Tower Crane Inspector, and Rigging Equipment Inspector, and can be taken depending on what training you think is required on your profession.

There are also management training, and training partnerships which can be arranged internally and will undergo a certain process for completion.


  • Crane Institute of America
  • Address: 3880 St. Johns Pkwy. Sanford, FL 32771
  • Phone: 800-832-2726
  • Website:

Seminole State College of Florida

About the School

With over 200+ degree and certificate programs, the Seminole State College of Florida is definitely one to check when looking for trade schools in the area.

It boasts a 95% placement rate for A.S Graduates which is an impressive number considering the tight market today.

Moreover, Seminole State offers affordable tuition fees as it receives over $50 million in financial awards each year.

There are also smaller class sizes allowing professors and instructors to focus more on the quality of their teaching rather than the number of students they teach in a class.

Courses Offered

To cater to the needs of its community, the Seminole State College of Florida offers Workforce Education which is composed of short-term courses that boost the technical skills of its enrollees.

If you’re interested in cars, then you can opt for the Automotive courses (Automotive Maintenance & Light Repair Technician and Automotive Technician) under the career certificate pathway, likewise if you’re into heavy work and construction, the Building Trade Technologies Career Certificate is your best option.

Fast Track Career Certificates are also available and can be finished in as quick as 1200 hours.

Here are the certificate programs offered:

  • Electrician Helper
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
  • Technology I (HVAC/R)
  • Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning/Refrigeration
  • Technology II (HVAC/R)


Audere Technical Institute

About the School

Partnered with healthcare industry-known brands such as The National Healthcare Association and SAAFE, Audure Technical Insitute proves that it may be small, but it’s a competitive institute to opt for when building a healthcare career.

It is licensed by the Commission of Independent Education and follows a flexible schedule, so students can study at their own pace.

In addition, the Audere Technical Institute has instructors backed with 15 years of industry experience.

Courses Offered

The 760-hour Medical Assistant Diploma program at Audere includes laboratory practices, real professional experience, and 180 hours of internship in medical clinics.

Graduates of this course are able to easily land jobs brought about by the program’s intrinsic curriculum.

Another program offered is the 76-hour Home Health Aide Diploma (HHA), designed to prepare students to better their knowledge of efficient medical care at home.

Here, seasoned professionals will also help you understand more circumstances and situations which are all preparatory requisite when entering the program.


  • Audere Technical Institute
  • Address: 3633 S Orlando Dr., Sanford, FL, 32773. United States
  • Phone: 407 878 7515
  • Website:

Dental Careers of Central Florida

About the School

Since 2007, the Dental Careers of Central Florida has been providing a training space for aspiring dental professionals, and since then has produced over 1,000 Graduated Dental Assistants.

With dental assisting one of the most in-demand professions, more individuals are getting interested in knowing what it is all about, and finding a great school is necessary.

In fact, dental assistants in Florida make about $40,320 a year.

Here at Dental Careers of Central Florida, you will learn all the relevant dental healthcare knowledge you will need, plus the modern techniques that are sprouting every now and then in the industry.

Courses Offered

Currently, the school offers 2 dental programs.

The 10-Week Dental Assistants Program will train you in knowing how and what to assist and also includes job preparation activities such as mock job interviews, resume writing, and an issued letter of recommendation after completion.

Another program is the Expanded Duties/X-ray Certification Course, which costs &795 and is done every weekend.


CNA Kwik Track

About the School

A CNA career has proven to be recession-proof, and anyone who wants to obtain a job in any hospital in Florida is required to have one, thus the CNA Kwik Track is one of the best options to pursue.

It has very flexible schedules and can be taken depending on the student’s needs.

The morning session runs for 4 days, while evening classes take 3 days.

There’s also a weekend 2-day class, and the special one-day classes, best for those taking renewal licensures only.

Courses Offered

The CNA Kwik Track program covers the hands-on training course, study guide, supplies, and materials needed except the state exam fees.

However, you’ll get assistance when signing up for the state exam.

Fees start at $399 for the regular class and $440 for the one-day class.


Aveda Institute Orlando

About the School

With seven beauty schools in Florida, BeAveda Institutes is determined to educate a new generation of artistic talent by providing the best education, products, support, and experiences to its students.

The Aveda Institute Orlando adheres to BeAveda’s values – Prioritize People, Be Accountable, Return to Nature, Have Fun, and Exercise Transparency.

Aveda is one of the front runners in the makeup business in Florida and has been a well-respected brand for 45 years.

It has made invaluable connections with spa owners as to why it is proud to say it has an industry-recognized curriculum.

Courses Offered

Aveda Institute of Orlando offers courses in all beauty pathways; Cosmetology, Skincare, Massage, Barbering, and Nails.

It also has a Dual License Spa therapy and Advanced Education programs.

The Cosmetology course will help unleash your creativity and the curriculum includes Hair cutting, Hair coloring, Texture services, Nail care, Makeup application, Business Development, and Retail knowledge.

Be a skincare expert through Aveda’s Skincare program, where you will learn about microdermabrasion, eye treatments, and peels.

Meanwhile, the 600-hour massage program covers Massage techniques, Business Development, Wellness expertise, Retail knowledge, and Facials.


  • Aveda Institute Orlando
  • Address: 2688 South Design Court Sanford, FL 32773
  • Phone: (407) 322-8601
  • Website:

Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology

About the School

Focused on making the healthcare profession more accessible and innovative, the Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology has instructors who are among the finest in the industry.

Here, students are taught in an actual setting, with medical equipment, and clinical externships are also provided for students to be able to practice their skills before getting employed in the healthcare field.

Financial assistance is also available for those who will qualify.

Courses Offered

The Orlando Area campus has healthcare program options such as the following:

  • Associate of Science in Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Associate of Science in Radiation Therapy
  • Associate of Science in Radiologic Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
  • Diploma in Medical Assistant
  • Diploma in Nursing Assistant
  • Diploma in Phlebotomy Technician

Cambridge College of Healthcare and Technology has several benefits to offer its students on the Orlando campus.

One is its safe and welcoming environment that allows students to feel more secure while learning.

The supportive staff is also advantageous to learners as they act as some sort of added boost for students who are struggling.

With experienced faculty members, there’s an array of diverse experiences shared with students giving them more background into the actual setting in the industry.


  • Cambridge College of Healthcare & Technology
  • Address: 460 E Altamonte Dr, Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
  • Phone: (877) 206-4279
  • Website:

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Final Thoughts

Deciding on what career to get is crucial as it will dictate a huge part of your professional success, and so is choosing a school.

If you’re wondering what schools offer trade courses, this list is a run-down of courses and brief backgrounds about some schools in Sanford.

Now it’s up to you to decide which fits your time and interest best.

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